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Look at me, posting not a blue moon. You'd think the apocalypse had come or something.

I don't even know. )

Anyway, I have internet again, which is the main thing. I was going a little crazy using dongles and 3G. I'd actually finished my data allowance. o.O

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I'm moving house tomorrow, therefore I have boxes everywhere & am not packed AT ALL. This is fine. I will have plenty of time to pack during the NO TIME I have allocated for this. #idiot

And then I have to do all the new!house things, like pick a broadband provider. Hivemind, what do we think about Virgin Media? Is the promised superfast connection really superfast?

Also, I have been too stressed to properly pay attention to, & restrain my parents during, the new!house shopping. This means I got home to find a shiny new stainless steel kitchen roll holder. WTF is this, I don't even have kitchen roll - but no, my mother had thought of this, and purchased me a giant pack. "Ah, I see you have bought the essentials," I said. "Yes," she said, not looking up, "I got the pastry brush and the parmesan grater, but I held back on replacing your piping bag. You'll be ok for a few weeks without one?" NO MOTHER, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO. I guess it's good that I have the parmesan grater to comfort me during my difficult time.

Seriously, I love my parents, and they are unfailing generous, but I think they still think of me as a little girl leaving home for the very first time. My father wants to buy me some more miniature pots & pans, presumably to make tiny cakes. I feel like he's outfitting a doll's house. I have forbidden them from buying anything else whatsoever.

Colleague at work looked like she gonna cry today, so I gave her a hug. Audit time is never fun.

Also, Yuletide. I am still excited in principle, but the sheer exhaustion of moving house is sapping my energy & vim somewhat. Please send replacement vim.
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I feel like I'm cheating on LJ with DW, and on DW with twitter. I'm such a harlot, I just can't help myself. Anyway, that's why I haven't posted for a while. Also, it's easier to check twitter on my phone & tweet quickly, than it is to do DW posts. Although I have set it up to be able to do phone/email posts, so I don't know why I'm complaining.

I was pretty upset when I heard that Michael O'Hare died. Mira wrote beautifully on his death here (link courtesy of [personal profile] selenak ). Michael O'Hare was the first 'real' actor I met, when I was very young and at my first convention and hopelessly lost. He gave me a hug & Ruth helped me find where I was meant to be. I met the others then, too, and it was the S4/5 hiatus and the day when Claudia didn't sign her contract, and Ed was on stage telling people about how he nearly fell in a canal in Venice, and then Peter & Andreas (fresh from signing autographs, which Andreas had enlivened by signing alternatively as Madonna and as Gandhi) were on stage,  acting out a mock script with a slash subplot, and a guy next to me heckled them as they kissed. Andreas nearly squashed me as he ran down, grabbed the guy & kissed him, while Rick filmed the entire thing.

And. And. I read the above again, and realise just how many of these wonderful people are no longer with us. I loved Babylon 5 rather fiercely as a child, and I suppose I still do. I was always very fond the people who made it, because I always felt that they made it with love. Mira says it best, of course. I feel like I am losing a little part of my childhood.


Other things. I've found a flat. This is good news, as I have been at my parents' house for a ridiculous period of time, and it is doing mymental health no favours. I have taken up Pilates in the vain hope that it may help me hang on to sanity. I move in a month, and I am counting down.

Work continues ridiculously busy. I am tired & need a holiday, but see above re: sanity, lack thereof. I need to move, then go on leave.


Yuletide. This has the potential to make me happy, or incredibly stressed. I am hoping for the former.


Health. I'd like some. This chest thing can bugger off, I don't have the time.

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Every other post I write seems to start with, "Oh, I have been away ever so long." It's practically tradition. Never let it be said that I put no store by tradition.

Oh, I have been away ever so long. I do not even remember the last time I posted, although I suppose it is not as long ago as I suppose. Having no internet access does strange things to my mind, even partial internet access. Developed world problems - we've moved house and I've had to subsist on 3G for a week and a half. Oh, the humanity!

It has been a busy few weeks, mind you. Lots of tantalisingly confidential changes taking place at work - once it's all inked in I shall be very relieved - and of course the house move itself. No more hellish neighbours! No more 4am waking to the drums being beaten above my head! No more gloomy dark house! New House (tm) is ever so nice. Lots of light, quiet neighbourhood, plus a garden with a SHED. I plan on doing SHED-THINGS with it, mostly for engine purposes.

The engine project stalled while my partner in crime was abroad, and now that she is back I am off, so it will stall again. CURSES. But once we're settled into the new place with tarp laid down and an engine block in place I expect that things will pick up again. More importantly - VERY IMPORTANTLY - I am now allowed on the roads without a leash. Yup, I passed my driving test! First attempt, and it was in South London, too. I am now apparently ready to drive anywhere. I am less certain about this, mind you, but I wasn't about to argue. Having secured my driving license, I of course immediately decided that I wanted to learn defensive, stunt and rally driving. (BECAUSE I CAN.) Also, motorbike riding. (ALSO BECAUSE I CAN.) I shall look ridiculous perched on the back of a bike, but that's between me and my motorgod.

In conclusion, I am back. I have started work on the [community profile] help_japan stories I owe various people. I am trying to catch up the huge backlog of BadRep articles I owe the lovely [twitter.com profile] mimtron , mostly around the Petrolhead stuff (of which I have 8 in the concept stage, for crying out loud), and a few other bits and pieces. The spirit is willing, the time is short! I think I shall have to schedule some time to devote to writing, which will make me feel very much like a Victorian lady at her letters.

I'd ask what everyone has been doing, but as I am reading LJ/DW about once a month, that seems a little churlish. So I'm going to just dive right back in instead.

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Just a quick note to say that my internet access over the next month is going to be sporadic. I'm moving house (with assorted internet set-up shenanigans), and then I'm off to Africa for about a month. Normal connectivity should hopefully resume after I get back. I've already conceded defeat in getting my [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan in by Friday, so I'm going to be running a little late on that. If anyone would be available to beta it once I get it drafted in the next couple of weeks (Sherlock fic, gen), that would be a real help. I'll have email connectivity pretty regularly on weekdays, so just let me know if you are available and I'll whizz it over once it's done.

See you all soon!

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I realised I did a "my job hangs in the balance!" post, and totally left you at that cliffhanger. Le sigh.

Good news: Not fired! )

Less good news: there is talk of extra travelling (which is good) at really inconvenient times (which is bad). I don't know. Until someone actually approaches me with firm dates (and goals) for this trip, I'm assuming it's not happening.

Jewellery news: of pearls and mattresses )

Other news: I'm looking forward to flatmate Z moving out, I think. We've reached the stage where everything we do is annoying the other person. For instance: bitch whine moan ), and various other offences. Grr. She's away this weekend, I think, which should be nice.

Finally: Did I mention I had yesterday off, and today as well?? W00t!
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Had a bit on an anxious day at work today, and tomorrow will be worse, as I sit and stew while my fate is decided in committee.

To take my mind off things, I have been looking at the Tiffany's website. While I will baulk at paying anything over £20 for a pair of cheap earrings, I apparently find £2,500 for diamond drop-earrings in a platinum setting completely reasonable. (Because it is.) I even went so far as to work out whether I can reasonably justify having such earrings in my life. Possible 'reasons' included:
1. I might get run over by a bus, and thus never know the joy of diamond drop-earrings in a platinum setting.
2. I have very fussy piercings and probably going to a nice jewellers will be good for them. Certainly better than the horrid cheap things that make my ears unhappy.
3. My parents can't complain, as part of it would be my Christmas money (which I have yet to spend). The rest will be the entirety of my savings, and also a year's rent slapped on a credit card.
4. I want them I will feel fully confident when wearing them.

Also, they are incredibly beautiful. Not as beautiful as the gorgeous black pearl earrings that I fell in love with, but even if I used all my credit cards and sold everything I owned, I still couldn't scrape together the £22k I would need to purchase them.

It might still be worth it.

In reality, of course, I am unlikely to spend my money on earrings, platinum or otherwise. I need to buy a new mattress, and am considering investing in a memory foam one while the sales are still going strong. This is a lot less romantic than diamonds, but kinder to my back (and bank).

And afterwards I'll still be able to afford that pearl pendant.


In other news, [livejournal.com profile] athena25 came over this evening and we plotted furniture shenanigans. In the lead-up to her moving in, we will both be making an effort to get rid of the useless crap that takes up so much sodding space in both our houses. This means wading through five bookcases' worth of books, a four-door wardrobe, two closets and several storage boxes' worth of clothes, and other sundry bits of crapola. My local charity store will have plenty of new stock very soon indeed.


I may work late later tomorrow. See if I can wrest some info from passing Directors as to whether I have a job or not.

Stupid recession.
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[livejournal.com profile] athena25 successfully moved out. New flatmate Z successfully moved in.

Ikea tomorrow.

I am so very tired.
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Ah, domestic bliss - all is calm. *sighs happily*

I'm really looking forward to seeing my mum tomorrow. I sorted out the mess with my upset younger brother by the simple act of phoning my mum and having her phone him. She'd got her days confused and thought his results were out on Monday. Anyway, now he's happier, and they're springing for us to go away for a week somewhere, so I get to 1) have a holiday, and 2) spend some time with my baby brother. Yay!

I also ran all my errands today in between trips to the doctor's office, so a bursting full package of goodies is winging its way to Mona, I've returned books to the library and I've also been working my way through the washbasket. It may sound incredibly dull, but there's nothing quite so comforting as a clean, nice-smelling house to come home to.

Also, I now have time to think about fandom-related things, seeing as how I don't have the exams of doom hanging over my head. I've tired tidying up this wee Jack&Sloane ficlet, set post-finale. I'm not that happy with it, but I'm trying to wrap my mind around the implications for the [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 claim of Jack/Sloane that I'm still working through! I've got this spoilery thought ). Of course, it'll likely go the way of many other weird, far-out thoughts and not get written. But, much like the making of babies, the making of stories is a thing to practice as often and as diligently as possible.

Also, I need more tea.

Feedback welcome, as always.

Title: Hic Jacet
Fandom: Alias
Summary: here lies...
Spoilers: all of it.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 #53 - 'earth'.


Read it at AOOO.
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We have a house.

It is large. And kooky. And pretty. And has a garden, and a shed, and a dining room, and a living room, and period features, and is oh so pretty. Yes. It is in Tooting. W00t, feloocity tea. yes.

*crawls off to bed*


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