Jun. 4th, 2016

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I am firmly convinced that if I can just wish hard enough, I can fall asleep at whatever time I need to. Sadly, this is 100% not the case and combining night travel with jet lag means that I require naps during the day and then can't get to sleep.

I did manage to get quite a bit done today though - a business meeting this morning which was helpfully frank and open, followed by lunch and shopping with someone I met last night. One of the nice things about travel is that you get to meet so many other fellow travelers! This particular travelers was a French woman living in Belgrade. We bonded over cheese.

Anyway, we found a nice restaurant for lunch and had a delicious steak salad for lunch, and then found a couple of shops selling traditional arts and crafts. I am sadly allergic to the hats and slippers (as there is a high wool content) but I did buy a couple of things. Tomorrow I will try to get some more work done, and also go for a bit of a wander again. I did think about possibly leaving the city to go exploring (the countryside is magnificent) but I haven't organised anything and on Sunday it might be tricky to get sorted. No reason not to explore the city though.

Anyway, a few photos from Bishkek thus far.

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My Russian studies continue apace. I was able to ask about slipper sizes and order dates, so I guess I'm making progress? Kyrgyz slippers, by the way, are works of art:

Kyrgyz slippers

The above are from some international fashion house, but you get the idea. The ones listed on this site are actually a lot more representative. They are made from a sort of woolen felt, and are incredibly sturdy and warm. I'm sadly allergic to wool so could only admire from a distance, but the French lady I was with bought a pair in deep purple, with a printed pattern across the top. Should you want your very own, the linked shop has an Etsy page. Because of course it does.

We actually walked past a Soviet plane on our way home. I wanted to take a photo but I wasn't sure if it was in front of a military installation or not (i.e. whether the building behind it was military) - I've found a couple of tourist photos of it online so I guess it's safe to photograph. I may go back tomorrow and get a snapshot. So strange to be walking by with shopping and suddenly walk past one of these...


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