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Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Life, the universe and lots of tea:

I write, occasionally draw and often slash (anything that moves and some things that don't). I also spent an inhuman amount of time working at a theatre, producing plays for a living. Sort of. I have now learned the magic mantra: you put money in, you get theatre out.

Do not expect to make a profit.


Current fandom projects:

I'm participating in a number of challenges with a variety of claims.

[info]fanfic100: Londo Mollari (B5), and Arvin Sloane/Jack Bristow.

[info]psych_30: Arvin Sloane.

[info]100fandoms: you don't have a particular claim for this challenge, you just throw yourself into it! The table is here.

All of my fic can be found HERE, or you can look at the tags menu on my journal and navigate through that for the latest stuff.

I am also running [info]ninebillion along with [info]darlas_mom, which is a multi-fandom fic exchange centred on faith. Come join us and play!


Other things currently in my head:

- Book lists and reviews: (2007), (2008), (2009), (2010).
- My meta ramblings can be found here and here
- Do you know about End Violence Against Women Day? Links and articles can be found here. General comments on gender and feminist issues can be found here.


Credits: Life on Mars mood theme courtesy of [info]dallowayward.


Interests (126):

1602, absinthe, academia, africa, alias, ancient egypt, angel, archaeology, armenia, art, arvin sloane, audrey tautou, babylon 5, bedlam, bigby wolf, blackadder, books, breathplay, brimstone, buffy, bulgaria, carnivale, china, china mieville, chris barrie, coffee cake and kink, cultural imperialism, daniel auteuil, david bowie, deadwood, derrida, douglas adams, edward morgan blake, environment, fables, fandom, fanfiction, feminism, firefly, french films, french literature, galaxy quest, garak/bashir, gary oldman, gender, gene hunt, gilbert and sullivan, grad school, harry potter, hieroglyphics, history, human rights, humanitarian aid, improv, international law, irina derevko, iron man, isabelle adjani, jack bristow, jack davenport, japan, jean-francois lyotard, jewellery, john glover, judith butler, kevin smith, kirk/spock, la reine margot, languages, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lex luthor, life on mars, lilah morgan, lister/rimmer, literature, londo/g'kar, lucifer, mainstreaming gender, manuscripts, mike carey, myths, neil gaiman, nip/tuck, norrington, oz, pirates of the caribbean, politics, postmodernism, poststructuralism, reading, red dwarf, renewable fuels, rimmer/lister, river tam, robert downey jr., sam tyler, sandman, science fiction, scrubs, severus snape, shakespeare, shoes, silk, slash, snape/sirius, spider jerusalem, spike/angel, star trek, steampunk, supernatural, the authority, the princess bride, theatre, titian, tony stark, transmetropolitan, trip/t'pol, v for vendetta, veronica mars, warren ellis, watchmen, west wing, william blake, women's rights, writing, x-men
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