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I am so excited for this!

I keep forgetting how much I love this book, and I have so many hopes that this will turn out to be good.
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[personal profile] muccamukk posted: DW Tip

the little hover menu that pops up over people's userhead icons () here on DW makes it ridiculously easy to actually accidentally unfollow someone.

You can turn that off!

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Hello dear writer! H/C is my absolute favourite, and I will frequently seek it out in all its overblown, high octane angsty glory. So just by writing some H/C you have already made me happy! I have thoughts and suggestions about the various fandoms below the cut, but I want to start off by saying that 1) I will happily re-read my favourite characters being hurt and then comforted in practically any situation, so you are guaranteed a happy reader, and 2) did I mention that just featuring h/c makes me happy? Write what works for you and I am certain to adore it!

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I realised I completely forgot to post about my [community profile] chocolateboxcomm fics! Ooops. I wrote two fics this year. My main fic was for [personal profile] sholio for Agent Carter, and I also wrote a Babylon 5 treat for [personal profile] mimm.

true north (9134 words) by kangeiko
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter & Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter & Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa
Characters: Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Dottie Underwood
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Post-Canon, Canon-Typical Violence, Getting Together, Pining, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending
Summary: Jack's a suspicious soul at heart. He doesn't trust anyone, least of all himself.

Counterforce (7122 words) by kangeiko
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alfred Bester/Michael Garibaldi, Alfred Bester & Michael Garibaldi
Characters: Alfred Bester, Michael Garibaldi
Additional Tags: Episode: s03e14 Ship of Tears, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Treat
"So how did you find out about all of this?"
"I'm... a telepath. Work it out."
-- Sheridan and Bester, Ship of Tears
Wherein Bester is not the only telepath in Psi Corps, and Garibaldi is swinging for the fences.

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Hello dear Wayback exchange author! I am very excited about this fest because so many of my favourite shows qualify, and it has been a nostalgia trip for me to even go through nominations. So rest assured, any fic in these dead (or merely resting!) fandoms would be welcome and you are guaranteed to make me happy. Some thoughts/ideas are below, and you can also get a sense of the stuff I like/am excited about by having a look at my sign-ups for previous fests (tagged by the fest name). I've included some broad category likes/DNWs below the cut.

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That's a lot of characters and fandoms and prompts! You can tell that I love all of these fandoms so much. Honestly, please write what you feel works best for you/the characters, and I am sure that I will love it!
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I have spent the last couple of weeks either writing fic for ficathons, or signing up for ficathons. I know exactly why I'm doing it - April looms ever larger and frankly I'm going to keep myself busy with whatever works at this stage - but I need to pace myself and make sure it's a positive distraction rather than having a meltdown later on. I'm signed up for [community profile] space_swap  and [community profile] smutswap  and will also be doing the [community profile] waybackexchange . The others on the horizon are [community profile] ssrconfidential  and [community profile] hurtcomfortex . Probably others? I know this means I'm not writing as much for 'till human voices wake us' but I am thinking about it and letting it percolate. I still want to finish it soon. Maybe not before Endgame - there's a bit too much to go of the fic for that - but soon. I feel like this is the trickiest part of the fic, where I'm closing out one section and moving it into the next section, and I need to make sure I'm absolutely certain of where it's going before I commit to it. It's good practice I suppose, but it is tricky to manage.

Work and RL )

I haven't seen Umbrella Academy yet. It'll be a Sunday afternoon watch I think.

DC's DCeased preview has me shuddering. I mean it looks amazing, but also NO NO NO. (tw: scary clowns. Er, the other scary clowns.)

The fandom trumps hate offerings offerings are up! I'm not participating but I am considering bidding.

Quick rec for you - this is so great!

Humans of New York Series - Spider-Man (1248 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 7/7
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Parker & People of New York (MCU)
Characters: Peter Parker
Additional Tags: humans of new york, Mixed Media
Summary: A collection of HONY posts featuring our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
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Dear SpaceSwap Creator!

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am sure that I will be thrilled by whatever you write, and I cannot wait to unwrap it. I've included a copy of my sign-up below, as well as some further thoughts and prompts that I hope will be helpful. My overall position though is to please write what you feel comfortable with - I would much rather receive something that you enjoyed creating! So if you're looking at a ship I've requested and are thinking "good god WHY" then good news - I love gen just as much as shippiness! And I love canon a WHOLE lot. So I will always be happy with missing scenes, intense confrontations, emotionally fraught yet still unspoken encounters, family!fic, enemies forced to work together, h/c and a dozen other tropes that wouldn't be out of place on our screens.

More details below the cut )

Thank you so much for writing for me! I can't wait to read my gift!
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Guys. GUYS. I got my [community profile] chocolateboxcomm  fic and SOMEONE WROTE ME S5 BESTER/GARIBALDI!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me while I hyperventilate because this has made me SO happy! Mystery author, whoever you are, ILU. I have wanted this since I saw S5, oooooh, TWENTY YEARS AGO. AND AND AND AND not only is it S5 Bester/Garibaldi, it's done so gloriously well????? Like, ok yes we know that it's an ulta non-canon hate!ship HOWEVER if someone were given the task of MAKING IT canon I could totally see them going down this route and Garibaldi's reaction is particularly spot-on. He notices so much, and there is this brief moment of absolute terror when Bester is in his mind and that will now forever be a nightmare for Michael and even if it happens for the most benevolent of reasons it will still terrify him. And we have a flustered Bester who is SO not happy with how this is going and this was NOT THE PLAN GODDAMIT and Garibaldi - once he figures things out - is just so full of schadenfreude and pure delight in Bester's misery and I WANT A MILLION SEQUELS WHERE GARIBALDI EXPLOITS THIS NEW KNOWLEDGE TO THE FULL OH MY GOD. asdjgkJAS;akll;ekwjdhlKJS I AM SO HAPPY!

Run and read hoist with his own petard and give this fabulous fic some love!

I will do a proper rec post for chocobox a bit later on but I couldn't wait until then to shout about how happy I am!
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Hello dear writer! Thank you so much for writing for me. This is my first time participating in smutswap and I am slightly nervous over whether I have done this right. Hopefully I have and my sign-up (and the letter below) will give you lots of delicious ideas for fic. I picked pairings that I can never get enough of, so frankly you are making my day by writing smut for any of them, so there's that. I've also tried to flag up as many different tags as I had ideas for to indicate the, ahem, breadth and depth of my interest in these pairings. Basically, barring the stuff in my DNWs, I'm pretty much guaranteed to love it.

I can't figure out whether I'm supposed to list my general fic likes as well as the smutty ones? I'll assume just the smutty ones. If you're wondering about plot/character likes/dislikes, I've been pretty consistent through time and fandoms and yuletide and chocolatebox dear author letters are a useful summary of what I like. I figured I'd use the space here to talk about smutty likes instead!

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That turned into a novel, somehow! Please have fun writing - I've tried to give as many suggestions, prompts and ideas as I can, but if none of them are working please write what appeals to you and I am sure that I will love it!
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I made this big deal out of sorting out my previous year's registration docs for WorldCon so I could nominate for this year's Hugo Awards, and... I'm a bit lost. This will be the first year I'm nominating, and it's quickly dawning on me that my reading is hopelessly behind and I haven't actually read enough to be able to nominate anything. Maybe for Hugos three or four years in the past, sure. (They should build a time-delay just for me.) I know the easy solution for this is to read recently-released things, but I'd managed to put things in some sort of reading order in a vague attempt to whittle down my TBR pile, and... ok, look, I admit it, I was too ambitious.

I'm still considering going to WorldCon, with a sort of vague longing. I don't think I could manage to go on my own (general stress and anxiety will pretty much put a stop to that), but I don't know anyone else making the journey, so... idk.

I wanted to share a few vids I'm really fond of that were recently uploaded on AO3 (and therefore easily bookmarkable). They're both by [personal profile] laurashapiro  and I've loved them for a long time.

First up -

Transparent (2 words) by Laura Shapiro
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris/Willow Rosenberg, Daniel "Oz" Osbourne/Willow Rosenberg
Characters: Willow Rosenberg
Additional Tags: Angst, Animal Death, Animal Harm, vid, Video, Embedded Video, Fanvids
Summary: A Willow character study (through early Season 6)

Why I love it: Willow is one of my favourite Buffy characters. I know I say this about (almost) all the Buffy characters, but early anxious stressed Willow was someone I desperately wanted life to be kind to. She was genuinely quirky and funny, and Alyson Hannigan was SO good at making me empathise with her that I can't watch her cry without crying myself. Watching Willow hurt hurts me as well. This vid is basically an entire song's worth of Willow's anxiety and stress and hurt, so... it hurts, but in an incredibly good way.

Beatitudes (2 words) by Laura Shapiro
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Rupert Giles, Anya Jenkins, Cordelia Chase, Angel (BtVS), Spike (BtVS), Riley Finn
Additional Tags: Ensemble Cast, Video, vid, Embedded Video, Fanvids, Vividcon
Summary: A requiem

Why I love it: Having said that Willow is my favourite... everyone else is also my favourite. Beatitudes had such a profound effect on me. I love the careful layering of the characters, the build of the crescendo, the triumph promised and won. (And there is a bit where the song goes "they can see god" and it's paired with this breathless revelation and that image and bit of song stuck with me from pretty much the first time I saw it, years ago.)

Actually, while I'm recc'ing Laura Shapiro's vids, let me add one more:

Circles (2 words) by Laura Shapiro
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The West Wing
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Abbey Bartlet, Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry, Toby Ziegler
Additional Tags: Episode: s02e18 17 People, Vividcon, vid, Fanvids, Video, Embedded Video
Summary: The White House is no place for secrets.

Why I love it: LOOK AT IT. The pacing is perfect, the way the beats of the music exactly match the dramatic beats. This is one of my favourite parts of TWW canon, and the reveal is gorgeously done.

Also, I am very excited about the Open Doors imports that took place in 2018. If you haven't seen the list of imported archives yet, it includes such behemoths as the MTAC archive (the giant archive of NCIS fic) and the Spooky Awards (covering X-Files fic). I have spent SO many hours at both sites and I am really happy that they are now available at AO3 and the fics have been preserved. (I've had more than one moment of panic when attempted to access MTAC and finding the links broken or the site unavailable, so I'll be going through and carefully re-bookmarking everything.) There are a lot of fandoms covered - including The Sentinel, Firefly, Buffy, RPF, etc - and multi-fandom archives, so do have a look and update your bookmarks of your favourite works.

I'm also considering doing Smut Swap, and putting my nominations together was... interesting. Because I had the pairings, and then I had the kinks, and then... they wouldn't match. I could perfectly well imagine those kinks with other fandoms, but the fandoms I actually wanted to request? Nope. Anyway, I've put through what I've put through, but the kink noms are still really open for me because I only put a couple on there and I need to have a serious think about what I actually want to REQUEST, not look at the two lists separately.

And then I thought, "oh, and what I'm comfortable writing" and I blushed so hard I could feel it. I mean, I've written smut before. (Let's face it, I've written some absolutely filth, I'm OK with that.) But somehow this is turning me into a Victorian maiden. Idk what that's about. I will have to think hard about what to do re: this exchange. I do want to participate, but I suspect if I'm literally blushing over writing some mild kink, that's probably... not good. (I reiterate - I have written absolute filth in my time, I have no idea where this faux!shyness is coming from.)
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I went to see Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse yesterday, and it was great.

Trailer for the 2 people in the universe who have missed it )

Spoilery thoughts )

On the other hand, and wanting to balance the sweetness with some acidity, I've been reading Blake's 7 fic and getting too far down that rabbit hole. I can't watch/read too much Blake's 7 because it's so fucking depressing and it triggers me into nightmares and depressive episodes really easily, which is why I tend to confine myself either to S1-2 eps or to HEX fics, but somehow I overrode my own better instincts and read a bunch of Avon/Vila PGP fics which... I mean, shoot me now, it'll be kinder. I've never been so depressed in my entire life. (If it's PGP fics, only ever read HEX B/A PGP fics ordinarily, bc PGP must have HEX or I will... well, be very depressed. And I have yet to see a A/V HEX PGP fic, so...)

And I'm trying to finish my chocolate box fic. I say trying, and finish, because I am draft 7 and yet somehow it's still refusing to be written. I know the minimum word-count is a ridiculously low 300 words, but the prompt I chose can't be done neatly or succinctly so it has to be done messily and long-windedly, and so, well, I'm on draft 7 and it's still an unholy mess. Help.
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I recently blitz re-watched Studio 60 and wow, do I have some conflicting feelings about it. On balance, I like it enough to re-watch it and to keep the DVD box-set. This can be contrasted with me failing to finish The Newsroom and having zero interest in giving it another go. (But then also with my love for The West Wing.) Sorkin is definitely a problematic fave, I'll admit, and a lot of his flaws are front and centre in Studio 60. Female characters inexplicably young for their role and clumsy as new-born colts? Check. Obsession with the Christian right to the exclusion of all else? Check. Male characters simultaneously smug and in power, check. But where we have genuine power-players in The West Wing, the power in Studio 60 is weirdly transitory. Everyone is revolving through the door of being hired and fired, on the air and potentially canned. Somehow, Jordan McDeere's personal history is front page news (is this a thing in the US, bc it's weird in the UK) and the romance with Danny is played for, well, romance, rather than stalking. Just... that whole thing didn't work for me, Jordan, Danny, any of it. I'd be OK while they were on the screen, and then the moment the camera wasn't on then I'd be revolted. I think it was a case of Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet's charms tipping the scales while they were in my line of sight, and then the reality of the writing re-asserting itself the moment we cut away. Sorry, guys, that plotline didn't work for me at all.

What else.... spare from Matt and Harriett. Has there ever been another couple so toxic for one another? I'm one of those weird people who thinks if you don't respect the person you're with there are probably no wedding bells in your future. And while they may respect each other's talents, they don't respect each other in the least. I had no patience with it.

So what did I like? I really, really liked Jack Rudolph. I liked him on my first watch, and I adored him on my rewatch. While the nonsense storylines were happening, Steven Weber was acting his socks off and giving us a rounded character in Jack Rudolph and I could quite happily watch an entire show just about him. I could even stomach Jordan/Danny (if it had /Jack in the mix in there). I want to write fic about him - maybe something happens and the media is out for his blood and Danny and Matt for once try to watch out for him, because how about seeing him as a person you self-centred, sanctimonious - aherm, sorry. Or maybe the fact that Jack is constantly drunk, that he's a fighty yet considerate drunk, that he's sad he's getting divorced, that he's under pressure and he offers himself as the sacrificial lamb to protect the network - maybe we could have some time to flesh that out. I'd quite happily write a million words of gen fic (and/or shippy fic) for Jack is my point.

Tom and Simon! I love them. Mostly in connection with Jack, it has to be said, but also in relation to each other and to a lesser extent to Harriett (primarily because we don't see them with Harriett that much, weirdly). Tom's brother and that storyline was weirdly paced and endless, but I would have liked to see the fallout of that. What does Tom do after? How do Simon and Jack relate to each other after that?

I liked Cal, I liked the guest stars, I liked the premise. I guess I just didn't like the romance element which felt very forced and I would have preferred if we'd had 3/4 seasons before Danny/Jordan got together, and absolutely no will they/won't they on Matt/Harriett - just have them be exes! People do that!

Also, Jack. The show needed more Jack.

Icon meme

27 Jan 2019 11:28 pm
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1. Comment to this entry saying 'Ooo Shiney!' and I will pick 3 of your icons/userpics.
2. Make an entry in your own journal (or just reply if you prefer) and talk about the icons I picked!

So, [personal profile] teigh_corvus selected the following:

1) This is a relatively new icon. When I came back to DW I discovered that I didn't actually have that many MCU icons, and none uploaded, so I figured I should remedy that given that I'm writing a lot of MCU (and Tony) fic at the moment. I like the way the icon was been composed (you'll notice a lot of interesting crops in the icons) and the colour choice, and this is one of my favourite Tony scenes, so of course it was a natural choice for me.

2) I've had this icon for years, and I suspect I carried it over from LJ. It's the first line of "I Capture the Castle" and my key words for it are "literary indulgence" which I think tells you a lot!

3) Ah, Sydney. I've had this icon since I first started watching and writing for Alias, so it's definitely old enough to go to school and possibly it's even in high school at this point. I love the cropping on this, and the gorgeous colours.
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A couple more fics to round these off:

Lost Lilies Out of Mind - Gone with the Wind, Ella Lorena Kennedy for [personal profile] tabaqui

totus mundus agit histrionem (but at least there's an interval) - Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley for [personal profile] teigh_corvus

Part 1 of these is here.

Unrelated, the new Nancy Drew trailer is out, and I'm actually pretty excited about it! Yes, it's cheesy and very tongue in cheek, but it looks like fun.

The other thing I want to share is a rec for a Babylon 5 music video. It's incredibly spoilery (covering S2-4) so I've stuck it behind the cut:

Read more... )
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I have the mother of all sinus headaches so I'm going to dose myself with pseudo-ephedrine and go to bed. This means no Grand Tour or Discovery for me until the weekend, so my squee is postponed until then.

The comment fics I've written so far as part of the More Joy / Snowflake Challenge Day 9 offer are below. I have a bunch of requests I'm working my way through over the next few days. And then... back to the chocobox fic? yeah I should probably finish that before, you know, the deadline. Anyway. 

A watched clock never boils - Grand Tour/Top Gear RPF James/Jeremy for [personal profile] marginaliana 
Mirror - The West Wing, Leo & Jed (& Lord John Marbury) for [personal profile] petra 
Succession Planning - The Princess Bride for [personal profile] pigtailed_goddess 

And now - bed.

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+ In case anyone outside the US / Canada has been trying to find the Star Trek Shorts, they've just been released on Netflix.

+ I've been listening to Peter Kenny's narration of the Culture books, and it is so good. I am incredibly fussy about audiobooks; I tend to either opt for non-fiction narratives or for full-on radio dramas. The two main exceptions to this are Peter Kenny reading the Culture books, and Michael Jayston reading the George Smiley novels. In both cases, the narration is impeccable - clear, crisp, and with excellent character voices. Both are highly recommended. I also managed to find pretty much the entire set of Culture novels at my local charity store, so I've re-bought them. Yes, I already have them in e-book format, but I pretty much hate e-book format for anything that isn't 1) fic, or 2) novellas or short stories.

+ Well, this preview of Black Widow #1 doesn't fill me with confidence. Read more... )

+ Paramount Was Hollywood’s ‘Mountain.’ Now It’s a Molehill. - this is so sad, and I had no idea other than a vague awareness that all the film studios would be under pressure from Netflix and other streaming competition. But the idea that Paramount might close due to the extreme short-sightedness of its managers - and that with it would go decades of cinema history - is such a sad one. (Also, this is the first I'm hearing of a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek, please someone tell me it's just an elaborate joke?)

+ I've finally found a source so I can watch Sun Records. Only watched the first ep so far, but I'm enjoying it. I'm guessing the heavy echoes of Mad Men were deliberately, right?
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This is new since I was last on DW! [personal profile] sdwolfpup posted about More Joy Day 2019:

That's right, today is More Joy Day! The Day where we do a small thing to start a ripple of joy in this pond we all share.

This makes my little heart happy. As part of Day 9 of the [community profile] snowflake_challenge I offered people drabbles/ficlets, so if you'd like to request a fic, please do so and I'll do my very best to write you a wee ficlet. I'm multi-fannish so pretty much everything I've written in is fair game, and a bunch of other more recent fandoms as well.
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I like to pretend that I have high-brow tastes, but I was in a charity store recently and they had a copy of Anne Rice's The Witching Hour, and as I hadn't read any of the Mayfair witches books I decided that I was going to get it and read all 1206 pages. I'm on page 76 so far and addicted, because there's nothing quite like ludicrous purple prose to gladden my inner 13 year old's heart. 

Sometimes you just need junk food for the brain. NOM.

(I also bought A Place of Greater Safety which will likely languish on my bookshelf while I read Anne Rice instead.)
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Well this is handy! [personal profile] astolat has a bookmarklet that lets you signal boost DW posts easily (and yes, I used it for this post) -

[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet
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Day 15

Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I joined in because vae, sorchasilver and marginaliana recommended the challenge to me as a low-stress challenge that would ease me back into posting on a regular basis. And you know what? They were right! Thank you, ladies.

I had a great time writing on a (semi) regular basis for this challenge, and I met some lovely people. Everyone was incredibly kind and friendly. It was a wonderful way to ease myself back into DW and blogging in general.

Thank you especially to the challenge mods for a wonderful challenge and community. <3


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