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I watched The Arc of Infinity tonight, and it was cracking,

Green slime FTW! )
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Spoilery spoilers... )
So - not quite there yet, I don't quite see the Doctor has having settled down into a distinct persona. Some bits were great, some bits were quite week, and I don't think it was up to the level of last week's episode. But it certainly packed a basketful of ideas in!
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A very happy Easter to all those observing it. I've had quite a busy Easter weekend, all in all.

I met up with [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa on Saturday and we went to see Six Degrees of Separation (front-row centre complimentary seats, courtesy of the amazing [livejournal.com profile] athena25 ) which was wonderful. Snippety snip for review. )*

Later on that day, we went to the Retro Bar for a drink and to watch the New Who. To quote just about everyone: a mad man with a box. )


And on Sunday... )

Currently,  am watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which I hadn't seen before. It is... interesting.
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I've just acquired and started watching The Legend of Robin Hood (the 1975 mini-series with Paul Darrow as the Sheriff of Nottingham (!!) and someone who looks like Brian Blessed but probably isn't as Sir Guy) and it is brilliant. I am only an episode an a half in, but I am riveted. To be honest, I only bought it because it was a fiver and because it had a semi-naked Paul Darrow (I am shallow shutup) and was anticipating a somewhat, um, overenthused performance on his part. I admit astonishment: he's actually good. Craven and ambitious and smart, and not a caricature in the least. He doesn't rub his hands together in evil glee, and he doesn't go around murdering puppies. He's just very good at being kingmaker. It's glorious.

Even more surprisingly, I love the other characters. I'm not much of a fan of the Robin Hood legend (by which I mean that I know it fairly well, but have no particular or abiding interest in it) and have found cinematic and televised Robins lacklustre. This Robin is strangely tender and endearing. He makes me believe in both his humble upbringing and his nobility. He also manages to convince on his emotional investment in the fate of his tenants, which many Robins subsequently spectacularly fail to do.

His interaction with Richard is wonderful, and I am astonished that no slash exists for it! Upon meeting him, Richard looks him over and commands him to strip... To check a birthmark, of course! It's very sweetly played, both Richard's amused indulgence and Robin's mortification are deftly handled. Richard himself is fascinating: young, yet clearly capable and committed. He is gearing up for his Crusade at this point, and it's interesting to see a Richard who argues with his advisers on the wisdom of his departure, and who takes precautions.

The female characters are also nicely rounded. Firstly - and magnificently - we gave Queen Eleanor, who is shown as her son's 'muscle'. While he talks of raising funds and men for the Crusade, she's out there making it happen. She reminded me a great deal of Livia, actually, that same sort of terrifying matriarchal figure, albeit one with what appears to have a healthy relationship with both her sons. After she takes John's side in an argument, Richard appeases her by relating some provision for John. "Why did you not say that in the first place?" she asked, mollified. "because I like it when you're angry with me," Richard replies gently, and kisses her on the cheek.

OK. Maybe it's not a healthy relationship... But healthier than some others! She seems to genuinely care about them both, I am fascinated to see what will happen when John makes a move for power.

She also has a relationship with the other major woman: Marian. I'm not sure to what extent these two will interact in future, but their one scene - where they discussed Marian's impending marriage - was really interesting. Marian also appears to have a story arc, which is startling political. She's a Saxon lady due to be married off to the Norman Sir Guy, as part of her uncle's plan to dilute the Norman stronghold on Saxon nobility and lands. "Madry them to Saxon women and give it a few generations, we'll turn them Saxon." Interesting to see the Saxon/Norman politics played so strongly, and rather fun to see a Richard so used to Norman things, including his French singer (baladeer?), who is disgruntled to be stuck in a comparative backwater...

Finally, the script: it's cracking. The dialogue feels natural, and there's none of the hamming opportunities so liberally strewn about in the adaptations these days. Even in a prime hamming scene - Prince John and Paul Darrow the Sherriff take in the 'latest thing' in relaxation (a standing sauna that looks like a wooden box with hot coals underneath), they spend that time plotting viable, subtle overthrow.

In conclusion = very, very good. Nay, excellent. Roll on episode two!

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I had a lovely time on Thursday, finally having that long-delayed dinner with [livejournal.com profile] mizzykitty. After far too much sushi, we went back to mine to mainline B5 (she hasn't seen it! A possible new convert, hallelujah!) and geek out. It was ever so much fun, and it got me thinking.

B5 S1 waffling )


I also gave in to the inevitable and purchased S1 of the newer, brighter, more CGI'd remastered ST:TOS S1 boxset. It is, in a word, lush. ST:TOS squeeing )


I'm headed to bed now, to try to reset my body clock. Got to bed far too late last night, after a truly smashing party at [livejournal.com profile] mossman's. But it's work again on Monday, so needs must...
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I still don't understand how I'm watching these as they air, and the Americans on my flist STILL get them a week beforehand. C'mon, fess up, have you set up a direct link through to RTD's brain?

Midnight )

And, next time on DW: spoilers for the preview )
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Today, I pootled. This makes me happy. I need to do a spot of cleaning a little later on but, otherwise, that's my day nice and free for more pootling. I may return some books to the library - the sun outside keeps tempting me with shininess, but I suspect that it is a RUSE to lure me outside and the RAIN ON MY HEAD. Hmmm.

Random meme from somewhere -

Only answer in Yes or No
You can't elaborate unless someone asks in a comment.

For brevity is the soul of... something. )

Well, that was nice and easy.

Last night's Dr Who was a bit up and down )

And, also, a book review -

This Thing Of Darkness
by Harry Thompson

page count:: 730 pages


You may have heard me raving about this book... )

Now. To the library, or to the sofa? Decisons, decisions...
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spoilers for 'Here Today' )

WTF have they done to my show???? *cries even more*
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Things I have seen recently:

Moon for the Misbegotten - no spoilers ) Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Children of Men - no spoilers ) Overall rating: 10 out of 10.

Veronica Mars 3.01 - 'Welcome Wagon' - very mild spoilers )

I know a person who knows a guy, so now I have Veronica Mars #3.01 on my harddrive. If you can't wait until 3rd October, email me or comment and I'll send you the link to it. [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa, I'm putting it in with the care package I'm sending you, honey. *smooch*
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So I bought the Rome s1 box-set, and watched the first episode a few days ago. Predictably, I already have my favourites )

That is all for the moment, having only seen the opening episode. Expect more coherence when I've actually watched some more. Also, fic recs, please? Anything Atia-related would make me happy.
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Yeah, I'm watching these out of order. Sue me.

2.18 )

2.19 )

Damnit, I need a House icon! Or at least a 'miscellaneous tv shows' icon, wherein my love of random tat can come across.
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I should be asleep right now, but wifi was throwing fits and so instead I fiddled with it for ages. Oh, yeah, I also watched another disk of Angel S4. Tsk.

4.05 )

4.06 )

4.07 )

4.08 )

Doubtless I missed much, both because I watched four episodes at once and because I am so tired I am falling head-first into my keyboard. Meh.

I owe some people some drabbles. Tomorrow, cupcakes, during my lunch-hour. You shall have your slice of pie.
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4.02 )


4.03 )

So, all in all, a bit of a let-down after the season opener. But, at least the gang's all back together, so I hope that the next few episodes perk up...
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So, [livejournal.com profile] selenak sent me the entirety of Angel Season 4 on DVD. Just 'cause. 1) She is officially a goddess, and 2) I'm going to sit down and do a series of 'first reaction'-type reviews as I watch each episode. I technically know what happens in the season because I read the outlines etc when it was being aired, but I haven't actually watched it. And, erm, it was about three years ago that I read them, so I'm going with this being a first viewing.

Read more... )

In other news, I spent Easter with my parents and it was generally lovely. I am full of cake and chocolate. *floats away, a la Aunt Marge*
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Two nights left until exam results are out.

sleep-related complaining )

Last night I watched some S6 West Wing. Maybe it's the fact that I have a large enough sleep deficit to finance Switzerland, or maybe I'm Sekkretly Traumatised (tm), but in watching 'Drought Conditions' (the one with Senator Rafferty), I ended up bursting into tears during the key Toby scene. Not really that surprising, as I love Toby and anything that upsets him upsets me (same goes for CJ, actually), but still rather unexpected.

I have some thoughts on how S6 as a whole is progressing, and why I continue to be sceptical: Read more... )
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Right, so, the weekend was eventful.

A&E )

Deadwood, Ep 1-4 )

Jarhead )

And now, I'm back at work. Admittedly, I turned up at around midday, slightly surprised to have made it in at all. My HR person is still fluttering around, trying to send me back to bed with antibiotics and weak tea, but I am Strong (tm), and shall resist the temptation. Plus, I am mighty sick of sleep and intend to actually qualify as a CPFA at some point in my life. 400 days of practical experience don't just accumulate like that *snaps fingers*, you know.


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