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kangeiko: (geek)

kangeiko's Journal

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Created on 2009-05-01 08:42:47 (#155399), last updated 2019-04-23 (1 day ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 1
Life, the universe and lots of tea:

I write, I occasionally draw, and I often obsess.

You can find me on DW or on Twitter for fannish enthusing, or on AO3 (when I occasionally manage to be productive).

Interests (118):

1602, absinthe, academia, africa, alias, ancient egypt, angel, angel the series, archaeology, armenia, art, arvin sloane, audrey tautou, avengers, babylon 5, bedlam, bigby wolf, blackadder, books, brimstone, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, bulgaria, carnivale, china, china mieville, chris barrie, coffee cake and kink, daniel auteuil, david bowie, deadwood, derrida, douglas adams, environment, fables, fandom, fanfiction, feminism, firefly, french films, french literature, galaxy quest, garak/bashir, gary oldman, gender, gene hunt, gilbert and sullivan, harry potter, hieroglyphics, history, human rights, humanitarian aid, international law, irina derevko, iron man, isabelle adjani, jack bristow, japan, john glover, judith butler, kevin smith, kirk/spock, la reine margot, languages, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lex luthor, life on mars, lilah morgan, lister/rimmer, literature, londo/g'kar, lucifer, manuscripts, mike carey, miss fisher's murder mysteries, myths, neil gaiman, nip/tuck, oz, politics, postmodernism, reading, red dwarf, renewable fuels, rimmer/lister, river tam, robert downey jr., sam tyler, sandman, sci-fi, science fiction, scrubs, severus snape, shakespeare, slash, snape/sirius, spider jerusalem, spike/angel, star trek, steampunk, supernatural, the authority, the princess bride, theatre, titian, tony stark, tony stark/steve rogers, transmetropolitan, trip/t'pol, v for vendetta, veronica mars, warren ellis, watchmen, west wing, william blake, women's rights, writing, x-men
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