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I figured I was overdue my regular "not dead" post.

I had a long update on work and life and health and fandom (I've been re-watchind West Wing and Studio 60), but, really, it felt a little weird to open with all that. Like responding to a polite, "hi, how are you?" with your life story.

So, anyway. Not dead.
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Just a quick note to say that I am alive. I am sadly without any spoons whatsoever, so everything not completely compulsory, i.e. work, has been abandoned. I'll be back when I have acquired/borrowed/stolen some spoons.
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Just a quick note to say that my internet access over the next month is going to be sporadic. I'm moving house (with assorted internet set-up shenanigans), and then I'm off to Africa for about a month. Normal connectivity should hopefully resume after I get back. I've already conceded defeat in getting my [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan in by Friday, so I'm going to be running a little late on that. If anyone would be available to beta it once I get it drafted in the next couple of weeks (Sherlock fic, gen), that would be a real help. I'll have email connectivity pretty regularly on weekdays, so just let me know if you are available and I'll whizz it over once it's done.

See you all soon!

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Ah, ha, I have survived! Triumph, yes.

The last few weeks have been stupidly, hideously busy, and the next few weeks perhaps even more so - but the end is in sight! Last weekend [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa came for a visit, and we had a fabulous time visiting the Moctezuma exhibit, viewing the 'Ice Worlds' show at the National Maritime Museum, afternoon tea at the Wolseley, etc etc. Sadly [livejournal.com profile] athena25 has not been well, and I send my poor lamb lots of love - but she is back this weekend, woohoo! Also, Halloween party, oh yes. *beams* I stayed up late last night sewing costume... or, well, costume-like thing, at any rate. It won't be quite up to the 'scary clown' costume the woman next to me at the John Lewis haberdashery section was painstakingly assembling, but it should do for hostess duties tomorrow evening.

I even got recipes etc all printed out. Now I just need to buy decorations and provisions for the Day of Cooking tomorrow, and I am all set. I hope that someone else is a dab hand with the mulled wine, as we all remember what happened the last time I tried to mull anything... we still haven't been able to get all the stains out, woe.

Then, next week - first week of Level 2 Arabic, oh my. My brain cannot cope with more stuff. But I have been studying like mad to get myself back up to speed, so hopefully I won't embarrass myself too much. Then [livejournal.com profile] athena25's birthday dinner (or pre-birthday dinner, as it turns out, as for the actual birthday dinner I am on a plane), packing at some point, presenting quarterly report to Director at work, then I am on a plane to the Congo, woohoo! Am a bit nervous that I am apparently not staying in a (nice, secure) hotel, but in an apartment (am similarly assured it is nice and secure), and so will have to hunt and gather for things like food. This will be complicated by me not being allowed to set food outside the door on my own... which should make things interesting! Any suggestions on things to do in Kinshasa gratefully received. I already have my 'to do' list:
2. locate post office, send postcards home.
3. go to the ZOO! (and avoid getting mugged, notorious place, very sad, but OTOH, ZOO!!)

And - I'm so looking forward to Yuletide I could burst. Whatever else I may manage in a given year, this has become a firm tradition with me. :)

So: I'm not back yet, but I will be soon! Send me glitter pens in the meantime.

(p.s. anyone else vaguely watching Defying Gravity on the Beeb with one eye? It may be that I'm not paying enough attention, but... I don't get it....)

Not dead

Oct. 11th, 2009 10:26 pm
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My regular 'not dead' post. Real life continues horrendous, hoping to have some breathing room soon. [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa visiting in a few weeks; [livejournal.com profile] yuletide sign-ups fast approaching; a few weeks in the Congo next month = all stuff I'm looking forward to. I don't really have time to check lj much at the moment, so email/comment any major epic news!

Be back soon, hopefully.
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I'm on an impromptu hiatus - back when RL isn't kicking my arse quite so soundly.
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Just a note to say that I'm not dead, but I am hideously busy with work and also fighting something that may or may not have been flu, and refuses to go away. I have next week off, and I am going to Edinburgh with several books, a blank notebook and some pretty pens, to read, write and watch Fringe theatre. The joys of iPhone means I'm always vaguely in touch with the online world but I don't have much to post beyond, "still doing the thing that I can't talk about, still stressful, also my throat resembles a germ warfare lab". So I'm going to take a little mini-hiatus and come back after my Edinburgh trip has put me back on me feet. Everyone - behave while I'm not around.

ETA: I've done a mini friends-trim to tidy up my friends list. It was mostly journals no longer being used, but let me know if I've defriended you and you're actually lurking rather than gone. I figure people come and people go pretty randomly here.
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We are changing our phone-line provider (and broadband provider) over the next month. This means that I will not have a phone-line for about a week, and broadband for a further two weeks. I will continue to have internet access for a little while longer (courtesy of Old Work's wifi laptop gadgets) but, come Friday, I shall be departing Old Work. And will not be spending New Work's time on personal internet-fu. Because I am dedicated and full of good intentions.


1. I can't post pictures of my costume just yet - work laptop will not talk to phone, poo. Will have to wait until I am properly returned.

2. I have signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! Well, ok, I signed up twice, because I always change my mind on what fandoms to offer and always get too exciteable and offer everything in my 'first run' sign-up. I then do a more considered, less crazy sign-up, featuring fandoms that will not cause me acute pain and stabbing of the eyes if I end up having them assigned. I am so excited already!

3. After 7th Nov, I will only have access to email (managed by my exciting google-enabled phone) for hopefully a week, but most likely two weeks. I could probably browse lj, but it will cost me a fortune. So pls email me if you need to get in touch/are posting momentous news/want to meet up, for my lj-fu will be lacking for a little bit.

4. I want to stay up all night Tuesday night and watch the election, ready with a really big stick if people are stupid. But I suspect that I may fall asleep instead. Hmmm. Stupid time difference.

5. I'm reading Antarctica, by Kim Stanley Robinson. It makes me happy. In a full-of-rage, militant environmentalist sort of way. (You didn't know that I was a militant environmentalist, did you? Only when it comes to politics. And the ANWR. And Antarctica. And any forests, anywhere. And fish. No, really. I bored [livejournal.com profile] athena25 to tears during my undergrad dissertation, when my only topics of conversation were 1. fish; 2. trees; 3. cars. Yes. But I feel much more informed, now. Also, Palin-rant ))

*pant pant*

OK, that's me done. Will continue posting/reading/commenting until Friday. (Expect Weds morning's post to be a doozy.)

Not Dead

Sep. 9th, 2008 06:14 pm
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Just a quick note to say that I am alive. I am medicated up to the eyeballs, as I seem to be teetering on the verge of losing my shit entirely but, hey, shit happens. Will be back when life isn't completely fucking screwing me.
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It's been a while since I last posted, I almost can't remember how.

Exams are trundling along as expected. Not the exams themselves, of course - they start in three days - but the revision. Tum ti tum. Get up, study, eat, study, study, study, sleep. It's a simple and not terribly rewarding life I'm leading at the moment.

I am considering being adventurous and leaving the house in search of pastries and chocolate. I am reasonably certain that the corner store will stock them, so it won't really be a terribly long journey.

Study stuff - probably of no interest to anyone )


For something completely different - the Xmas wish lists! Woo and indeed yay. I have no time or money this year, which makes things interesting come shopping time. So I'm not gonna be listing purchases or amazon wishlists, as I can't reciprocate. But that doesn't mean that I can't have fantasy lists, right?

The rules )

The wishes )

As I said. Fantasies.

I have to go and make more tea, and go back to studying. I'll be back mid-December, if it all goes well.
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My regular 'not dead' post.

I'm studying, working, and trying to not be ill, with varying degrees of success. One of these days I won't be crashing headfirst towards a looming deadline and the world will explode with surprise.

I've also got [livejournal.com profile] queenspanky into DSN. My work is (almost) done.

Also going to see the divine Mr Patrick Stewart on the 13th, which I am avidly anticipating. And then exams start two weeks later, which I am avidly... not. Anyway.

Update me on what's happening with your lives! Ten words or less for the lj-deprived.

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Just a note to say that I'm still alive, but ridiculously busy. I wish finals were over. *counts days*
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I'm off on my hols tomorrow. I expect that I shall have some internet access out there, but it'll be rather sporadic. Send cake and cabling etc c/o Eastern Europe. See you in a week and a half!


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