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My dear Yuletide author,

Firstly, my sincere apologies for not updating this at the same time as the requests went out - hopefully this is not too late.

Secondly, please do not stress about the fic, I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes and as long as you enjoy writing it, I am sure that I will enjoy reading it.

But a vague encouragement is no one's friend, so here are some specifics -

Things I like:
Long, plotty fics and character development. If I have to choose between smut and character development or some in-character dialogue, I'll always choose the latter. I love the relationships between characters - the long histories, the in-jokes, the little barbs, the petty annoyances and the deep trust. I've picked characters that tend to be part of a double-act, so anything drawing on them relying on each other, interacting beyond their comfort levels, defending each other, would be welcome.

I also love ensemble fics. I love the bit characters, the peripheral characters that have beautiful story arcs that perhaps don't get as much attention as our main leads. So if your heart lies in writing gen fic, then please go ahead.

I love episodic fic, or case fic - I have requested fics in fandoms where there is an element of police work, or mystery solving, or problem solving. I love "baddies of the week" and solving the crime and saving the day and snarking at each other while doing so.

I'm comfortable with m/m, f/f, m/f, and any other combination, as well as a gen fan, so please write what you are comfortable with.

Things I don't like: character-bashing, "it's all X's fault", or fridging female characters if you go for the slash route. I'd also like to request no graphic non-con (referring to it if it's part of a case is fine, but no graphic descriptions) and no child or animal death, please.

My requests:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Partners Fisher, Jack Robinson, Dorothy Williams

I would love an episode-type fic, with Phryne and Jack (and Dot?) teaming up to solve a murder. Or anything with character studies, or gen friendships fics, would also be very welcomed.

Life on Mars
Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler

I'd welcome any episode-style fic for these two. Or something tentatively shippy? I do like Ashes to Ashes, but I would prefer to keep the nihilistic aspects of the world away from LoM, which I recall with a certain fondness (and no devils, deaths or monsters feature). So - something vaguely optimistic, if not necessarily fluffy?

The Laundry Files - Charles Stross
Bob Howard, James Angleton

James Angleton is fine and busy terrorising junior staffers, I won't hear anything to the contrary.

In other words, anything set pre- The Rhesus Chart would be very welcome! Maybe Bob really DOES need to attend a training course and it's not a deep cover? Maybe Angleton struggles with some parts of humanity more than others? Maybe the Auditors pay a visit? Anything in the tone of the books would be great!

Red Dwarf
Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer

I would love anything set during the first few (1-6) seasons. If you feel up for it, something shippy would be very welcome. Maybe Rimmer finally does something nice for Lister? Maybe the GELFs pursue them (hjinks etc)? If slash isn't your cup of tea, anything gen-friendship would be welcome.
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