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Book List 2014

1) The Lost King of France: Revolution, Revenge and the Search for Louis XVII (Deborah Cadbury) p.284.
2) The Player of Games (Iain M. Banks) p.309.
3) Gun Machine (Warren Ellis) p.308.
4) The Once & Future King (T. H. White) p.812.
5) The Charioteer (Mary Renault) p.420.
6) A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin) p.801.
7) The Birth of Venus (Sarah Dunant) p.408.
8) The Secret Listeners (Sinclair McKay) p.335.
9) Adventures at Trebizon (Anne Digby) p.375.
10) Goldfinger (Ian Fleming) p.372.
11) ...
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Book List 2013

1) Seeing (Jose Saramago) p.307.
2) One of Our Thursdays is Missing (Jasper Fforde) p.385.
3) Almost French: A New Life in Paris (Sarah Turnbull) p.322.
4) Shape-shifter (Pauline Melville) p.240.
5) Remainder (Tom McCarthy) p.284.
6) The Parthenon (Mary Beard) p.240.
7) 1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off (John Lloyd and John Mitchinson) p.307.
8) Nothing to Envy (Barbara Demick) p.324.
9) Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman (Robert K. Massie) p.926.
10) From the Holy Mountain (William Dalrymple) p.454.
11) Alif the Unseen (G. Willow Wilson) p.448.
12) Mockingbird (Chuck Wendig) p.345.
13) From Russia With Love (Ian Fleming) p.356.
14) Dangerous Gifts (Gaie Sebold) p.381.
15) Candide, or Optimism (Voltaire) p.115.
16) The Apocalypse Codex (Charles Stross) p.386.
17) Saturn's Children (Charles Stross) p.371.
18) The Casual Vacancy (J.K. Rowling) p.503.
19) Live and Let Die (Ian Fleming) p.307.
20) Boneshaker (Cherie Priest) p.414.
21) Burning Dreams (Margaret Wander Bonanno) p.351.
22) Star Trek: That Which Divides (Dayton Ward) p.304.
23) Of Human Bondage (W. Somerset Maugham) p.700.
24) The Two Towers (J.R.R. Tolkien) p.444.
25) The Woman Who Died a Lot (Jasper Fforde) p.380.
26) Tigers in Red Weather (Lisa Klaussmann) p.389.
27) Bring Up the Bodies (Hilary Mantel) p.482.
28) The Long Earth (Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter) p.424.
29) My Life in France (Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme) p.333.
30) Car Fever (James May) p.183.
31) The Weaker Vessel: Women's Lot in Seventeenth Century England (Antonia Fraser) p.573.
32) Bess of Hardwick: First lady of Chatsworth (Mary S. Lovell) p.479.
33) Wool (Hugh Howey) p.537.
34) King Charles II (Antonia Fraser) p.612.
35) Queen Victoria: A Personal History (Christopher Hibbert) p.502.
36) The Poison Eaters: And Other Stories (Holly Black) p.212.
37) In the Shadow of the Sword (Tom Holland) p.474.
38) On the Edge: My Story (Richard Hammond) p.306.
39) Railsea (China Mieville) p.376.
40) Chaos: the amazing science of the unpredictable (James Gleick) p.317.
41) NW (Zadie Smith) p.333.
42) Broken Homes (Ben Aaronovitch) p.357.
43) Full Dark, No Stars (Stephen King) p.480.
44) Different Seasons (Stephen King) p.688.
45) The Atrocity Archives (Charles Stross) p.336.
46) Senna Versus Prost (Malcolm Folley) p.416.
47) First Man in Rome (Collen McCullough) p.1056.
48) The Winter of Our Disconnect (Susan Maushart) p.267.
49) Moranthology (Caitlin Moran) p.354.
50) Deathless (Catherynne M. Valente) p.349.
51) The Fuller Memorandum (Charles Stross) p.352.
52) Ice Land (Betsy Tobin) p.374.
53) The Deadly Sisterhood (Leonie Frieda) p.362.
54) The Kingdoms of Dust (Amanda Downum) p.371.
55) Arbella: England's Lost Queen (Sarah Gristwood) p.453.
56) The Tigress of Forli (Elisabeth Lev) p.320.

Books 2012

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Book List 2012

1) Cleopatra: A Life (Stacy Schiff), p.302.
2) Gifts (Ursula Le Guin), p.274.
3) America's Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Sarah Bradford), p.597.
4) Bluestockings (Jane Robinson), p.218.
5) Eat Pray Love (Elizabeth Gilbert), p.346.
6) How to be a Woman (Caitlin Moran), p.309.
7) In Siberia (Colin Thubron), p.278.
8) The Real Queen of France: Athenais & Louis XIV (Lisa Hilton), p.392.
9) Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture (Ariel Levy), p.200.
10) The Settlers of Catan (Rebecca Gable), p.620.
11) Temeraire (Naomi Novik), p.352.
12) Life Below Stairs: True Lives of Edwardian Servants (Alison Maloney), p.192.
13) Doctor Who The Missing Adventures: Evolution (John Peel), p.260.
14) The Gift of Fear: Survival signals that protect us from violence (Gavin de Becker), p.299.
15) The World According to Clarkson (Jeremy Clarkson), p.327.
16) The Equality Illusion: The Truth About Women and Men Today (Kat Banyard), p.246.
17) The Secret Life of Bletchley Park (Sinclair McKay), p.322.
18) The World According to Clarkson Vol 4: How Hard Can It Be? (Jeremy Clarkson), p.332.
19) Graceling (Kristin Cashore), p.370.
20) Zoo City (Lauren Beukes), p.349.
21) Bergdorf Blondes (Plum Sykes), p.310.
22) Theater Shoes (Noel Streatfeild), p.281.
23) Fated (Benedict Jacka), p.322.
24) According to Queeney (Beryl Bainbridge), p.244.
25) The Bugatti Queen (Miranda Seymour), p.262.
26) Chile: Travels in a Thin Country (Sara Wheeler), p.302.
27) The Quantum Thief (Hannu Rajaniemi), p.330.
28) The Paris Wife (Paula McLain), p.385.
29) Rules of Civility (Amor Towles), p.324.
30) Call the Midwife: A True Story of the East End in the 1950s (Jennifer Worth), p.319.
31) The Windup Girl (Paolo Bacigalupi) p.505.
32) Lavinia (Ursula Le Guin) p.287.
33) Eating Air (Pauline Melville), p.476.
34) Ubik (Philip K Dick), p.208.
35) Slaughterhouse 5 (Kurt Vonnegut) p.157.
36) Downbelow Station (CJ Cherryh) p.477.
37) Love Walked In (Marisa de los Santos) p.307.
38) Overclocked (Cory Doctorow) p.285.
39) Pompeii: The Living City (Alex Butterworth and Ray Laurence) p.365.
40) Rivers of London (Ben Aaronovitch) p.390.
41) Persian Fire (Tom Holland) p.372.
42) The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography (Stephen Fry) p.425.
43) Moon Over Soho (Ben Aaronovitch) p.373.
44) Rubicon (Tom Holland) p.389.
45) The Classical World (Robin Lane Fox) p.606.
46) The Mitford Girls (Mary S. Lovell) p.529.
47) Ragnarok (AS Byatt) p.154.
48) Drive On! A Social History of the Motor Car (LJK Setright) p.390.
49) Identity & Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (Amartya Sen) p.186.
50) The Women Incendiaries (Edtih Thomas) p.244.
51) The Sun King (Nancy Mitford) p.242.
52) Empire (Niall Ferguson) p.381.
53) The Last Generation (Fred Pearce) p.366.
54) The Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution (Caroline Weber) p.292.
55) Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire (Amanda Foreman) p.405.
56) Assassin's Apprentice (Robin Hobb) p.480.
57) Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness (HP Lovecraft) p.552.
58) Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica (Sara Wheeler) p.298.
59) Shooting History (Jon Snow) p.379.
60) Courtesans (Kate Hickman) p.336.
61) Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman) p.372.
62) H2O: A Biography of Water (Philip Ball) p.346.
63) The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest (ed. Datlow & Windling) p.382.
64) The Social Animal (David Brooks) p.466.
65) The King Must Die (Mary Renault) p.353.
66) The Death of Ayrton Senna (Richard Williams) p.177.
67) The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller) p.352.
68) The Gold Coast (Kim Stanley Robinson) p.389.
69) Delusions of Gender (Cordelia Fine) p.239.
70) Whispers Underground (Ben Aaronovitch) p.418.
71) Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice) p.491.
72) Jerusalem (Simon Sebag Montefiore) p.628.
73) Blood and Feathers (Lou Morgan) p.364.
74) The Mechanic's Tale: Life in the Pit-lanes of Formula One (Steve Matchett) p.226.
75) Luck in the Shadows (Lynn Flewelling) p.479.
76) The Vampire Lestat (Anne Rice) p.550.
77) Driven to Distraction (Jeremy Clarkson) p.466.
78) The Years of Rice and Salt (Kim Stanley Robinson) p.772.
79) The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) p.454.
80) How to Land an A330 Airbus (James May) p.239.
81) Band of Brothers (Stephen E. Ambrose) p.307.
82) Mockingjay (Suzanne Collins) p.455.
83) Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) p.472.
84) Transition (Iain Banks) p.404.
85) Prep (Curtis Sittenfeld) p.478.
86) The Penguin History of the USA (Hugh Brogan) p.694.
87) The New Doctor Who Advantures: Theatre of War (Justin Richards) p.316.
88) The Memory of Whiteness (Kim Stanley Robinson) p.351.
89) Unseen Academicals (Terry Pratchett) p.540.
90) A tale Etched in Blood and hard Black pencil (Christopher Brookmyre) p.339.
91) Fire (Kristin Cashore) p.356.
92) Middlesex (Jeffrey Eugenides) p.529.
93) The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Antonia Fraser) p.430.
94) How I Live Now (Meg Rosoff) p.211.
95) Odd and the Frost Giants (Neil Gaiman) p.127.

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Book List 2011

1) For Crying Out Loud: The World According to Clarkson Vol 3 (Jeremy Clarkson), p. 328.
2) And Another Thing: The World According to Clarkson Vol 2 (Jeremy Clarkson), p. 340.
3) Bravo Jubilee (Charlie Owen), p. 432.
4) The Lacuna (Barbara KIngsolver), p.670.
5) The Fourth Bear (Jasper Fforde), p. 383.
6) Cold Comfort Farm (Stella Gibbons), p. 233.
7) The English (Jeremy Paxman), p. 266.
8) Long Way Down: John O'Groats to Cape Town (Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman), p. 328.
9) By Any Means (Charley Boorman), p.330.
10) Car Fever (James May), p. 288.
11) The Stars My Destination (Alfred Bester), p. 258.
12) War Reporting for Cowards (Chris Ayres), p. 289.
13) Affluenza (Oliver James), p. 510.
14) Vicious Circle (Mike Carey), p. 501.
15) Wolf Hall (Hilary Mantel), p. 650.
16) The Edible Woman (Margaret Atwood), p. 281.
17) Coraline (Neil Gaiman), p. 185.
18) Madame de Pompadour: Mistress of France (Chriistine Pevitt Algrant), p. 302.
19) Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman), p. 357.
20) Embassytown (China Mieville), p. 405.
21) A Mercy (Toni Morrison), p. 165.
22) As You Do (Richard Hammond), p. 304.
23) The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British (Sarah Lyall), p. 261.
24) Ark (Stephen Baxter), p. 455.
25) On Cars (Jeremy Clarkson), p. 242.
26) Excession (Iain M. Banks), p. 455.
27) Motorworld (Jeremy Clarkson), p. 197.
28) The Well of Lost Plots (Jasper Fforde), p. 360.
29) Half Gone: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and the Global Energy Crisis (Jeremy Leggett), p. 281.
30) Child 44 (Tom Rob Smith), p. 470.
31) Inverted World (Christopher Priest), p. 303.
32) Miss Pettigre Lives for a Day (Winifred Watson), p. 234.
33) Against a Dark Background (Iain M. Banks), p. 487.
34) Generation Kill (Evan Wright), p. 462.
35) Victoria's Empire (Victoria Wood, Fanny Blake & Franck Walsh), p. 276.
36) We Danced All Night: A Social History of Britain Between the Wars (Martin Pugh), p. 446.
37) The Girls' Car Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About Life on the Road (Maria McCarthy), p. 271.
38) Beyond Black (Hilary Mantel), p. 457.
39) Henry (David Starkey), p.370.
40) I know You Got Soul (Jeremy Clarkson), p. 233.
41) The Hippopotamus (Stephen Fry), p.400.
42) The Steel Remains (Richard Morgan), p.391.
43) Helen of Troy (Bettany Hughes), p.343.
44) Something Rotten (Jasper Fforde), p.393.
45) The Nightmwatchman's Occurrence Book (V.S. Naipaul), p.546.
46) The Island of the Day Before (Umberto Eco), p.513.
47) The Separation (Christopher Priest), p.374.
48) Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know (Ranulph Fiennes), p.358.
49) Mary Queen of Scots (Antonia Fraser), p.691.
50) Changing Planes (Ursula Le Guin), p.214.
51) White Boots (Noel Streatfeild), p.256.
52) Emergency Sex (and Other Desperate Measures): True Stories from a War Zone (Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait & Andrew Thomson), p.304.

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I am so behind on these, there is a stack of notes accumulating on my desk that I needed to clear out.

These were a mixed bunch, with some outstanding books and some a little plodding. There is a definite bias towards biographies and histories, as I am somewhat still wrapped up in French history at the moment.

by Kunal Basu, p.214

An interesting story, but it pulls its punches a little. )


Lady Jane Grey: Nine Days Queen
by Alison Plowden, p.184

A smart, interesting book about a somewhat dull subject. )


by Tom Holland, p.413

A sweep through Europe in the Dark Ages, but it's hard to know the target audience. )


Anne Boleyn
by Joanna Denny, p.327

Too biased for my liking. )


The Man Who Outshone the Sun King: Ambition, Triumph and Treachery in the Reign of Louis XIV
by Charles Drazin, p.308

Interesting topic, but perhaps too broad in scope for just one book. )


Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King
by Antonia Fraser, p.398

Gorgeous and very, very fun indeed. )


Confessions of an eco sinner
by Fred Pearce, p.372

Thought-provoking and very interesting indeed. )


An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain
by John O'Farrell, p.479

A fun read. )


Marie-Therese: The Fate of Marie Antionette's Daughter
by Susan Nagel, p.365

An interesting take on the subject. )
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Catching up with some book reviews -

The Lathe of Heaven
Ursula Le Guin, p.184.

Not a lot like the other works of hers I've read, but still a cracking read. )


Bad Science
Ben Goldacre, p. 321

Where everyone lies. )


Living Dolls: the return of sexism
Natasha Walter, p. 238

Smart, interesting, and British-specific. )

Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town
Mary Beard, p.316

Fun to read while visiting. )


Marie Antionette: The Journey
Antonia Fraser, p.548

Highly recommended. )
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With all that's been going on work-wise, I haven't really had much time for reading. So here's the few I did manage to finish:

The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman, p. 289

Sweet and clever, but it reads a bit like a ready-made adaptation. )


Let the Right One In
John Ajvide Lindqvist, p. 519

A very different beast than the film. )


The Night Watch
Sarah Waters, p. 503

Beautiful and highly recommended. )


The Virgin in the Garden
A.S. Byatt, p.566

Dull. )
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Book List 2010

1) The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman) : (review)
2) Let the Right One In (John Ajvide Lindqvist) : (review)
3) The Night Watch (Sarah Waters) : (review)
4) The Virgin in the Garden (AS Byatt) : (review)
5) The Lathe of Heaven (Ursula Le Guin) : (review)
6) Bad Science (Ben Goldacre) : (review)
7) Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism (Natasha Walter) : (review)
8) Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town (Mary Beard) : (review)
9) Marie Antoinette: The Journey (Antonia Fraser) : (review)
10) Racists (Kunal Basu) : (review)
11) Lady Jane Grey: Nine Days Queen (Alison Plowden) : (review)
12) Millennium (Tom Holland) : (review)
13) Anne Boleyn (Joanna Denny) : (review)
14) The Man Who Outshone the Sun King: Ambition, Triumph and Treachery in the Reign of Louis XIV (Charles Drazin) : (review)
15) Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King (Antonia Fraser) : (review)
16) Confessions of an eco sinner (Fred Pearce) : (review)
17) An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain (John O'Farrell) : (review)
18) Marie-Therese: The Fate of Marie Antionette's Daughter (Susan Nagel) : (review)
19) The Excursion Train (Edward Marston) (p.318)
20) When the Light Went Out: What Really Happened to Britain in the Seventies (Andy Beckett) (p.524)
21) Jennifer Government (Max Barry) (p.335)
22) Shakespeare (Bill Bryson) (p.195)
23) The Little Stranger (Sarah Waters) (p.499)
24) Soulless, An Alexia Taraboth novel (Gail Carriger) (p.357)
25) ST: Strange New Worlds (ed. Dean Wesley Smith) (p.350)
26) The Fire Gospel (Michael Faber) (p.213)
27) ST: Uhura's Song (Janet Kagan) (p.373)
28) ST: First Frontier (Diane Carey and Dr James I Kirkland) (p.383)
29) Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France (Evelyne Lever) (p.360)
30) Queueing for Beginners: the Story of Daily Life from Breakfast to Bedtime (Joe Moran) (p.220)
31) Yellow Blue Tibia (Adam Roberts) (p.324)
32) Casanova (Ian Kelly) (p.352)
33) Incompetence (Rob Grant) (p.323)
34) The Vinter's Luck (Elizabeth Knox) (p.241)
35) The Winter Queen (Boris Ajunin) (p.249)
36) Boadicea's Chariot: The Warrior Queens (Antonia Fraser) (p.375)
37) The Voyage of the Short Serpent (Bernard du Boucheron) (p.206)
38) The Undercover Economist (Tim Harford) (p.255)
39) Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie) (p.347)
40) The Children's Book (AS Byatt) (p.615)
41) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Caroll) (p.160)
42) The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Agatha Christie) (p.208)
43) Green Oranges on Lion Mountain (Emily Joy, the Accidental Optimist) (p.271)
44) The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver) (p.614)
45) Labyrinth (Kate Mosse) (p.694)
46) Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson) (p.910)
47) An Instance of the Fingerpost (Iain Pears) (p.692)
48) The mysterious flame of Queen Loana (Umberto Eco) (p.449)
49) The Devil You Know (Mike Carey) (p.470)
50) The Railway Viaduct (Edward Marston) (p.314)
51) Isabella de' Medici (Caroline P. Murphy) (p.351)
52) Stone Spring (Stephen Baxter) (p.496)
53) Lost in a Good Book (Jasper Fforde) (p.372)
54) Evolution (Stephen Baxter) (p.658)
55) The Time Traveller's Wife (Audrey Niffenegger) (p.518)
56) When the Rivers Run Dry (Fred Pearce) (p.351)
57) Carter Beats the Devil (Glen David Gold) (p.560)
58) The Court of the Air (Stephen Hunt) (p.582)
59) Forty Signs of Rain (Kim Stanley Robinson) (p.356) - reread
60) Fifty Degrees Below (Kim Stanley Robinson) (p.520) - reread
61) Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett) (p.399)
62) Ballet Shoes (Noel Streatfeild) (p.235)
63) Voices (Ursula Le Guin) (p.364)
64) The Big Over Easy (Jasper Fforde) (p.398)
65) UnLunDun (China Mieville) (p.521)

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Trying to catch up stuff I've read.

Title: Fabulous Things
Author: Kelly Braffet
Page count: 310 pages

5. A slightly twisted love story. )


Title: Brick Lane
Author: Monica Ali
Page count: 492 pages

6. Precisely the sort of book I enjoy. )


Title: The Historian
Author: Elizabeth Kostova
Page count: 704 pages

7. This modern Dracula tale could have been written specifically with me in mind. )


Title: White Teeth
Author: Zadie Smith
Page count: 542 pages

8. A disappointment, given how much I'd enjoyed 'On Beauty'. )


Title: Twilight
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Page count: 434 pages

9. Unintentionally hilarious. )


Title: New Moon
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Page count: 563 pages

10. More of the same, now with added werewolves! )


Title: Minority Report
Author: Philip K. Dick
Page count: 290 pages

11. A series of short stories, sharp and engaging. )


Title: Troubling Love
Author: Elena Ferrante
Page count: 139 pages

12. Creepy and distressing. )


Title: Star Trek Academy: Collision Course
Author: William Shatner with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Page count: 401 pages

13. Not a patch on 'Best Destiny' for Kirk-origins. )


Title: The Age of Innocence
Author: Edith Wharton
Page count: 299 pages

14. Tear my heart out and stamp on it, why don't you. )


Title: An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: Or 2000 years of Upper Class Idiots in Charge
Author: John O'Farrell
Page count: 552 pages

15. A great rompt through history! )

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A series of quickie reviews. This is all stuff before I went to Burkina, so there's a big pile of books I've yet to review still sitting about!

Title: The Luxe
Author: Anna Godbersen
Page count: 433 pages

Ah, the perils of false advertising. )


Title: On Beauty
Author: Zadie Smith
Page count: 443 pages

Interesting, absorbing reading. )


Title: The Interpretation of Murder
Author: Jed Rubenfeld
Page count: 522 pages

A convincing thriller. )
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Title: The Scar
Author: China Mieville
Page count: 624 pages.

Starts off well but doesn't deliver. )
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I read 52 books for 2008 [see the list here], which were a good mix of fiction and non-fiction. 50 of those I had not read before (and the two re-reads were Kim Stanley Robinson, so it's not like they were light reading!).

As usual, one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to read 50 books in 2009. And - crucially - review them. My reviews petered off quite quickly in 2008.

I even have a good idea of what will be on my reading list for 2009, and people are welcome to comment and recommend stuff to me. In non-fiction, I like hard science, early American history, pre-Civil War British and Victorian British history, genetics, environmentalism, global warming and climate change, African history and politics (usually left-leaning, although I like to read some good dissenting views as well).

Fiction-wise, I like pulpy, trashy sci-fi, grand world-building narratives, gloriously detailed historical fiction, and pretty much anything by J Winterson, M Atwood or AS Byatt.

My reading list - already purchased and sitting on my bookshelf - is thus far:

- The Scar, China Mieville
- Iron Council, China Mieville
- The Years of Rice and Salt, Kim Stanley Robinson
- Foucault's Pendulum, Umberto Eco
- Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell, Susanna Clarke
- Minority Report, Philip K Dick
- Carter Beats the Devil, Glen David Gould
- The Earthsea Quartet, Ursula Le Guin
- The Dispossessed, Ursula Le Guin
- Evolution, Stephen Baxter
- The Fabric of the Cosmos, Brian Greene
- Critical Mass: how one thing leads to another, Philip Ball
- Chaos, James Gleick
- The Secret History, Donna Tartt
- As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela, Mark Thomas
- Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood
- Identity and Violence, Amartya Sen
- Brick Lane, Monica Ali

Any others I should add to the above?

Books: 2009

Jan. 1st, 2009 09:23 pm
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Book list for 2009:

1) The Scar (China Mieville) : ( review )
2) The Luxe (Anna Godbersen) : ( review )
3) On Beauty (Zadie Smith) : ( review )
4) The Interpretation of Murder (Jed Rubenfeld) : ( review )
5) Fabulous Things (Kelly Braffet): ( review )
6) Brick Lane (Monics Ali) : ( review )
7) The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova) : ( review )
8) White Teeth (Zadie Smith) : ( review )
9) Twilight (Stephanie Meyer) : ( review )
10) New Moon (Stephanie Meyer) : ( review )
11) Minority Report (Philip K. Dick) : ( review )
12) Troubling Love (Elena Ferrante) : ( review )
13) Star Trek Academy: Collision Course (William Shatner, with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens) : ( review )
14) The Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton) : ( review )
15) An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: or 2000 years of upper class idiots in charge (John O'Farrell) : (review)
16) Catherine de Medici (Leonie Frieda). p.456
17)Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith). p.317
18) The Affinity Bridge (George Mann). p.350
19) American Gods (Neil Gaiman). p.635
20) Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (Fannie Flagg). p.403
21) Adverbs (Daniel Handler). p.272
22) Flood (Stephen Baxter). p.536
23) King Rat (China Mieville). p.421
24) A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian (Marina Lewycka). p.324
25) The Q-Continuum: Q-Space (Greg Cox). p.271
26) The Q-Continuum: Q-Zone (Greg Cox). p.270
27) The Q-Continuum: Q-Strike (Greg Cox). p.269
28) The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell). p.259
29) Damnation Alley (Roger Zelazny). p.157
30) Iron Council (China Mieville). p.614
31) The World According to Clarkson (Jeremy Clarkson). p.327
32) Water: the causes, costs and future of a global crisis (Julian Caldecott). p.238
33) The World Without Us (Alan Weisman). p.275
34) Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another (Philip Ball). p.588
35) Blink (Malcolm Gladwell). p.254
36) Lighthousekeeping (Jeanette Winterson). p.232
37) A Little yellow Dog (Walter Mosley). p.266
38) The Blade Itself (Joe Abercrombie). p.515
39) This Book Will Save Your Life (A.M. Homes). p.372
40) The Inheritance of Loss (Kiran Desai). p.324
41) The City & The City (China Mieville). p.312
42) Great Tales from English History (Robert Lacey). p.453
43) Unspeak (Steven Poole). p.253

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Remember my determination to read 50 books in 2008? I've read 4, and am in the middle of 4 more. Here's the review for the first two.


Title: Herland
Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Categories: fiction, feminism, sci-fi

Witty and enjoyable. )


Title: Woman, Child for Sale
Author: Gilbert King
Categories: non-fiction, modern slavery, politics, gender

Not recommended. )


Books: 2008

Jan. 1st, 2008 06:06 pm
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Book list for 2008:

1) Herland (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) : (review)
2) Woman, Child For Sale (Gilbert King) : (review)
3)The Black Swan: the impact of the highly improbable (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)
4)Happiness (tm) (Will Ferguson)
5) The Leto Bundle (Marina Warner)
6) Elisabeth (David Starkey)
7) Idoru (William Gibson)
8) Blood River (Tim Butcher)
9) Peony in Love (Lisa Lee)
10) Genome (Matt Ridley)
11) The left hand of darkness (Ursula le Guin)
12) Sixty Days & Counting (Kim Stanley Robinson)
13) Shooting War (Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman)
14) Ring (Stephen baxter)
15) The Matisse Stories (AS Byatt)
16) Little Altars Everywhere (Rebecca Wells)
17) Seventh Heaven (Alice Hoffman)
18) Perdido Street Station (China Mieville)
19) Watching the English (Kate Fox)
20) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (John le Carre)
21) Hopscotch and Handbags (Lucy Mangan)
22) Speak for England (James Hawkes)
23) Nectar (Lily Prior)
24) The Abortionist's Daughter (Elisabeth Hyde)
25) Ya-Yas in Bloom (Rebecca Wells)
26) American Psycho (Bret Easton Ellis)
27) The Devil Wears Prada (Lauren Weisenberg)
28) The Secrets of Jin-Shei (Alma Alexander)
29) The Golden Notebook (Doris Lessing)
30) The Siege of Krishnapur (J.G. Farrell)
31) the Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold)
32) The Empire of the Sun (J.G. Ballard)
33) Making Money (Terry Pratchett)
34) The Shock Doctrine (Naomi Klein)
35) Notes on a Scandal (Zoe Heller)
36) Field Notes From a Catastrophe: a Front-line Report on Climate Change (Elizabeth Kolbert)
37) The meaning of the twenty-first century: a vital blueprint for ensuring our future (James Martin)
38) The Black Dahlia (James Ellroy)
39) Doctor Salt (Gerard Donovan)
40) I Capture the Castle (Dodie Smith)
41) On Immigration + Refugees (Michael Dummett)
42) Desertion (Abdulrazak Gurnah)
43) The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)
44) The Book of Loss (Julith Jedamus)
45) Devil in a Blue Dress (Walter Mosley)
46) Japan: Through the Looking Glass (Alan Macfarlane)
47) The Devil in Amber (Mark Gatiss)
48) Crooked Little Vein (Warren Ellis)
49) Antarctica (Kim Stanley Robinson)
50) Escape from Kathmandu (Kim Stanley Robinson)
51) Forty Signs of Rain (KS Robinson) (re-read)
52) Fifty Degrees Below (KS Robinson) (re-read)

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I'm going to talk about things other than DH soon. I promise. Like... now! Ta da!!

Title: The God of Small Things
by Arundhati Roy

page count: 339 pages.

Elvis and a fountain, standing locked in an embrace... )


Title: Diary
by Chuck Palahniuk

page count: 260 pages

This is Misty Wilmot's shitty life. )


Title: The City and the Stars
byr C. Clarke
page count: 255 pages

Sadly predictable )


I might go finish watching Prisoner of Azkaban. I have popcorn. I have diet coke. I have peanut M&Ms. I am the home cinema queen. Yes.

More to the point, I've spent so long stressing about exams - and say what you like, it was merited, as the exam was bloody hard! - that I'm emotionally exhausted. I'm totally regressing into potter-love as my default-setting. *purrs*
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I reviewed the first half of the book here.

I finished!! - Spoilers, obviously. )

I've also read three other books in the last couple of weeks, btw - The God of Small Things, Diary and The City and the Star, which I really must review at some point... But, for HP7, I have two thumbs up.
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Spoilers up to the end of Chapter 18 )

*dives back into the second half*

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I completely forgot about this book! I read it a few weeks ago, and it was rather fun & groovy.

by: Stephen R. Bown
page count: 263 pages.

Read more... )

I also read #1 - #21 of Astonishing X-Men. (I'm at home & snuffly, can you tell?)

ZOMG spoilers!! )

So, yeah. I sorta liked it, but sorta didn't. We'll see.

Vaguely amusing sidebar - I'm going to a few talks at the British Museum over the next few weeks, and they're being carried out by a Professor Xavier. I laughed myself silly over that. :)
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I appear to be working my arse off, which makes lj-life um, difficult. It does, however, mean that I'm romping through a great many fabulous books. They make my train journey bearable. Yes.

Today's brilliance is I, Claudius.

Title: I, Claudius
by: Robert Graves
page count: 395 pages.

It was really weird to read this while watching S2 of ROME. )

In conclusion, I need to write Atia meeting Livia. Because that would improve my world SO MUCH.



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