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My dear Yuletide author,

Firstly, my sincere apologies for not updating this at the same time as the requests went out - hopefully this is not too late.

Secondly, please do not stress about the fic, I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes and as long as you enjoy writing it, I am sure that I will enjoy reading it.

But a vague encouragement is no one's friend, so here are some specifics -

Things I like:
Long, plotty fics and character development. If I have to choose between smut and character development or some in-character dialogue, I'll always choose the latter. I love the relationships between characters - the long histories, the in-jokes, the little barbs, the petty annoyances and the deep trust. I've picked characters that tend to be part of a double-act, so anything drawing on them relying on each other, interacting beyond their comfort levels, defending each other, would be welcome.

I also love ensemble fics. I love the bit characters, the peripheral characters that have beautiful story arcs that perhaps don't get as much attention as our main leads. So if your heart lies in writing gen fic, then please go ahead.

I love episodic fic, or case fic - I have requested fics in fandoms where there is an element of police work, or mystery solving, or problem solving. I love "baddies of the week" and solving the crime and saving the day and snarking at each other while doing so.

I'm comfortable with m/m, f/f, m/f, and any other combination, as well as a gen fan, so please write what you are comfortable with.

Things I don't like: character-bashing, "it's all X's fault", or fridging female characters if you go for the slash route. I'd also like to request no graphic non-con (referring to it if it's part of a case is fine, but no graphic descriptions) and no child or animal death, please.

My requests:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Partners Fisher, Jack Robinson, Dorothy Williams

I would love an episode-type fic, with Phryne and Jack (and Dot?) teaming up to solve a murder. Or anything with character studies, or gen friendships fics, would also be very welcomed.

Life on Mars
Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler

I'd welcome any episode-style fic for these two. Or something tentatively shippy? I do like Ashes to Ashes, but I would prefer to keep the nihilistic aspects of the world away from LoM, which I recall with a certain fondness (and no devils, deaths or monsters feature). So - something vaguely optimistic, if not necessarily fluffy?

The Laundry Files - Charles Stross
Bob Howard, James Angleton

James Angleton is fine and busy terrorising junior staffers, I won't hear anything to the contrary.

In other words, anything set pre- The Rhesus Chart would be very welcome! Maybe Bob really DOES need to attend a training course and it's not a deep cover? Maybe Angleton struggles with some parts of humanity more than others? Maybe the Auditors pay a visit? Anything in the tone of the books would be great!

Red Dwarf
Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer

I would love anything set during the first few (1-6) seasons. If you feel up for it, something shippy would be very welcome. Maybe Rimmer finally does something nice for Lister? Maybe the GELFs pursue them (hjinks etc)? If slash isn't your cup of tea, anything gen-friendship would be welcome.
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I've spent the last week in a haze of "am I really on holiday?" followed by "I am so tired and must sleep", so I haven't had a chance to post about the awesome history exchange, which went live a week ago. Authors have already been revealed. I haven't had a chance to go through all the wonderful fic, but historical fiction is my go-to happy place, so I'll be making my way through them in the coming days. But before then, a couple of recs.

So, first up is my lovely gift fic:

Light before us (555 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ancient History RPF
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Livia Drusilla, Octavia Minor
Summary: Livia visits her sister-in-law.

This is such a great fic, I love it! Livia is so calculating and thoughtful in this, and I loved her slow assessment of Octavia, and their almost-truce. Beautifully done.

One other recommendation:

Reine Mère (10908 words) by Selena
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Historical RPF, 16th Century CE RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Catherine de' Medici & Elisabeth de Valois, Catherine de' Medici & Claude de France, Catherine de' Medici & Marguerite de Valois, Claude de France & Marguerite de Valois, Henri II de France/Catherine de' Medici, Catherine de' Medici & Diane de Poitiers, Catherine de' Medici & Francis I. of France, Henri II de France/Diane de Poitiers
Characters: Catherine de' Medici, Élisabeth de Valois | Elisabetta di Valois, Claude de France (1547-1575), Marguerite de Valois, Mary I of Scotland | Mary Queen of Scots, Diane de Poitiers, Francis I. of France, Felipe II de España | Philip II of Spain, Henri II de France, Gaspard de Coligny, Henri IV de France, Henri III de France, Clarice Strozzi de' Medici
Additional Tags: Mother-Daughter Relationship, Motherhood, Power Dynamics, Character Study, Female-Centric, Parent-Child Relationship, Parenthood, Daughters
Summary: Catherine de' Medici and her daughters: what forms a woman, a mother, a queen?

I adore Catherine de' Medici and Selena captures her perfectly here - her ambition, her ruthlessness, and her weaknesses, left tender and exposed in the shape of her children. I loved her relationship with Margot most of all.

I also wrote a fic for this exchange -

i have cut a ribbon of skin from another man's body (4333 words) by kangeiko
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ancient History RPF, Greek and Roman Mythology
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Olympias/Zeus, Olympias/Philip II of Macedon
Characters: Olympias, Zeus, Philip II of Macedon
Summary: She meets the god four times in her life, in four different guises.

I'm really glad I managed to finish this in time. The submission turned out to coincide with my first week back from the US, so I was burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. Many thanks to rhodanum for hand-holding as well as a sterling beta job.
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I'm numb. Numb or just not processing this.

I remember feeling like this when I was on holiday and the London riots broke out. I felt so helpless. I'm stuck halfway across the world and I want to cry, and everyone is greeting me with a cheery smile and a "Happy Friday!" NO, don't you understand, everything is awful and is just going to get worse.

I'm so, so angry. All those idiots who voted to leave because they thought it would benefit them or because they thought it would never pass, or because they thought it would be 'a laugh'. All those who are complaining that they were lied to, when - consider the source. At some point, you have to accept responsibility that you listened to Nigel Farage and to Britain First and to the EDL and decided to be a xenophobe and ignore the reams of experts telling you that you're fucking up. Coalitions of doctors, teachers, economic experts, industray leaders all lined up to say you're going to do the country and the world an injury, and did anyone listen? "Everyone is at fault except me, because I didn't think my vote was actually a vote."

And then you have places like Cornwall. Where they voted overwhelmingly to leave, and then went - "hold on, but we still keep all that EU money we get every year, don't we?" No, Cornwall. What you've voted on is to land the UK into a 2 decades-long recession, and to bear the brunt of it. Because no one is going to give you anything. You think Farage or Johnson have any interest in sending money your way? You will sink further and further into deprivation and I would have more sympathy if you hadn't done this to yourselves.

I am so tired of people refusing responsibility for their own stupidity. The tens of thousands googling "what will leaving the EU mean" in a panic after they've already voted and the result has been called. Those who argue that somehow we're in a better negotiating position for having given away everything that matters. And that cunt Farage, for saying "without a shot fired" after a political assassination not even a week ago. The white rose from Jo Cox's memorial is still fresh on my bureau. And he sits there and disrespects her life, and her death. It's inhuman.

And yeah. Boris Johnson. A man so self-serving that he attached himself to a campaign he doesn't believe in, assuming it will fail but he can paint himself as the underdog. Guess what, Boris, you fucked the country. You and Cameron will go down in history as the politicians who killed off Great Britain.

Finally, what does this mean going forward? Well, if the EU has any sense, they will slap the most punitive measures imaginable on the UK. They have to persuade other countries where the Right is on the rise that breaking away causes more harm than their xenophobia can stand. They need to be able to point at the broken ruin of Britain and use us as a warning for all others. This, and only this, may stem the domino effect from spiralling out of control. Because of this happens, it won't just be Europe - every other major trading bloc will be dragged in and the recession might be world-wide and lasting. So yeah, to save everyone else, the EU will need to gut the UK. And I am strangely ok with this. Because you know what, we fucked up. I know that those fo us who voted remain, we tried, but it wasn't enough. And so we have to all share in the punishment of it.

So I'm calling it. Up to two decades of recession so severe it might be a Depression. Scotland becoming independent. A united Ireland (with more sectarian violence as a result). Spain taking Gibraltar (and everyone going willingly). A fracture between the trading bloc of London, Manchester, Newcastle and the xenophobic, angry countryside, sliding ever more into complete economic ruin. Millions of forcibly repatriated pensioners previously retired in Spain suddenly dumped on our doorstep. The loss of qualified people - a shortage of plumbers, of builders (because we're drowning in housing, right?), or nurses, of young, motivated workers. Rage by the young at what the old have done. Punitive politics. I was surprised that the student loans didn't trigger it, but it won't be far behind - a political party championing the rights of the young at the expense of gutting old age provision, pensions, etc. Not getting to power, but getting enough traction to stoke further resentment. And meanwhile. Those tariffs, blocking every attempt at trade. Every attempt at growth. For decades. Because what do we have to negotiate with?

Some lawyers are saying that Johnson et al can now stall indefinitely - nothing can legally compel them to press the Article 50 button. This is true. But what does delaying mean? If somehow Johnson can manage a political about-face and call a second referendum once the awful, punitive terms are known, that may be the only way forward. More young voters will be enfranchised, and hopefully the idiotic element will have managed to kill itself by playing in traffic. But how realistic is that? We couldn't even get this right the first time.

Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have dual nationality and thus will retain my European passport. You can bet that I will be making sure it is up to date.
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Thank you so much for offering to write for one of my favourite historical characters! You'll notice that all of my requests are about powerful ladies vilified in the popular media and in later times (what can I say, I have a type).

I won't give too much detail here as optional details are truly optional, but just a couple of ideas if you're wondering in what direction to take it.

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I am firmly convinced that if I can just wish hard enough, I can fall asleep at whatever time I need to. Sadly, this is 100% not the case and combining night travel with jet lag means that I require naps during the day and then can't get to sleep.

I did manage to get quite a bit done today though - a business meeting this morning which was helpfully frank and open, followed by lunch and shopping with someone I met last night. One of the nice things about travel is that you get to meet so many other fellow travelers! This particular travelers was a French woman living in Belgrade. We bonded over cheese.

Anyway, we found a nice restaurant for lunch and had a delicious steak salad for lunch, and then found a couple of shops selling traditional arts and crafts. I am sadly allergic to the hats and slippers (as there is a high wool content) but I did buy a couple of things. Tomorrow I will try to get some more work done, and also go for a bit of a wander again. I did think about possibly leaving the city to go exploring (the countryside is magnificent) but I haven't organised anything and on Sunday it might be tricky to get sorted. No reason not to explore the city though.

Anyway, a few photos from Bishkek thus far.

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My Russian studies continue apace. I was able to ask about slipper sizes and order dates, so I guess I'm making progress? Kyrgyz slippers, by the way, are works of art:

Kyrgyz slippers

The above are from some international fashion house, but you get the idea. The ones listed on this site are actually a lot more representative. They are made from a sort of woolen felt, and are incredibly sturdy and warm. I'm sadly allergic to wool so could only admire from a distance, but the French lady I was with bought a pair in deep purple, with a printed pattern across the top. Should you want your very own, the linked shop has an Etsy page. Because of course it does.

We actually walked past a Soviet plane on our way home. I wanted to take a photo but I wasn't sure if it was in front of a military installation or not (i.e. whether the building behind it was military) - I've found a couple of tourist photos of it online so I guess it's safe to photograph. I may go back tomorrow and get a snapshot. So strange to be walking by with shopping and suddenly walk past one of these...
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Rather belatedly, I noticed that [personal profile] selenak did an excellent job of eviscerating Den of Geek's terrible list of best Babylon 5 episodes.

So I've decided I'm going to make my own list, with much better criteria. (No Technomages allowed. Shoo.)

I'll start with Season 1.

Season 1
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I arrived in Bishkek a few hours ago. Er... 15 hours ago? I arrived at 5am local time, but it was only midnight on my body clock. By the time I arrived at the hotel, half-dead with exhaustion (the stop-over in Moscow was for some reason particularly grueling this time around), it was already breakfast time. So... I ate breakfast, and then went to bed. I went to the office in the afternoon, so now my brain is telling me that it's lunchtime, and my eyes are telling me that it's dinner time. Either way, I had a very delicious meal. I'm staying in some standard chain hotel, but the nice thing (as well as the frankly palatial room) is that there is a rooftop terrace with a view across the city. Of course, it's an ex-Soviet city in the throes of a construction boom, so the view is mostly of half-finished towering buildings, but I suppose we can't have everything.

This month is going to be one solid block of travel time. I'm only in Bishkek for a few days, before I have to head back and go on to Germany. After that, the US (DC and NYC). I'm half excited about being on the move again, and half terrified of the inevitable jetlag.

That said... I'm not tired? I don't know if this is because I had a vitamin B12 shot a few hours before getting on the plane. My arm is bruised and swollen but I feel rested and awake. And like I could sleep well this evening.

There is a not-so-small part of me that is wondering if this is because I have left the anxiety of my job in London, and all I have to be anxious about when out and about is not getting lost. (My Russian stretches to asking for directions, but not necessarily understanding the answer. Although I have been told that I have an absolutely beautiful accent when asking for Krassnaya Ploshit, so if I ever need to find Moscow's Red Square, I'll be able to do so with impeccable diction. And the set off in the wrong direction.)

Anyway, small fandom note, when I was on the plane I watched Deadpool as the in-flight film.

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I introduced a couple of friends to Babylon 5 recently, and I have been watching the show alongside them. I didn't realise that this was fairly wide-spread; evidently, the 20th anniversary has brought about a resurgence of interest!

We've covered Season 2, and are in the middle of S3 thus far. Some thoughts, with the benefit of hindsight:

1) I used to draw hearts around Delenn and Sheridan, then went through a phase of having absolutely no interest in them. I've come back around to being very interested in them again, primarily because of the utter respect on both their parts for the other. They are very different, and yet they respect those differences and try to accommodate them. I don't know whether it is a case of television moving towards bombastic, dramatic relationships and away from quiet build-ups, or whether this was always somewhat rare to see, but it strikes me as something I no longer see on screen. Even on shows where there is ostensibly a slow-build, it feels more like a will-they/won't-they dynamic, rather than a gradual growing together. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I do like it.

2) I'm more and more convinced that there was an intention to do something with Talia's arc rather than just leave it hanging. Did we ever see this resolved in a novel? I know that Bester references her later on in Dust to Dust but I feel that his comment is more designed to provoke.

3) I really, really appreciate the creation of the different races. Yes, we have the main players, but we also get to see the other races fleshed out until you can spot them. OK, maybe I never learned the name of the fishpeople, but I remember Ambassador FishPerson being concerned with Homeguard terrorism. I can spot the unfortunate Markab, the garrulous Drazi, the curiously identical-looking Brakiri. (I think it's established that the Drazi don't have any females - or that they reproduce in a non-binary way, anyway - but is it ever explained about the Brakiri? Or have I selectively not noticed any female Brakiri?) And the Hyach (Hyatt? No, that's a hotel chain) and the Pak'Ma'Ra and so forth. Even if they are not one of the main races, from very early on they have a coherent look which helps the station to feel real.

4) I've discovered the Babylon 5 audio guide podcasts and they are excellent! Great discussion for each episode, and suitable for both new viewers and those doing a re-watch. (They have a loud noise to indicate the start of spoilers.)

5) You can now find a whole bunch of convention videos online! The 20th anniversary con panels are mostly on YouTube (here, here, here and here... and here, here) but here are also some 1990s clips. I haven't watched them so I can't swear as to the quality, but it's nice to see them!

6) I feel like more than a couple of governments have watched this show and thought, "yes, the Earth Alliance approach to things is actually pretty great, we should totally implement that at home." Some of it is even worse. I'm fairly certain that Donald Trump's speeches map word for word against Londo's most bombastic, aggressive declarations. He is, after all, going to make the Centauri Republic great again.

7) Julie Musante would have been hired by David Cameron's team in seconds.

8) I really like how we see representatives of the Earth Alliance and they're not all American? There are people from all across the Alliance.

9) ... I miss Andreas.
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Honestly I shouldn't be allowed near anything electronic right now. I tried to renew my DW paid account and accidentally clicked on the 'money order' method rather than credit card, and now I have an order I can't amend or pay for. Idiot? Moi?



Anyway, I've raised a support request, but the humiliation of not being able to click on the right button will linger.
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I love this time of year! Dear Yuletide Author, I am so excited about Yuletide each and every year and I am sure that I will love whatever fic you choose to write. But vague encouragement is no one's friend so here are so of the things I love - I hope that some of them will be helpful!

1) I love the relationships between strong, interesting people, especially if it wouldn't be something that would occur to them at first glance, whether canonical or not. I'm a shipper, but I find a good gen exploration of a relationship just as satisfying, if not more so, than a shippy story.

2) I love character studies and long, thoughtful looks at a character's motivation, which is probably reflected in what characters I find interesting. I like characters that aren't generally liked in the world they are in, or the people around them; ones that suffer and survive and show strength of character. I love hurt/comfort as a trope, especially if the one offering comfort is reluctant, or not on the best of terms with those they are trying to comfort. I love best friends sticking together. I love a united front in the face of adversity. I love rule-breakers.

3) I don't really hate any characters in the fandoms I have requested, so please no character bashing. This is especially the case in opting for slash couples - I may love characters A and B and slash them, but I wouldn't want to see character bashing of A's wife or husband as part of that.

4) My squicks are fairly standard. Sex-based squicks are graphic sexual violence, underage, watersports, scat, humiliation, extreme or ritualised BDSM (including where fics are set in BDSM universes). I'm also not a fan of alpha/beta/omega, amnesia fics, baby fics, AUs (e.g. high school settings or similar), meta tropes or otherwise breaking the fourth wall.

5) Things I love in fiction in general: long, glorious world-building; characters that have UST and spark off each other; hurt/comfort, first times in shippy fic, great feeling in a world that doesn't permit it, character studies (especially of female characters), clever dialogue, vivid storytelling and a sense of peril. I love them, and therefore want them to suffer, of course.

My requests:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
(Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson)
I adore Phryne. She has such a firm sense of herself, and is so utterly comfortable with who she is. Her confidence and generosity to all those around her make her such a wonderful character. And I love how, despite himself, Jack is drawn to how vividly Phryne lives. I like how he's willing to surrender control to her, and I love, LOVE seeing her in charge or defending him.

I would love to see a fic where Phryne is protective of Jack in some way. Maybe he's injured on a case? Maybe he goes after her in S3 and feels out of his depth? Maybe she finally takes him to bed and leads from start to finish. Whatever you like - as long as it has the two of them being delightful with each other I would be thrilled.

If you're more on an ensemble writer, anything with a murder mystery would be amazing! I love how protective Phryne is of Dot and Jane, and their whole domestic set-up.

I discovered MFMM a few months ago and have been obsessed with Phryne's eyes and Jack's mouth. Honestly I could stare at them for hours. Anything which captures their vividness and the unresolved tension between them would be amazing.

Star Trek: Dwellers in the Crucible - Margaret Wander Bonanno)
(Cleante Al-Faisal, T'Shael)
My copy of this book is in tatters. I've had it for years and re-read it dozens of times. There is a line in there where McCoy says that Cleante and T'Shael are mirror images of Kirk and Spock, falling all over themselves with self-sacrifice, and I buy that 100%. I would love to see them after they are freed. What do they go on to do? (I know that they appear in other books and we shall never mention that again.) Maybe Cleante takes T'Shael home with her to meet her mother? Maybe they go on a holiday somewhere entirely new? Hell, maybe some diplomatic incident years later brings them to the negotiating table where they run into the Romulan Commander again. Hell, given the Kirk/Spock parallels, maybe throw some of the standard fic cliches at them - emergency marriage! must pretend to be lovers and get there in reality! everyone else assumes they're together! Jasmine plays matchmaker! Whatever you like. I would love to see them supporting each other and having some (happier!) adventures.

I adore Cleante and T'Shael. Anything where they get to recover from their captivity would be amazing.

I know that Cleante has a a significant amount to work through, and I appreciate that you may want to explore that in fic. I would request that any flashbacks or other references to her assault is no more explicit than that in the books. Thank you.

A Knight's Tale (2001)
(Wat, Geoffrey Chaucer)
Wat and Chaucer's interactions made me laugh so much! I love how loyal Wat is to Will, and how he takes it upon himself to check Chaucer out, so to speak. I love Chaucer's ability to hold a crowd, and complete inability to win any bloody gambit. Maybe his gambling habit continues, and Wat has to rescue him? Or maybe Wat's mouth gets him in trouble and Chaucer's gets them out of it. Or maybe they just tumble into bed and have much to say about it. I love the other characters as well, so if you'd prefer to do more of an ensemble piece that would also be fantastic.

This film always makes me laugh. Wat's face getting redder and redder in his inarticulate rage for some reason makes me smile even now. Anything that is warm and funny would be welcome in this fandom.

But most of all dear author - please have fun and enjoy Yuletide! I promise that I will love whatever you write.


Jul. 7th, 2015 03:55 pm
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Ten years ago today. It doesn't feel like 10 years. I remember it all so clearly.
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I just locked most of my F1 fix to private (you put it in a closed collection and no one can see it) and I feel SO much better. I'll have a think about what to do about the rest. But I don't feel like I can engage with fandom on my own terms if my fic is accessible / more people are turning up in my inbox demanding drabbles like entitled cuckoos. So I locked it down entirely for the moment while I think things through. A few fics are up there as they were gifts, but I might get the person to take a copy and then lock them as well. RELIEF.
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Trying to be better about posting here rather than just getting very excited about the new comm we launched ( [community profile] retrof1, in case people are that way inclined).

So today is when the realisation hit of just how much work I still have to do, despite the huge, huge effort of the last few weeks. It feels completely insurmountable. Also not helped by people buggering off at 4.30pm on the dot, which makes me feel like an idiot for working well past 10pm most evenings trying tog et stuff done. I just - I fly back from Iraq tomorrow evening, and there is still so much to do, and I asked people to work a little later this evening and it was like I'd demanded a kidney. I'm really not impressed. Come on, people - I'm here to help, but not to do your jobs for you.

Anyway, I suppose it's out of my hands. I'm doing the best I can, and the best I can manage is... well, it's not ideal, at any rate. But it's better than nothing, anyway.

Meanwhile, I've been reading the New Who adventures and feeling very meh about the ones I've read thus far. I'm currently halfway through Transit by Ben Aaaronovich and feeling v uninterested in it. My desire to quit is mitigated by the fact that it's either that, or Foucault's Pendulum, and I don't have enough brain space left for Eco at the moment.

I think I'm going to treat myself to a stay in the airport lounge on my flight back. Six hours in Amman, and on no sleep - should be another fun flight. :/
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I haven't posted on this for ages. I feel like I've sort of left DW/LJ for tumblr, but tumblr is so exhausting a lot of the time. And I've started being online via laptop rather than tablet/phone a lot more, which makes it easier to use DW/LJ, so let's see how long this lasts, anyway.

At the moment, I'm in Iraq. I've been travelling for work since the beginning of December last year, and I am very very tired. I was in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda and am now spending my March mostly in Iraq. I get to come home for Easter, though, and I am SO ready for that. I think it's one thing to be for travel in principle, and to enjoy it to a certain degree, but the last few months have been exhausting. I've had several security incidents - including explosions in the middle of the night in South Sudan, armed men entering my car in Kenya, and a battle 25miles down the road last week in Iraq - and it leaves you quite jumpy.

I was talking to friends of mine about how I was failing to sleep in the interim. And that's sort of true. I'm picky and sickly at the best of times, and the security situation, almost constant food poisoning and high work stress has left me wrung out.

So anyway, I finish at Easter, and then I come home for a few weeks. And then I start a new job. It's much more senior than anything I've ever done before, and I am properly gulping in trepidation over it. That's also partly why I want to come back to DW/LJ - where I have a calmer connection, I think, with fandom than I do with tumblr. Tumblr and twitter and Skype have kept me sane the last few months, but I feel like I'm constantly shouting and being angry, and I need some sort of outlet that allows for slightly more complex and rounded thought.

Anyway, fandom-wise, it's mostly been F1, with a side-helping of Top Gear. You can basically see where this is going. Yes, a lot of fandom-related tears since October onwards. In fact, from before, probably. I've started writing again, which is new and exciting - I've been writing more or less every day in fact. I really don't think I'll be continuing at that pace once I've started my new job, so... we'll see. I'm enjoying this burst of limited creativity for however long it lasts.
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So 2014 turned out to be the year that I switched to tumblr, almost entirely abandoning DW/LJ, seriously got into the F1 fandom, and started writing again. Boy, did I start writing again. I wrote 76,857 words across a variety of fandoms, primarily F1 and Top Gear, but with a few others thrown in. So here is the overview:



- Nico/Lewis )

- Sebastian/Kimi )

- Jenson/Kevin )

- Other )


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 I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season. This year, I participated in several fic exchanges which means I got awesome gifts to open before/during Christmas day and if you haven't read them yet, you totally should.

For [community profile] yuletide , I got the absolutely amazing you and i are a collection of unfortunate events, which is a Rush fic and so wonderful it took my breath away. It gives the James perspective on the Niki crash, and it does it with such delicacy of touch and neatness of phrase that it left me grinning like a loon. James's inability to work out what exactly his feelings are - other than he has plenty of them - also rung true for me, as did Marlene finally sighing and kicking Niki into sorting it. This fic is wonderful and you should all check it out!

For f1secretsanta I got The burden of things unsaid, which is a wonderful Sebastian/Mark fic. Seb/Mark is my guilty pleasure and this fic so wonderfully captures the contrariness of Seb's feelings for Mark. The Valencia crash made me think, but how could Seb NOT run to check he's ok?? And that is exactly what he does - however you feel about someone, when you see something like that, you check they're ok. And Sebastian in this fic is so mixed up and confused about his own feelings for Mark that he can't do much to stop them bubbling to the surface. 

For topgearslash secret santa I got Night Manoeuvres, which is James/Jeremy h/c and nailed all my kinks. James having nightmares? Check. Jeremy awkwardly caring & trying to help? Check. Awkward first kisses? Check. NNnngggggg bulletproof kinks, I am not kidding. This is so perfectly in character and so deftly done I defy anyone to not fall in love with it. 

Secret authors, one and all - thank you! You have made my Christmas reading a joyous affair indeed! <333

(For anyone wondering where I've got to, btw, I'm now mostly active on tumblr under the same user name, and squeeing over Top Gear and F1 for the most part, so come say hello there!)
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Dear wonderful Yuletide writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! Yuletide is one of my favourite times of year and I always look forward to seeing what Yuletide Santa has left me under the tree. This year, my requests are all thematically grouped, so I hope that if one doesn't suit the others are more accessible! Rest assured that I will adore whatever you come up with, because there is so little fiction for ANY of the things I requested that the mere existence of more fic will make me incredibly happy.

My tastes have been pretty consistent over the years, and you can see my prior year Yuletide author letters tagged under 'yuletide'. Here are some quick points on what I like and what squicks me, both general and fandom specific. 

General thoughts:

1) I love the relationships between strong, interesting people (or weak, interesting ones!), especially if it wouldn't be something that would occur to them at first glance, whether canonical or not. My requests this year are mostly focused on antagonists, but what I tend to find interesting about them is how they can be moved beyond that point of friction - or how that friction can coexist even as the understanding between them grows. I love gen just as much as slash!

2) I love character studies and long, thoughful looks at a character's motivation, which is probably reflected in what characters I find interesting. I like characters that aren't generally liked in the world they are in, or the people around them; ones that suffer and survive and show strength of character. I love hurt/comfort as a trope, especially if the one offering comfort is reluctant, or not on the best of terms with those they are trying to comfort. I love best friends sticking together. I love a united front in the face of adversity. 

3) I don't really hate any characters in the fandoms I have requested, so please no character bashing. This is especially the case in opting for slash couples - I may love characters A and B and slash them, but I wouldn't want to see character bashing of A's wife or husband as part of that. 

4) My squicks are fairly standard. Sex-based squicks are graphic sexual violence, underage, watersports, scat, humiliation, extreme or ritualised BDSM (including where fics are set in BDSM universes). I'm also not a fan of alpha/beta/omega, amnesia fics, baby fics, AUs (e.g. high school settings or similar), meta tropes or otherwise breaking the fourth wall. 

5) Things I love in fiction in general: long, glorious world-building; characters that have UST and spark off each other; hurt/comfort, first times in shippy fic, great feeling in a world that doesn't permit it, character studies (especially of female characters), clever dialogue, vivid storytelling and a sense of peril. I love them, and therefore want them to suffer, of course.


Formula 1 (Classic) RPF
Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, 

My feelings, let me show you them! I am absolutely heartbroken that, just as Alain and Ayrton were finally moving beyond their history as antagonists, Imola happened. Who knows what their relationship could have become if Ayrton hadn't died so tragically young? And of course, I love the aggression just as much as the sweetness in Ayrton, and how he can be sometimes so careless of others and at other times so solicitous. He was aggressive to the point of arguably causing accidents, but was the first on the scene if one of the drivers was hurt. So... I wonder what would have happened if, in one of their earlier clashes, an accident DID happen, and Alain WAS injured. (Nothing permanent, but serious.) How would Ayrton have approached that? What would have happened to their relationship? How would things have turned out?

Alternatively, I wonder what happened during those months where Alain was retired - and therefore no longer a threat - and Ayrton would phone him constantly and beg him to come back. How did that even work? What did Alain think? What did Ayrton think? Did they ever discuss it in person? 

It's all so tragic, so if you can give them a crumb of comfort, it would make me incredibly happy.

Formula 1 (Modern) RPF
Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso

Ack, these two! Let me hug them to my bosom. I have some weird feelings about their relationship. I like how they're both top dogs, and how they respect each other as drivers. And I like how Fernando DOESN'T like Sebastian Vettel, who is not only Kimi's close friend, but also likely his replacement at Ferrari. I like them fighting, I like them working as a team, I like Fernando being weirdly possessive over Kimi re: Sebastian, I like Kimi kicking arse in 2015 and Fernando being able to approach him as a friend rather than a rival... I'd come up with deep thinky thoughts here, but mostly I like them sparking off each other. Kimi's friendship with Sebastian is a bonus, as is Fernando's friendship with Mark - having Sebastian and Mark helping them get together (because they are stubborn idiots) would make me squeak like a small child with inhuman glee.

Rush (2013)
Niki Lauda, James Hunt

Hmmm, so the film versions of these two are very different from the RPF versions, so I'm focusing on the film relationship here - i.e. they didn't know each other, they weren't friends, they most certainly didn't live together. They were antagonists. And then we have the Nurburgring, and James's feelings on that. And Niki's recovery. And that recovery is NOT easy, it's not quick. And although in real life James didn't punch a reporter for insulting Niki, I like the film version where he does - where he feels possessive and protective over this person whom he doesn't think of as a friend but he's not an enemy, either. Again, I like the complicated relationship between these two, and I'd love to read something where James decides to mend some bridges, somehow, and has to fight Niki tooth and nail for every inch of friendship.

Thank you!

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 Just a quick note that the fandom auction is ending in 15mins, so please put in your last bids now! 
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 Hi guys,

So, it's that time again. I've set up the fandom auction for the Balkan floods relief efforts and have added myself to the list of writers being auctioned off. If you would like a fic from me (in fact, I'm offering two - one on the DW auction and one on the LJ one), you can find me here (LJ) and here (DW)

Please do come & volunteer & bid and help to raise funds. We're looking for more writers, artists and crafts people and the more we have participating the more wonderful fannish content we can generate while fundraising.


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