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I'm back! Did you miss me?

Zambia was mind-blowing. We worked SO hard, and did SO much work, and there was still so much wonderful stuff in between! I have pictures. :) Heavily edited, as I took 510 pictures/vids when I was out there.

Zambia pictures )


Getting back had been interesting. I am suddenly on holiday, and somewhat at a loose end. Today I had a wonderful day pootling about town with [livejournal.com profile] wingsmith, shopping and eating at the Wolseley, and wandering down Jermyn street, and, oh yes, running into David Boreanaz. You'll notice the slightly shocked look on my face. He was really very lovely indeed.

David & me )

Thankfully, a little later there was an amazing cheese shop, so my sense of reality returned, intact.


Things for next week: I shall be working on my Multiverse fic, and meeting up with lots of people I haven't seen in ages, and reading all the books I bought, and mostly enjoying the sunshine. If you're in London and fancy meeting up, drop me a note. I am currently footloose and fancy-free.
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A few people have asked about the early American history reviews I wrote as part of the compulsory AH grad class I took a few years ago. The class actually turned out to be very good indeed, and the reviews were part of a reading journal we had to keep and hand in at the end of the course that were required to be of a publishable standard.

The first few are of relevance to those who might want to research Age of Sail or Angelverse fics, so I've included them below. If nothing else, they include some starting points on the research. The two requirements for the reviews were: to cover two articles per topic and to do so with a hard limit of 500 words per topic.

Migration )

The Early Southern Colonies )

The Founding and Settlement of New England )

Red and Black in Early American History )

The Coming of the American Revolution )

Thomas Paine, Common Sense )

Jacksonian Society )

Thank you!

Apr. 22nd, 2006 11:04 pm
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My dear lovely [livejournal.com profile] selenak, thank you for the Angel vids CD! I have just opened my post, and it's such a lovely surprise! *snuggles you*


Apr. 21st, 2006 01:25 pm
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I realised this last night.

Look at Lilah when she's being particularly smug. Then look at Irina Derevko in S2, during "The Passage", maybe, when she's half-naked and catches Jack staring at her. Look at Irina's smile. Look at Lilah's smile. Look at Irina's smile again.

Lilah Morgan is clearly a long-lost Derevko.

I nominate everybody on my flist to write this. Immediately.
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I should be asleep right now, but wifi was throwing fits and so instead I fiddled with it for ages. Oh, yeah, I also watched another disk of Angel S4. Tsk.

4.05 )

4.06 )

4.07 )

4.08 )

Doubtless I missed much, both because I watched four episodes at once and because I am so tired I am falling head-first into my keyboard. Meh.

I owe some people some drabbles. Tomorrow, cupcakes, during my lunch-hour. You shall have your slice of pie.
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4.02 )


4.03 )

So, all in all, a bit of a let-down after the season opener. But, at least the gang's all back together, so I hope that the next few episodes perk up...
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So, [livejournal.com profile] selenak sent me the entirety of Angel Season 4 on DVD. Just 'cause. 1) She is officially a goddess, and 2) I'm going to sit down and do a series of 'first reaction'-type reviews as I watch each episode. I technically know what happens in the season because I read the outlines etc when it was being aired, but I haven't actually watched it. And, erm, it was about three years ago that I read them, so I'm going with this being a first viewing.

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In other news, I spent Easter with my parents and it was generally lovely. I am full of cake and chocolate. *floats away, a la Aunt Marge*
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Something just occured to me, and I'm sure that the A:TS devotees have figured out the answer to this already.

Why the hell didn't Angel lose his soul when Connor was born? Or, just after, when Darla had gone Pfft!, and he had a tiny, wriggly baby in his arms? And don't go on about his fear for Connor's well-being - he managed perfect happiness with Buffy when the world was about to end.


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I was certain that Connor/Angel wuld squick me like nobody's business. Actually, I was certain that Connor/Spike would squick me like nobody's business. And then I read Angels and Insects and oh my dear god, it is so unbelievably hot. *wibble*

And how come no one told me that I have a Spike/Angel daddy fixation? Huh? You fail, flist! You are supposed to know my kinks before I do!

*wibbles some more*


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