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I love this time of year! Dear Yuletide Author, I am so excited about Yuletide each and every year and I am sure that I will love whatever fic you choose to write. But vague encouragement is no one's friend so here are so of the things I love - I hope that some of them will be helpful!

1) I love the relationships between strong, interesting people, especially if it wouldn't be something that would occur to them at first glance, whether canonical or not. I'm a shipper, but I find a good gen exploration of a relationship just as satisfying, if not more so, than a shippy story.

2) I love character studies and long, thoughtful looks at a character's motivation, which is probably reflected in what characters I find interesting. I like characters that aren't generally liked in the world they are in, or the people around them; ones that suffer and survive and show strength of character. I love hurt/comfort as a trope, especially if the one offering comfort is reluctant, or not on the best of terms with those they are trying to comfort. I love best friends sticking together. I love a united front in the face of adversity. I love rule-breakers.

3) I don't really hate any characters in the fandoms I have requested, so please no character bashing. This is especially the case in opting for slash couples - I may love characters A and B and slash them, but I wouldn't want to see character bashing of A's wife or husband as part of that.

4) My squicks are fairly standard. Sex-based squicks are graphic sexual violence, underage, watersports, scat, humiliation, extreme or ritualised BDSM (including where fics are set in BDSM universes). I'm also not a fan of alpha/beta/omega, amnesia fics, baby fics, AUs (e.g. high school settings or similar), meta tropes or otherwise breaking the fourth wall.

5) Things I love in fiction in general: long, glorious world-building; characters that have UST and spark off each other; hurt/comfort, first times in shippy fic, great feeling in a world that doesn't permit it, character studies (especially of female characters), clever dialogue, vivid storytelling and a sense of peril. I love them, and therefore want them to suffer, of course.

My requests:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
(Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson)
I adore Phryne. She has such a firm sense of herself, and is so utterly comfortable with who she is. Her confidence and generosity to all those around her make her such a wonderful character. And I love how, despite himself, Jack is drawn to how vividly Phryne lives. I like how he's willing to surrender control to her, and I love, LOVE seeing her in charge or defending him.

I would love to see a fic where Phryne is protective of Jack in some way. Maybe he's injured on a case? Maybe he goes after her in S3 and feels out of his depth? Maybe she finally takes him to bed and leads from start to finish. Whatever you like - as long as it has the two of them being delightful with each other I would be thrilled.

If you're more on an ensemble writer, anything with a murder mystery would be amazing! I love how protective Phryne is of Dot and Jane, and their whole domestic set-up.

I discovered MFMM a few months ago and have been obsessed with Phryne's eyes and Jack's mouth. Honestly I could stare at them for hours. Anything which captures their vividness and the unresolved tension between them would be amazing.

Star Trek: Dwellers in the Crucible - Margaret Wander Bonanno)
(Cleante Al-Faisal, T'Shael)
My copy of this book is in tatters. I've had it for years and re-read it dozens of times. There is a line in there where McCoy says that Cleante and T'Shael are mirror images of Kirk and Spock, falling all over themselves with self-sacrifice, and I buy that 100%. I would love to see them after they are freed. What do they go on to do? (I know that they appear in other books and we shall never mention that again.) Maybe Cleante takes T'Shael home with her to meet her mother? Maybe they go on a holiday somewhere entirely new? Hell, maybe some diplomatic incident years later brings them to the negotiating table where they run into the Romulan Commander again. Hell, given the Kirk/Spock parallels, maybe throw some of the standard fic cliches at them - emergency marriage! must pretend to be lovers and get there in reality! everyone else assumes they're together! Jasmine plays matchmaker! Whatever you like. I would love to see them supporting each other and having some (happier!) adventures.

I adore Cleante and T'Shael. Anything where they get to recover from their captivity would be amazing.

I know that Cleante has a a significant amount to work through, and I appreciate that you may want to explore that in fic. I would request that any flashbacks or other references to her assault is no more explicit than that in the books. Thank you.

A Knight's Tale (2001)
(Wat, Geoffrey Chaucer)
Wat and Chaucer's interactions made me laugh so much! I love how loyal Wat is to Will, and how he takes it upon himself to check Chaucer out, so to speak. I love Chaucer's ability to hold a crowd, and complete inability to win any bloody gambit. Maybe his gambling habit continues, and Wat has to rescue him? Or maybe Wat's mouth gets him in trouble and Chaucer's gets them out of it. Or maybe they just tumble into bed and have much to say about it. I love the other characters as well, so if you'd prefer to do more of an ensemble piece that would also be fantastic.

This film always makes me laugh. Wat's face getting redder and redder in his inarticulate rage for some reason makes me smile even now. Anything that is warm and funny would be welcome in this fandom.

But most of all dear author - please have fun and enjoy Yuletide! I promise that I will love whatever you write.
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