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 Hi guys,

So, it's that time again. I've set up the fandom auction for the Balkan floods relief efforts and have added myself to the list of writers being auctioned off. If you would like a fic from me (in fact, I'm offering two - one on the DW auction and one on the LJ one), you can find me here (LJ) and here (DW)

Please do come & volunteer & bid and help to raise funds. We're looking for more writers, artists and crafts people and the more we have participating the more wonderful fannish content we can generate while fundraising.
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In order to raise some funds for the Balkan floods relief efforts, I've set up fandom auction (LJ sister comm). Please join, offer your services, bid on the existing offers and signal boost this thing!

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 Does anyone know whether a flood relief fandom auction has been set up yet? If not, I may get it up and running. (Would anyone be interested in helping if that's the case?)
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I've set up a new theatre blog collating all my theatre reviews, past and present. I'll also be including photos and programme images where I have access to them, and encouraging others to submit reviews. So if you attend / like theatre (or opera, or ballet), do check it out:

Theatre Addict

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 Wow, I haven't posted here in a little while. I've mostly been stolen by tumblr, which is easier to post to from a mobile as I spend far less time doing social media stuff on my laptop. I was thinking about getting a laptop that's a little more portable, which would allow me to write more and blog more; any recommendations?

In the meantime, I wrote some fic and saw some theatre, so here is a short round-up of activity since, well, the middle of last year.

Fic wot I wrote:

Matins (Sherlock BBC)
"I think I would be perfectly alright if you died," Sherlock said over tea. He glared at Mycroft and very deliberately took a sip of Darjeeling.

spilt milk (The World's End)
Five things that never happened to Gary King (and one that did).

I finally finished this! It took me a few months, and in the meantime, I received some glorious fan art for it which made me weak at the knees. 

the ninth month (Coriolanus - Shakespeare / Coriolanus - Rob Hastie & Josie Rourke)
Each step further from her body has led to this. Volumnia has no illusions.

For [livejournal.com profile] yuletide I wrote the following:

I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be (Seafort Saga - David Feintuch) for [archiveofourown.org profile] Serenade 
"Why, Holser?"
"I don't know. Maybe now the Captain's dead, being first middy doesn't seem so important. Maybe it's the way Alexi looks at you sometimes, when he thinks you don't see."

Alexi isn't the hero of this story. He can't even remember his lines.

the bone mother (Deathless - Catherynne M. Valente) for [archiveofourown.org profile] dynamicsymmetry 
Look, said Viy, and held out the world for her inspection. Look, milochka, at what I have for you.
The Tsars and Tsaritsas of Widow Likho's black book.

a funny thing happened on the way to the ballot box(Deathless - Catherynne M. Valente / Political RPF - Russian 21st c.) for [archiveofourown.org profile] JJ_Shinnick 
This is what happens when you let your sister matchmake.

such is the breath of kings(Richard II - Shakespeare) for [archiveofourown.org profile] angevin2 
After Richard's death, the Duke of York visits his son. Set within the 2013 RSC version (where Exton's character is subsumed in the character of Aumerle).

northward, with such quiet steps (Frankenstein - Nick Dear) for [archiveofourown.org profile] Kahvi 
Slowly, gradually, the pursuit progressed.

Ouroboros (Frankenstein - Nick Dear) for [archiveofourown.org profile] Kahvi 
Victor collapses in the Arctic. The Creature intervenes.

Reviews of theatre/opera/ballet wot I saw fairly recently: 
- King Charles III (Almeida Theatre)
- King Lear (and here) (National Theatre) 
- Henry V (Noel Coward Theatre)
- Carmen (Royal Opera House)
- Prince Igor (London Coliseum)
- Richard II - RSC (and here) (Barbican Theatre) 
- Coriolanus (and here) (Donmar Warehouse) (& more meta on the play & this interpretation of it is here). My Coriolanus tag is fairly full.
- American Psycho: A New Musical Thriller (Almeida Theatre)

Things that I saw that I haven't gotten around to reviewing are the Let the Right One In (Royal Court Theatre), Matthew Borne Swan Lake (Sadler's Wells), Red Velvet (Adrian Lester - Tricycle Theatre), The Weir (Brian Cox - Wyndham's Theatre), A Taste of Honey (with the wonderful [personal profile] selenak , at the National Theatre), The Full Monty (Noel Coward Theatre), Versailles (Donmar Warehouse), 1984 (Almeida Theatre), Walmsley String Quartet (Royal Albert Hall).

non- theatre events: I attended the Sherlock Apple store event (photos and comments here and here or check out my applelock tag), the Royal Television Society "Anatomy of a Hit" lecture & drinks thing (comments and photos here and here, or check my rts tag), Malala Yousafzai's talk at the Southbank Centre (comments & photos here),

The above reviews are all on tumblr. I'm thinking of starting a blog or tumblr or something focused specifically on theatre reviews. I've been going more and more, and although I do the obvious things like collecting programmes, not writing down my immediate impressions means that I lose quite a bit of the memory of the performance, especially the quirky little things that won't then be recalled easily for a programme perusal. I'm still trying to work out the best format for that; I suspect that Wordpress (then crossposted to tumblr / LJ / DW) might be the best approach. If I treat it as a fairly rigorous this I may well be able to stick to it; it's only ad hoc blogging that I can't seem to get the hang of.

Speaking of things I can't get the hang of, I appear to be doing too many Nine Worlds things. Like, far too many. Two panels for sure, and maybe helping on others? This may not seem too many, but I have recently handed in my notice (because I have a wonderful new job that I am VERY excited about) and Nine Worlds is falling fairly soon after I start. I don't think this is a problem, but it means that I need to sit down and think out what I need to be doing for all the things I've committed to, rather than blindly trusting that things will work out in the end (because that way needless stress lies). 

In order to avoid needless stress, I will be taking a glorious 3 weeks holiday in between finishing current job and starting new job. This will probably involve a few days abroad, although the details are tbd. My mother seems fairly keen for us to go away to a spa in the Czech Republic for a week (I'm not entirely sure where in the Czech Republic, I suspect it's in the middle of a forest as all spas tend to be), and I'm fairly keen to spend a few days back in Paris doing art things, so who knows. It's quite nice leaving that all up in the air deciding nearer the time.

My Italian study has faltered since Christmas (as in, I've done fuck all since then), but this is mainly because I've actually been rather sick over the last quarter and have also been job hunting. Work has also been so spectacularly bad, we are the source of astonished entertainment for other teams. If I saw these plotlines on a show, I'd complain they weren't realistic. But that's mostly resolved now - plus, fantastic new job. So phase 2 of my new year's resolution (fix work, health, long-term life goals) is now moving on to a focus on health. This probably wasn't helped by eating doughnuts today, but let's assume that I'll be, er, healthier somehow with the Easter impetus. I'm definitely going to be indulging in some pilates classes, and will actually dust off that gym card as well. I suppose Italian self-study is the sensible thing to slot into my new schedule at this time as well... well, we'll see.
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 I made fic happen. It's gen fic, Sherlock and Mycroft with a dash of John. Anyone fancy making it not suck quite so badly?
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Book List 2014

1) The Lost King of France: Revolution, Revenge and the Search for Louis XVII (Deborah Cadbury) p.284.
2) The Player of Games (Iain M. Banks) p.309.
3) Gun Machine (Warren Ellis) p.308.
4) The Once & Future King (T. H. White) p.812.
5) The Charioteer (Mary Renault) p.420.
6) A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin) p.801.
7) The Birth of Venus (Sarah Dunant) p.408.
8) The Secret Listeners (Sinclair McKay) p.335.
9) Adventures at Trebizon (Anne Digby) p.375.
10) Goldfinger (Ian Fleming) p.372.
11) ...
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So, Elementary. I have been putting off watching this show for so long, and I can't even remember why, now. It's blowing me away. But is it ACD?

Spoilery cuts through to S2x02 )
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! Yuletide is one of my favourite times of the year because I adore my tiny little fandoms, and it is often the only chance I get to read any fic for them. So the fact that you are willing to write for my tiny/non-existent fandom makes me incredibly happy.

My tastes have been pretty consistent over the years, and you can see my prior year Yuletide author letters tagged under 'yuletide'. I am sure that I will adore whatever you come up with, but a vague squeeing sound is no-one's writing aid, so here are some quick points on what I like and what squicks me, both general and fandom specific.

General thoughts:

1) I love slash, het, gen and femslash, and my requests reflect that. I love the relationships between strong, interesting people (or weak, interesting ones!), especially if it wouldn't be something that would occur to them at first glance, whether canonical or not. To illustrate this, some couples I love in big fandoms are Snape/Harry, Snape/Black, Draco/Hermione etc in HP (so, those that generally would hate each other on sight!); Steve/Tony, Natasha/Clint, Tony/James Rhodes in Avengers (a mix of reluctant teammates and best friends); Buffy/Faith, Giles/Buffy, Cordelia/Xander in Buffy (again, a mix of those that were close to begin with, and those that hated each other); Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda, McCoy/Spock in Star Trek (unlikely couples, best friends and teammates). If you opt for a slash, het or femslash fic, I picked characters that I would be happy to see together in a relationship. (Except for Cesare and Caterina. Cesare/Lucrezia or Caterina/Lucrezia would rock, though.)

2) I love character studies and long, thoughful looks at a character's motivation, which is probably reflected in what characters I find interesting. I like characters that aren't generally liked in the world they are in, or the people around them; ones that suffer and survive and show strength of character. I love hurt/comfort as a trope, especially if the one offering comfort is reluctant, or not on the best of terms with those they are trying to comfort. I love best friends sticking together. I love a united front in the face of adversity.

3) I don't really hate any characters in the fandoms I have requested, so please no character bashing. This is especially the case in opting for slash and femmeslash couples - I may love characters A and B and slash them, but I wouldn't want to see character bashing of A's wife or husband as part of that.

4) My squicks are fairly standard. Sex-based squicks are graphic sexual violence, underage, watersports, scat, humiliation, extreme or ritualised BDSM (including where fics are set in BDSM universes). I'm also not a fan of alpha/beta/omega, amnesia fics, baby fics, AUs (e.g. high school settings or similar), meta tropes or otherwise breaking the fourth wall.

5) Things I love in fiction in general: long, glorious world-building; characters that have UST and spark off each other; hurt/comfort, first times in shippy fic, great feeling in a world that doesn't permit it, character studies (especially of female characters), clever dialogue, vivid storytelling and a sense of peril. I love them, and therefore want them to suffer, of course.


Request 1: Seafort Saga - David Feintuch (Nicholas Seafort, Edgar Tolliver)
Sign-up details: What I love most about Nicky is his ability to commit himself entirely to a course of action. What I love most about Edgar is how he is able to back Nicky fully in public, and then rip strips from him in private when he doesn't agree.

There is so little fanfic available for this fandom, and yuletide is more or less my only chance of acquiring more. So anything that showcases these two, snarking at each other while everyone else has heart attacks at the familiarity, would make my day. Maybe someone overhears or sees Edgar being too familiar, and Nicky has to step in before his second gets squished? Maybe one of Nick's many enemies figures out his never-ending capacity for guilt and self-sacrifice and decides to kill two birds with one stone by kidnapping Edgar? My personal favourites in their timeline are the HMS Victoria return journey from Hope Nation, Tolliver going crazy trying to find Nick on Earth when he runs off to find Annie, and post-retirement Tolliver sticking to Nicky's side through exile, revolution, and a second bout of child rearing. My personal headcanon is that sometime after they meet again in Book 3 they end up together, but if you're more inclined to gen that makes me equally happy.

I request these characters every year, mainly because requesting fic seems to deliver fic. No fool I, basically.

Why do I love this fandom so much? Mainly because Nicky is an idiot who seems to think that he is responsible for all the trauma in the world. Edgar is a no nonsense sort of person who thinks that Nicky is an idiot. Ergo, I love them. I love that Edgar basically threw his life away trying to save Nicky's (because either way, once that helicopter started spiralling out of control, Edgar was going to die... but Nicky didn't have to), and that Nicky can't unbend enough to overlook it, but can manage just enough to spare Edgar's life. I love Edgar's dignity, and the clear boundaries he sets up with Nicky - who should ostensibly have the power of life or death over him, but doesn't quite manage it - and the way all that dignity goes out of the window if Nicky is threatened. I love how much Nicky tries to fix everything wrong in the world, and how his sheer arrogance at thinking he is at fault if he can't fix everything is something that he trusts Edgar to call him out on. Like a walking, talking, snarking hairshirt.

What sorts of fic would I like? Any fic where thse two characters feature, because I love them so damn much. Nicky caring for Edgar is a bulletproof kink for me, and the closer Tolliver gets to peril, the more my heart flutters. Because Nicky has lost so damn much, and having the threat of taking Tolliver hang over his head is like the sword of Damocles. And Edgar - Edgar would die for him, Edgar would suffer for him... Edgar would go into exile and leave his family behind so that Nicky wouldn't be alone. Shippy fic for these makes me happy, but any gen character study of their relationship would also be loved.

Request 2: Rush 2013 (Niki Lauda, James Hunt)
Sign-up details:
I'm equally happy with gen or slash for these two!

I absolutely loved James getting into a fight with the reporter being cruel to Niki; Niki's slow but growing confidence in his own appeal - and how it is destroyed by the crash; Niki needing to watch James win 'his' points to force him through his recovery; way back when they were young and furious and arrogant and just as likely to kill each other off the track as on it. Anything that plays off the way they need each other in order to succeed would be very welcome.

I requested the film rather than the RPF because I don't actually know much about these two outside of the film. Suffice to say that the film inspired me to learn more about them. My knowledge of Niki is through the following generation of drivers - Prost and Senna and Piquet - so seeing him young and arrogant and ready to bash James's head in was lovely. I knew nothing about James Hunt at all, except for his nickname, which I always assumed referred to his capacity for being a bit of a bastard. As it turns out, he was a bit of a bastard who tended to crash spectacularly. Who knew?

The scenes I loved best in the film were when James beat up the reporter, while Niki stared at James winnning 'his' points and made himself get better. These two really do bring out the best - and worst - in each other, and they're both bastards, really. I do enjoy that. I loved Niki being recognised in Italy, and the whole racing world and how slapdash James's racing team was, and their very different approaches to racing. I'm a bit of a motorsport afficionado, so anything set in that world would make me very happy. Again, happy with gen or slash for these two.

Request 3: 15th Century CE RPF (Caterina Sforza, Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia)
Sign-up details: Caterina was held prisoner by Cesare for some time. Anything about her interacting with the Borgias, particularly Lucrezia (and Lucrezia's relationship with Cesare at that point) would be very welcome. It's a pretty brutal part of Caterina's life, and my headcanon is that Caterina was raped by Cesare and did not seduce him as he claimed. I'd therefore ask that you do not include any graphic non-con, please (although if you go towards the - consensual - femslash of Lucrezia/Caterina, that would be welcome). If you can work in someone telling off Caterina's blasted self-absorbed sons, that would make me very happy.

This is the only request where I have requested characters that I wouldn't necessarily want to see together (Cesare and Caterina) due to the circumstances of their interaction. I love Italy, and this time period, and am fascinated by the Borgias and their enemies. I am especially fascinated by Caterina, who was easily as ruthless and capable as Cesare, and how they fought each other. I also adore Lucrezia, and her relationship with Cesare. Given that Caterina was such a public prisoner, and so obviously ill-used by her captors (and her blasted children; honestly, her dratted sons needed someone to beat some sense into them!), I wonder what Lucrezia thought of her, and her captivity? How did the two women relate to each other, if they met? How did their relationships with Cesare change as a result? Ship-wise, I'd be happy with Caterina/Lucrezia, or Cesare/Lucrezia, but please do Cesare/Caterina. Gen fic would also be very welcome! My Italian is fairly basic, but I know this part of history well, so if you feel inspired to world-build, please do!

Request 4: 18th Century CE RPF (Marie Antoinette, Marie Louise of Savoy | Princess de Lamballe, Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron | Duchess of Polignac)
Sign-up details: I'm fascinated by Marie Antoinette's relationships with the Duchesse de Polignac and the Princesse de Lamballe. Anything about them from a happier time, perhaps at the Petit Trianon, or around the birth of Marie Antoinette's babies, would be fabulous. I realise that Marie Antoinette was first in the Polignac circle and then became friends with the Princesse de Lamballe subsequently, so please do not feel pressured to include all three if they don't work in your timeline - Marie Antoinette plus either the Duchesse de Polignac or the Princesse de Lamballe would be fabulous. Gen or femslash welcome!

OK, so, when I read about how the Princesse de Lamballe died, I cried for hours. When I read about how she was accused of having a relationship with Marie Antoinette, and how that led to it (at least partially), it got worse. Basically, I have a weakness for Marie Antoinette and her coterie of girlfriends and girl friends. Anything gen or femslash would be welcome for them, looking at a happier time for Marie Antoinette and her friends. Obviously, given the timeline, do not feel pressured to include all three - Marie Antoinette plus one or the other would be fabulous. Bonus points for amazing hairdos, Marie Antoinette getting on with her husband, any politics or meddling. A million bonus points for political statements through clothes (because, yes.) My French is serviceable and I know this part of history fairly well, so if you feel inspired to world-build, please do!

Thank you!

AO3 meme!

Aug. 19th, 2013 12:00 am
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AO3 meme from [personal profile] selenak and [personal profile] ruuger , because I should be sleeping. I don't know how to do the average / per story thing, I assume I just have to do maths. It's late, so no maths.

Account name: kangeiko
Account created: 2009-12-02
Total stories: 350 (some locked to AO3 members only)

Total wordcount: 585,805
Average wordcount:
Longest story: The Plains of Esdraelon (ST: Avenger) (34,608 words) - a story I wrote as part of a collaboration with a writing group, where we wrote a virtual season of a new ship (USS Avenger) and their adventures. It even won an award, but upon rereading it, you can tell it was very much an early work.
Shortest story: Debrief (Babylon 5) (45 words)

Total kudos: 904
Kudos per story:
Story with most kudos: up, up the long delirious burning blue (Top Gun) (38) A [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic I wrote for Yuletide 2011 - after I defaulted on my assigned fic, no less. This is a short little fic, and I have no idea why it proved so popular.

Total comments: 222 comment threads
Comments per story:
Story with most comments: do zla boga (American Gods) (42) Another [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic, for Yuletide 2009 this time around. I was pretty proud of this one.

Total author subscriptions: 7
Total story subscriptions: 8
Story with most subscriptions: spilt milk (The World's End) (2) The story I am writing at the moment.

Total bookmarks: 197
Story with most bookmarks: Polyamorous Love-Knot Within; Cleaner Required (Clerks II) (11) I liked this fic. It was my one serious attempt at writing a happy, funny, smutty fic, and trying to write a poly fic with a threesome scene, to boot.

Stories with no comments or kudos: MANY. I have been transferring my old fic on here, including stuff from decades ago, and backdating it to its original posting date.
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So, the Nine Worlds Geek Fest was pretty damn excellent, with a heavy emphasis on family-friendly fun. There were some adults-only sessions, focussing on writing erotica etc, but pretty much all other sessions were open access (and some were especially aimed at the younger attendees). The organisers therefore had a pretty heavy emphasis on safety and on making sure that people didn't feel threatened. I can't speak for anyone else, but I stopped going to conventions after it became patently clear that there was pretty much a free-for-all with respect to sexual assault and heavily coercive behaviour.

Potentially triggery cut for examples. )
At the time, I was too young to really understand what I was objecting to, other than knowing that I wasn't having fun anymore, and that I didn't really want to leave the safety of the hotel room. So I stopped attending: after all, there was no point paying for the privilege of being assaulted when it would happen walking down the street for free.

Nine Worlds was the first con I went to where I felt comfortable walking around on my own, wearing my own clothes. Previously, I'd wear elaborate, outlandish outfits - not cosplay, but something equally as involved - to ensure that I was visible (and that therefore people would notice if all of a sudden I wasn't in the room). At Nine Worlds, I was in jeans and a t-shirt, and a summer dress, and pretty much dressed as I would be to go to the shops. I was also comfortable being on my own. I'd convinced a work colleague to come along with me so I wouldn't be having to brave the sessions alone and be surrounded by people I didn't know, but actually, we separated for the majority of sessions and I was - shock! horror! - sitting in rooms with other fans, discussing things I was interested in and not feelign threatened.

I'm going to do a proper write-up of Nine Worlds later, and it's important to caveat that not everything worked, and of course my own feeling of safety doesn't translate to a universal feeling, but it's interesting that even someone as people- and con-phobic as me felt fairly comfortable staying up late in crowded, darkened rooms with strangers. I still stayed completely sober - my fear of being drunk and helpless in such crowded darkened rooms hasn't quite abated - but it was a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire has featured done an amazing write up by Elise Matthesen of reporting sexual harassment at conventions. Go read it here. The contact and resource list for reporting sexual harassment in SF/F is here (also linked in Seanan's post). Carrie Cuinn also wrote on the experience of sexual harassment at cons and reporting it, here and here.

Also, you may have heard about the expulsion of odious Ted Beale from SFWA . NK Jemisin has written a blistering post on the racism and misogyny in SFF, including Ted Beale and the reactions of the SFWA board. Funny story - I recently unfriended someone on FB (someone I'd met at conventions) who started posting a long-winded and clearly pointless defence of 'traditional Britain' - i.e. he went off on one and started spewing anti-immigrant rhetoric. To which I responded by calling him out for the racist fuckwit he clearly is, and unfriended him. Job done? Well, some mutual friends continued posting on this status update, and so I continued receiving notifications of their comments... which included a heartfelt thanks that the SFF community was so together and so inclusive and so melting-pot-y...  I had to go and sit on my hands for a bit.

No, you know what, it wasn't a funny story at all.

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I completely forgot to say that I'm writing again! Courtesy of The World's End, which is one of the more depressing films I've seen. To those saying it's hilarious and you couldn't stop laughing: were we watching the same film? Notably, there has been a marked gender divide in the responses, so maybe there's something to that.

Anyway, fic resulted. It's unfinished at the moment (4 out of the 6 chapters posted), but I have the last chapter done, I just need to get chapter 5 written up, and we're good to go. But each part is self-contained (it's the 5 things + 1) so I suppose I should link:

spilt milk
The World's End
Five things that never happened to Gary King (and one that did).

Warnings for character death and violence (unsurprisingly).

Also, I went to Nine Worlds Geek Fest. It was awesome! Obviously a few rough edges, but you could really feel the love that went into it. Definitely going back next year. I'm writing up my impressions of various panels for Bad Reputation, so I'll link here when done.

AND I learned sword-fighting with Miltos Yerolemou, aka Syrio Forel on Game of Thrones. From now on, all commencement shall include, "and now, let's do it with swords!"


Jul. 5th, 2013 12:56 pm
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Pictures of my South Sudan trip, and the last part of the round-up, will be coming at some point soon, I promise. here's a teaser: work! trekking! food poisoning! plus bonus getting lost in a landmine area after dark! Never a dull moment, eh.

BUT before then, I want to squee SO HARD your eardrums may suffer. For I am going back to Italy this summer, this time for 2 weeks. And in those two weeks I will be doing:

- 1 week Italian study at Scuola di Leonardo da Vinci in Rome
- Visiting the Uffizi in Florence (& other things too, I presume!)
- candlelight tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel (*fingers crossed* I need to book tickets for this, hopefully I can snag some)
- MONZA GP!!!!!!!!!!! I am parking myself at the apex of Parabolica and even brute force will not move me!!!!!
- Ballet at Teatro alla Scala in Milan (including formal wear, because there is a dress code o.O)
- a day at Ostia Antica, plus (hopefully) visiting the Decorated Houses

I will doubtless do other things while I am there, for I have several days in Florence, Rome and Milan. Sadly, I doubt I'll have enough time to visit The Last Supper in Milan. But the above is enough to be getting on with, don't you think??

I am so excited about it all, and, plus, booking things on the Italian sites rather than via the UK option has meant that I've got the above rather cheap, plus have excercised my bad Italian a little.

Now, the only things I have left to actually book are -
2 nights' accommodation in Rome
- tour of the Vatican (tickets are not on sale yet)
- tickets to the Uffizi (we've been told to book ahead for this to skip the queues)
- tour of the Decorated Houses at Ostia. The only way I can book this is by phoning, so I'm hoping they can either understand English, or I can make myself understood somehow...

ANYWAY. Work has been dreadful, so it's really nice to have this to look forward to.


May. 30th, 2013 05:32 pm
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This appears to be doing the rounds:

I currently have 349 works archived at AO3.

Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 349 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.

(please, for the love of god, don't pick one of the early ones.)

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I appear to have bankrupted myself somewhat with theatre. OTOH, I now have tickets to Mamma Mia (mother's day), Book of Mormon (my birthday), and Peter & Alice (dearest [personal profile] selenak 's visit) on my dresser. So I may be eating beans, but at least I'll be cultured?

There should be more fandom happening in my life. [livejournal.com profile] darlas_mom  is assisting through the provision of Due South, which is recalling my young teenaged crush on Benton Fraser, who may have perhaps set highly unrealistic expectations of future boyfriends in my impressionable young brain. (My first-ever crush was on Spock, of course, who was a paradigm of normality by comparison.)


Also, how weird is it that Eric Balfour plays a young, teenaged and beardless Jesse in Welcome to the Hellmouth? Recent rewatches have made my brain very confused.

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Approximately twenty million years ago (in 2006!), I started [personal profile] andraste 's 100 fandoms challenge ( table ). I am finally nearing the end, with only 6 fandoms left to cover. So, I'm taking prompts: fandom, character, key word (the 6 remaining are key, dust, clip, waves, lighting, trailed). The catch is, it has to be for fandoms I haven't written for before (the list of covered fandoms is below the table). But of course, I haven't written for ages, so that should be fairly easy.

So go on - prompt away.

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Look at me, posting not a blue moon. You'd think the apocalypse had come or something.

I don't even know. )

Anyway, I have internet again, which is the main thing. I was going a little crazy using dongles and 3G. I'd actually finished my data allowance. o.O

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It's Yuletide reveal time! I remain without internets, trying to do this on my phone. My kingdom for broadband!

Anyway, I wrote 5 fics for 4 fandoms this year:

and I have told you this to make you grieve for saturnofthemoon

Deep Space Nine

Oh, beloved old fandom I don't date write for! I dared this Yuletide. This was such a lovely assignment to write, about Winn and Minister Jaro before the show starts. Well, before the show starts we know that Jaro was someone who mattered, otherwise he wouldn't have ended up as a Minister, and Winn was imprisoned for preaching the word of the Prophets. This little fic grew from there. I was lucky as I am much more comfortable with early DSN than later DSN, and the Occupation is a great opportunity for world-building. I had great fun writing this.

this obsessive idea for thefourthvine

Literary RPF

I've been staring at that Baudelaire prompt for a couple of years, waiting for inspiration to strike. I ended up writing about Manet and Baudelaire's relationship, and Baudelaire's great love, Jeanne Duval. I confess to knowing next to nothing about art history, but I do love Paris a great deal, so I guess it evens out!

innumeras errore vias for Kore

Classical Mythology

I ended up pinch-hitting this, but I think sometimes that helps! You get to do things you aren't really expecting that way. I love classical myths with an extra pinch of agency thrown in - agency then muddied by the gods or the fates - so that's where this Ariadne tale ended up.

with the shield (or upon it) for Serenade

Seafort Saga - David Feintuch

So, the challenge was to write something happy! Well, there are precisely two paragraphs in the entire series where Nicky and Vax are happy, so of course, I had to write about the water fight.

Trust for deborah_judge

Deep Space Nine

The tiniest of tiny drabbles! Some Winn/Dukat from S7.

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Book List 2013

1) Seeing (Jose Saramago) p.307.
2) One of Our Thursdays is Missing (Jasper Fforde) p.385.
3) Almost French: A New Life in Paris (Sarah Turnbull) p.322.
4) Shape-shifter (Pauline Melville) p.240.
5) Remainder (Tom McCarthy) p.284.
6) The Parthenon (Mary Beard) p.240.
7) 1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off (John Lloyd and John Mitchinson) p.307.
8) Nothing to Envy (Barbara Demick) p.324.
9) Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman (Robert K. Massie) p.926.
10) From the Holy Mountain (William Dalrymple) p.454.
11) Alif the Unseen (G. Willow Wilson) p.448.
12) Mockingbird (Chuck Wendig) p.345.
13) From Russia With Love (Ian Fleming) p.356.
14) Dangerous Gifts (Gaie Sebold) p.381.
15) Candide, or Optimism (Voltaire) p.115.
16) The Apocalypse Codex (Charles Stross) p.386.
17) Saturn's Children (Charles Stross) p.371.
18) The Casual Vacancy (J.K. Rowling) p.503.
19) Live and Let Die (Ian Fleming) p.307.
20) Boneshaker (Cherie Priest) p.414.
21) Burning Dreams (Margaret Wander Bonanno) p.351.
22) Star Trek: That Which Divides (Dayton Ward) p.304.
23) Of Human Bondage (W. Somerset Maugham) p.700.
24) The Two Towers (J.R.R. Tolkien) p.444.
25) The Woman Who Died a Lot (Jasper Fforde) p.380.
26) Tigers in Red Weather (Lisa Klaussmann) p.389.
27) Bring Up the Bodies (Hilary Mantel) p.482.
28) The Long Earth (Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter) p.424.
29) My Life in France (Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme) p.333.
30) Car Fever (James May) p.183.
31) The Weaker Vessel: Women's Lot in Seventeenth Century England (Antonia Fraser) p.573.
32) Bess of Hardwick: First lady of Chatsworth (Mary S. Lovell) p.479.
33) Wool (Hugh Howey) p.537.
34) King Charles II (Antonia Fraser) p.612.
35) Queen Victoria: A Personal History (Christopher Hibbert) p.502.
36) The Poison Eaters: And Other Stories (Holly Black) p.212.
37) In the Shadow of the Sword (Tom Holland) p.474.
38) On the Edge: My Story (Richard Hammond) p.306.
39) Railsea (China Mieville) p.376.
40) Chaos: the amazing science of the unpredictable (James Gleick) p.317.
41) NW (Zadie Smith) p.333.
42) Broken Homes (Ben Aaronovitch) p.357.
43) Full Dark, No Stars (Stephen King) p.480.
44) Different Seasons (Stephen King) p.688.
45) The Atrocity Archives (Charles Stross) p.336.
46) Senna Versus Prost (Malcolm Folley) p.416.
47) First Man in Rome (Collen McCullough) p.1056.
48) The Winter of Our Disconnect (Susan Maushart) p.267.
49) Moranthology (Caitlin Moran) p.354.
50) Deathless (Catherynne M. Valente) p.349.
51) The Fuller Memorandum (Charles Stross) p.352.
52) Ice Land (Betsy Tobin) p.374.
53) The Deadly Sisterhood (Leonie Frieda) p.362.
54) The Kingdoms of Dust (Amanda Downum) p.371.
55) Arbella: England's Lost Queen (Sarah Gristwood) p.453.
56) The Tigress of Forli (Elisabeth Lev) p.320.

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It's Yuletide! I hope everyone had as much fun writing. I haven't written in ages, certainly not since August, so it was lovely to find myself writing lots of little things. Nothing too ambitious, it has to be said, but I am still fairly satisfied with how the finished pieces turned out. This year, I wrote 1 main assigned, 1 pinch-hit, 2 full-length treats, and 1 mini-treat for Madness. Virtual cookies for whomever identifies them correctly.

More to the point, I was the lucky recipient of not one, but TWO lovely gifts! Run, do not walk, to read these, for they are both lovely and estremely happy-making.

How To Shorten Tedious Nights (2608 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Top Gear (UK) RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond
Summary: James always gets a little melancholy in the winter, and Jeremy decides to be better at cheering James up than Richard is.
Why I love it: It’s Jeremy being a good friend! And, of course, the moment he decides to cheer up James, he is clearly going to be the most awesome person ever at cheering someone up. After all, how hard could it be? This fic is all kinds of lovely. I am a real sucker for friendship!fic, and this one made me especially happy. The Meccano (and the echo to James's gift to the injured Richard) was an especially nice touch.


Salvation (1432 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Seafort Saga - David Feintuch
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Nicholas Seafort/Edgar Tolliver
Characters: Nicholas Seafort, Edgar Tolliver
Summary: Nick tries to save Tolliver. Tolliver has words with him.
Why I love it: because even when he’s injured, Tolliver’s first instinct is to protect Nick. And Nick has this tendency to realise how much someone means to him only after they’re dead, so it was SO happy-making to see it happen while Tolliver was still alive to be fussed over.


And then there is the rest of the archive! I am not even going to pretend that I have made a dent in reading through it; I have mostly been dipping in and out. Anything over 10k words has been sent to my e-reader to be read offline, so there will be a time-lag in reccing those. But here are a few short & delicious goodies to enjoy, in no particular order:

The Dancers (6533 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: 12 Dancing Princesses (Fairy Tale), Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Summary: Private detective Marie Slade is landed with a strange case that just keeps getting stranger. Will she be able to solve the mystery before it's too late?
Why I love it: this is such a dark and creepy story, and it doesn’t pull its punches. A beautiful cross between fairy tales and noir.


The Sticking Place (2944 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: 15th Century CE RPF, Hunger Games Series - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Major Character Death
Characters: Lucrezia Borgia, Cesare Borgia, Richard III of England, Marguerite d'Anjou | Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI of England
Summary: Nobody talks about the Fifth Annual Hunger Games. There are good reasons for this.
Why I love this: I really didn’t think that I’d buy the premise, to be honest, but it is beautifully done and you find yourself engrossed in the fight. And there could only be that ending, of course.


The Very Secret Diaries of Saint Augustine (1185 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: 4th & 5th Century RPF, Confessions - Saint Augustine
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Saint Augustine/OFC
Characters: Saint Augustine, Saint Jerome
Summary: 404
Correspondence Jerome continues. Infuriating. Do not understand why he does not see my point! Translation of "gourd" vital to understanding of gospels.
Why I love this: it’s Bridget Jones’s Diary crossed with St Augustine. There are NO WORDS.


Fidelity (1465 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Cairo Time (2009)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Juliette Grant/Tareq Khalifa
Characters: Juliette Grant, Tareq Khalifa
“You’re better at sending postcards than you led me to believe,” she said.

“And you,” he replied, “are much worse.”

A few years later, Juliette and Tareq meet again.
Why I love it: because these are the characters, captured precisely as they were in the film, but a little older, a little sadder. It’s so gentle and so sincere, I adore it.


The Price of a Favor
(1922 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Timov
Summary: All Timov wants to do is live quietly.  With Cartagia on the throne, that may not be an option.
Why I love it: beautiful piece for a favourite – if often overlooked – character.

In Flagrante (2048 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Mature
Relationships: G'Kar/Londo Mollari
Characters: G'Kar, Londo Mollari, Delenn, Vir Cotto
Summary: Three times Londo and G'Kar were caught in the act: one happy, one angry, one sad.
Why I love it: I started off laughing, then sighing, and finally crying. Londo & G’Kar have all the feels.


The Ultimate Cash Crop (1531 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Nextwave (Comic)
Characters: Elsa Bloodstone, Monica Rambeau, The Captain, Aaron Stack, Tabitha Smith
Summary: In which pointsettias are surprisingly similar to broccoli.
Why I love it: because I nearly wet myself laughing. TRUTH.


La reine scélérate (2656 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Les adieux à la reine | Farewell My Queen (2012)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Marie Antoinette/Gabrielle de Polignac, Marie Antoinette/Sidonie Laborde
Characters: Gabrielle de Polignac, Marie Antoinette, Sidonie Laborde
Why I love it: look at that pairing. OMG. And it’s so beautifully written, so lovely and so acidic at times, with everyone so fascinated and repulsed by MA in equal measure. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I adore French history, especially M.A. and I loved this.


Quite Ridiculous (1915 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: QI RPF, Sherlock (TV), Mary Poppins (1964), Top Gear (UK) RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Mary Poppins, The Stig, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Summary: Alan hasn’t been told the names of today’s guests in advance – supposedly due to scheduling issues, but probably, he now thinks, so that he wouldn’t assault the producer.
Why I love it: because this completely sold me on the premise, and has the ultimate staring showdown: Holmes vs Poppins.


Another batch will come at a later date, but given my internet access, I suspect not before the reveal.


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