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Thank you so much for offering to write for one of my favourite historical characters! You'll notice that all of my requests are about powerful ladies vilified in the popular media and in later times (what can I say, I have a type).

I won't give too much detail here as optional details are truly optional, but just a couple of ideas if you're wondering in what direction to take it.

1) Catherine de' Medici
I won't lie - when I first started becoming interested in Catherine de' Medici, it was a direct result of Dumas's La Reine Margot (not exactly the kindest treatment!). Subsequently I have read more about her history and I am fascinated with just how much she got done! She truly was the mother of a dynasty, and everything looked like it was going to go so well... and yet.

I would love to see Catherine in relation to her daughters (much has already been said about her relationship with her sons, and at least one daughter-in-law!), either grown or as children. We know she was devoted to her sons and worked to advance their careers, but her relationship with her daughters was more complex (and widely written as scandalous, thanks Dumas!) so anything from that perspective would be fascinating.

Alternatively, how about a glimpse of Catherine maneuvering behind the scenes?

2) Livia Drusilla
Speaking of women who had their good reputations tarnished after the fact... I've seen countless depictions of Livia (from HBO's Rome to Graves's I,Claudius and then the tv mini-series) and honestly, I can't get enough of her. She is a worthy match for someone as uncompromising as Augustus, and I am fascinated by her early life. A young Livia Drusilla as Augustus comes to power would make me very happy! I didn't list Augustus on here as I was more interested in Livia specifically, but if you want to include him (or any of the other power players in their world) please do. I'd be happy as long as we get a glimpse of the mind behind the politician's chaste and exemplary wife.

3) Olympias
Completing the trifecta, Olympias. We know so little about her, and what is there in popular media & literature is, uh... interesting. Fleshing out her life away away from Alexander - maybe before he was grown, or after he left on his campaigns - or a look at 'what if?'s would be fantastic. I'm also interested in her early life as a princess, before she marries. What were her own hopes and plans for her future? How did she perceive Philip? How did she position herself in her new court? What was life like for a Macedonian queen, anyway? Any insight from her would be great!

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