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Um -

May. 10th, 2010 12:25 pm
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Well, I have failed on the health front. I have gastroenteritis, and also a back complaint of some description. I have codeine for the latter, and bed rest for the former, antibiotics and codeine being unmixy things. Am working from home, but cannot feel fingers or toes, so this should be interesting. Typing on the iphone's tiny keyboard is hilarious.

In conclusion, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


May. 6th, 2010 10:52 am
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Simm and Glenister sign up for new series - I am so excited to see those two together on the screen again!

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Not mine, stolen from a comment on a clip of the recent episodes (3? 4? 5?).

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Holy crap

Apr. 14th, 2010 09:12 am
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Am in shock over the China quake. That's one major earthquake for every month this year, plus assorted natural disasters (landslides, cyclones) and several transport crashes (Italian train, Mexican and Polish planes, probably others). This seems a much bigger quota than we usually get in any one year. Where the fuck are we going, and what are we doing in this handbasket?

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The credits haven't even finished rolling yet, but!!

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1. Buffy: Buffy and Dawn
I love the Buffy&Dawn relationship, both in the early stages of Dawn being the whiny little sister and later on, when she starts to develop into an adult. I find Dawn fascinating as a character, partly because she has the reverse arc of your typical Scooby (who tend to start out normal and then develop powers) and starts out as the key and moves abruptly into a state of normalcy (or as normal as S6 gets). Playing off against this is Buffy having sudden demands on her time as a person as well as a slayer, in the absence of her mother. Dawn is what ties Buffy to the 'normal' world.

2. Carnivale: Iris and Justin Crowe
My entire list is going to be predictable, I feel! Also not a shock, I love how fiercely Iris loves her brother, and everything she is prepared to do for his sake.

3. Alias: Sydney and Nadia
Again predictable. The few episodes these two had together left me with an overwhelming of their happiness. Having the other exist is enough to make their world better.

4. Dexter: Dexter and Deb
I have only seen the first season, but what a cracking season it is - and how awesome are these two? I love Deb's absolute loyalty to Dexter, and how he may be a complete psycho, but don't you threaten his sister!

5. Dead Like Me: George and Reggie
I love this. Period. Reggie needs her sister so much, and it's only through George's death that George comes to understand this and to try to be there for her, in whatever disasterous ways that might be.

So who didn't make the list? Perhaps more interesting than who did!

1. Supernatural: Sam and Dean Winchester
Now, I'm not really, which probably doesn't help, but the sibling relationship here doesn't seem that strong to me. Or, rather, there is definitely a connection, but it doesn't quite convince me as a sibling one. Which may account for all the Wincest, I don't know.

2. Rome: Octavia and Octavian
Oh dear oh dear! Wonderful to watch, but sort of car-crash telly!

3. Fables: Snow White and Rose Red
Both for Red's attitude and behaviour, and for Snow apparently not giving a toss! Poor show on both parts.

4. The West Wing: Zoey, Ellie and Elizabeth
And if we ever saw them as sisters rather than daughters I might have changed my mind!

5. Harry Potter: the Weasleys
More of a family unit than a focus on siblings for me, although Fred&George come close.

6. Gossip Girl: the Van der Woodsens (and Bass...)
Eric, Serena and Chuck almost made it, but again I tend to think of them all + Lily as a family unit rather than singling out the sibling aspect (which admittedly is a major highlight for me).

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Mark Thomas

Apr. 7th, 2010 11:31 pm
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Flash review of tonight's gig:

Funny and insightful in parts, but ultimately overly-long and somewhat self-indulgent. The parts that were more or less stand-up were great, the parts that were agitprop were interesting, but a good half hour was neither and felt like filler. Best policy of the night:

Bank holidays where it's pissing it down with rain should be considered a roll-over.

I'm going to give it a solid 7/10.

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I am considering laser eye surgery. I will be needing new glasses soon, and was getting iritated with my contacts and, quite frankly, I want to be able to see without anti-blindness apparatus. OTOH, LASERS in my EYES. Flist, advise me!

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Yikes!! I shall have more coherent thoughts later. But mostly, that was awesome. The cheetah-people worked surprisingly well, although I confess to some bewilderment over the Master. Was he... Confused?

In conclusion, scary Doctor is scary.

Does anyone have an icon of Ace, perchance? I really do love her a lot.

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Wow, this is a hard one. I can name a bunch of good (and not so good) fathers and father figures, but mothers seem strangely lacking on TV. Or perhaps not so strangely lacking - it's hard to get right, after all.

1. Gossip Girl, Lily van der Woodsen
Or, to be more accurate, Lily Bass. I didn't have a lot of patience for Lily to start off with, as she seemed to be very concerned with herself and her image. As the character developed, however, the parts where she is absolutely amazing come through. She really does care about her children, and that's all of her children. Not every woman would open her doors so readily to a problem child like Chuck Bass, or would be able to bring him into her family so easily. After the Chuck/Blair relationship (which I love because I am shallow like that), Lily's interactions with her children is the most interesting dynamic on the show for me. She gives up her chance at true love (several times) to put her children first. (Also, the way she outwits Jack Bass: awesome!)

2. Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy
It was a toss-up between Narcissa and Molly. I opted for Narcissa because she chooses to betray her Lord - who is by all accounts her only hope for victory - in order to protect her son... And thereby is instrumental in bringing about Voldemort's downfall. She plays for big stakes, and there is never any question that she does it for her family.

3. Buffy, Joyce Summers
Joyce doesn't have an easy time of it, raising a Slayer and a Key. I love how invested she is in them as people, as opposed to their functions, which is partly why Buffy retains such a strong sense of self (as opposed to a strong sense of purpose, I guess, which is what we see in Kendra). Put simply, Joyce's close links and love for her daughter are part of what makes Buffy different from the other Slayers we encounter. We see the impact of Joyce's loss in S6 and S7, where Buffy suddenly, abruptly grows up, and realises just how much she relied on the love and support of her mother.

4. ST:TNG, Lwaxana Troi
Another formidable woman! My impressions of Lwaxana are coloured by Peter David's Imzadi, especially her opposition to Riker. She gets it wrong a lot of the time, but she does that because she loves Deanna so fiercely and protectively. It must been terrifying to wave your only child off to the military (especially after having having suffered the loss of another child so early on), and to be helpless to protect them. For a woman as used to control as Lwaxana, of course she tries to figure out ways to make her daughter happy!

5. Fables, Snow White
Snow and Bigby make me melt helplessly. They make me so happy. And Snow's love for her cubs fairly radiates from her. She accepts near-exile to the Farm to raise them, and is separated from Bigby, and even covers up some murders one if them accidentally commits... She lives them fiercely and unconditionally, and of COURSE she would choose to wage a war that might result in millions of casualties and "throw a thousand worlds into chaos" - the Adversary threatened her world and, by extension, her children. Given the choice, for Snow White, there was no choice at all.

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I've just acquired and started watching The Legend of Robin Hood (the 1975 mini-series with Paul Darrow as the Sheriff of Nottingham (!!) and someone who looks like Brian Blessed but probably isn't as Sir Guy) and it is brilliant. I am only an episode an a half in, but I am riveted. To be honest, I only bought it because it was a fiver and because it had a semi-naked Paul Darrow (I am shallow shutup) and was anticipating a somewhat, um, overenthused performance on his part. I admit astonishment: he's actually good. Craven and ambitious and smart, and not a caricature in the least. He doesn't rub his hands together in evil glee, and he doesn't go around murdering puppies. He's just very good at being kingmaker. It's glorious.

Even more surprisingly, I love the other characters. I'm not much of a fan of the Robin Hood legend (by which I mean that I know it fairly well, but have no particular or abiding interest in it) and have found cinematic and televised Robins lacklustre. This Robin is strangely tender and endearing. He makes me believe in both his humble upbringing and his nobility. He also manages to convince on his emotional investment in the fate of his tenants, which many Robins subsequently spectacularly fail to do.

His interaction with Richard is wonderful, and I am astonished that no slash exists for it! Upon meeting him, Richard looks him over and commands him to strip... To check a birthmark, of course! It's very sweetly played, both Richard's amused indulgence and Robin's mortification are deftly handled. Richard himself is fascinating: young, yet clearly capable and committed. He is gearing up for his Crusade at this point, and it's interesting to see a Richard who argues with his advisers on the wisdom of his departure, and who takes precautions.

The female characters are also nicely rounded. Firstly - and magnificently - we gave Queen Eleanor, who is shown as her son's 'muscle'. While he talks of raising funds and men for the Crusade, she's out there making it happen. She reminded me a great deal of Livia, actually, that same sort of terrifying matriarchal figure, albeit one with what appears to have a healthy relationship with both her sons. After she takes John's side in an argument, Richard appeases her by relating some provision for John. "Why did you not say that in the first place?" she asked, mollified. "because I like it when you're angry with me," Richard replies gently, and kisses her on the cheek.

OK. Maybe it's not a healthy relationship... But healthier than some others! She seems to genuinely care about them both, I am fascinated to see what will happen when John makes a move for power.

She also has a relationship with the other major woman: Marian. I'm not sure to what extent these two will interact in future, but their one scene - where they discussed Marian's impending marriage - was really interesting. Marian also appears to have a story arc, which is startling political. She's a Saxon lady due to be married off to the Norman Sir Guy, as part of her uncle's plan to dilute the Norman stronghold on Saxon nobility and lands. "Madry them to Saxon women and give it a few generations, we'll turn them Saxon." Interesting to see the Saxon/Norman politics played so strongly, and rather fun to see a Richard so used to Norman things, including his French singer (baladeer?), who is disgruntled to be stuck in a comparative backwater...

Finally, the script: it's cracking. The dialogue feels natural, and there's none of the hamming opportunities so liberally strewn about in the adaptations these days. Even in a prime hamming scene - Prince John and Paul Darrow the Sherriff take in the 'latest thing' in relaxation (a standing sauna that looks like a wooden box with hot coals underneath), they spend that time plotting viable, subtle overthrow.

In conclusion = very, very good. Nay, excellent. Roll on episode two!

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Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:43 pm
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I saw Legally Blonde today.

1. It was brilliant, go see. Sheridan Smith is excellent as Elle.
2. It turns out that Peter Davison is doing a run as Professor Callahan. Who knew? Certainly I never imagined I'd see him singing and dancing his way through Is he gay or European? although he was certainly... Magnetic.

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I can never resist this.

Ask me for five things about a particular character, and I will respond with a list or ficlet. (You know the drill: "Five things Martha misses about the TARDIS," or "Five people Dayna didn't kill, no matter how much she wanted to.")

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I can never resist this.

Ask me for five things about a particular character, and I will respond with a list or ficlet. (You know the drill: "Five things Martha misses about the TARDIS," or "Five people Dayna didn't kill, no matter how much she wanted to.")

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So I watched The Five Doctors, and I realised I'd seen it before and really liked Five, coincidentally. I also watched The Curse of Fenric, which was brilliant, but I think I've figured out my issues there - I really like Ace, but don't like Seven much, mainly because he's so god-awful to Ace (especially in Fenric, right at the end, you know what I'm talking about).

Generally, I seem to get on quite well with Five and Ten, and not so well with One (or at least the version in The Five Doctors), Two or Nine. I wasn't too sure on Three. I think it's something to do with the level of fun I see the Doctor having - I like him more when he's happy and fun to be around, and not so much when he's crotchety. Maybe I'm watching the wrong things? And I haven't seen Four or Six (or Eight) at all.

So. Bearing the above first impressions in mind, what should I watch next? A lost gem that will change my mind about One or Two? The absolute classic story for Five? Seven being nice to Ace? Something else altogether?

In other news, I am going to Naples in a month or so. Pompeii and Vesuvius, here I come!

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Donna fic

Feb. 9th, 2010 10:58 pm
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I don't know why lj app is being difficult. Let's try again. I would like some Donna fic recs, pls. Pretty please?

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Feb. 6th, 2010 09:03 pm
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I can has Curse of Fenric! *glee*

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... O.o

Excuse me my brain imploded from the AWESOMENESS.

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I think I'd like a writing project for 2010, or the first half thereof anyway. I knocked out 30k in a month during Yuletide this year, so it's possible. Question is, what shall I write? I'm tempted to sign up to one of the Big Bang comms popular right now, to keep me on track, but I'm wondering if that might be pressure rather than indulgence. Hmmm.

Anyway. Current WIPs I'm thinking of picking up again:
- Ge bene hinnom: aka the Angelverse/1602 crossover I'm writing for [livejournal.com profile] selenak
- ...

Yeah, I had more WIPs than this, but this is the only one I'm inclined to work on at the mo.

New stuff I want to write down:
- a Quantum Leap idea that has been percolating for a couple of years. I am, however, petrified that I will do it Wrong.
- the State of Play threesome fic that needs to be written. I keep hoping someone else will write it so I don't have to. I only really have the sex scene in my head, tho, so I'm not sure if this is a long fic waiting to happen or a PWP someone else needs to write.
- I'm filled with the rather strange need to write a Hustle long con fic. I've never really been into Ocean's Eleven, so I don't understand my fascination with Hustle (other than the awesome Adrian Lester) but I love it. Problem is, other than a vague want to write this, I don't have any clue as to how.
- something girly and frivolous and British like St Trinian's or Mallory Towers. Girls with hockey sticks, or learning ballet, or something. Hearkening back to my childhood and all that. I nearly wrote this for Yuletide, but I think I need to immerse myself in the literature again.

Needless to say, none of the above fit into any Big Bang topic. Hmpf.

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