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I don't know what I was thinking, really, but I was rifling through my writing papers, trying to find something to kick-start writing, and I found this. Dear oh dear. *g* I must have been particularly silly that year.

Anyway, near as I can figure, Snape gets turned into a girl at some point in 7th year for about a month. Allowances have to be made. This is... rather cracky. (And given my earlier rant on OOCness... *g*) I think it was after I had an argument with someone where I said that hoisting someone upside down and taking their pants off in public qualifies as sexual assault. They said it wasn't, so I said - well, would they have done that if Snape was a girl? So...

Genderswap crack.
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I stayed up too late! But I wrote fic, so it's allowable. Um, it may be crappy. I kinda had an idea, and I wanted to write something down, but it's been so long since I wrote for Harry Potter any more, so... yeah. Anyway. If anyone wants to help by beta-ing, that would be awesome.


Title: Allotted Portions
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Arthur Weasley, Cornelius Fudge, um, random people.
Summary: There is a room in the Ministery that is not warded. Set during GoF; goings-on at the Department of Mysteries.
Rating: PG


There is a room in the Ministery that is not warded. )

A/N )
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I - yeah. Bed-time, bethinks.

FIC: dolls (1/1)
SUMMARY: Lavender and Hermione and extra-curricular credit.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.


dolls )
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I don't know what came over me. I just had this sudden image of the last thing a dying wizard would see on the last battle, given the current arrangement of allies and enemies - a shape so dark it cannot be seen, and the rising dawn flaring behind them, brighter than a halo.

It is possible that all this revision has broken my brain. Please feel free to hit me with things.

Esdraelon )
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Wee little ficlet that just occured to me. I want to write some A:TS fic, so what happens? Can't. Am staring at the wall. Stupid wall. Anyway. To bed!

Title: Faith
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kangeiko
Fandom: HP
Summary: Lavender believes. Set during Book 5. Bitching, jealousy, inadequacy: all those beloved things that form girlhood.
Disclaimer: yadda yadda.


Faith )

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So, I'm writing up the wee alphabet drabbles I did for people, and finishing up the alphabet while I'm at it. I have the ideas for a few others, but if anyone still wants any, now's the time...

A is for ... assimilated [original] She's having some parental troubles. Written for [livejournal.com profile] kakodaimon.

B is for ... boredom [A:TS] Lilah Morgan doesn't wear boredom well. Written for [livejournal.com profile] karabair.

C is for ... cloistered [HP] Albus Dumbledore, socks and snow. Written for [livejournal.com profile] eldritchhobbit.
                 curiosity [B5] Timov copes with a too-curious Daggair. Written for [livejournal.com profile] selenak.

F is for ... food )

 [A:TS] Post NFA, Ilyria and Lorne are all that is left.

I is for ... inappropriate ) [Veronica Mars] Veronica snoops and sees more than she bargained for.

P is for ... preoccupation ) [Fables] Snow is a very busy lady.

S is for ... stories ) [Firefly] River wants a story.

X is for ... xenophobia [Alias] Nadia and defining the enemy. Written for [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa.

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xposted to [livejournal.com profile] hp100

Title: A List of Splendid Things
Characters: Peter
A/N: Set pre-PoA


Trapped in rat-form and manhandled by a grubby child, Peter has plenty of time to think. He spends it making lists. He likes lists.

There is one list that he likes more than the others. It is a list of things he has not done.

Peter takes his time, rolling each word over his rat tongue:

To kill a friend

To rape a woman

To harm a child


If Justice were to measure his deeds and his worth this day, he knows that he will be found a good man, a just man.

He knows, also, that it cannot last.

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"Harry. Darling. It's four in the morning. You do not want to get up." Harry screams his disagreement with this assessment and Lily gives in, hoisting him up out of the pen and into her arms. Old enough to toddle around and get at things toddlers really shouldn't be touching, so she had James built a small play-pen for him, warded so he couldn't will himself out of it. The bassinet has been abandoned in the corner of the nursery for a while now, and there is no earthly way that Harry would be sharing the bed with her and James.

Outside is nearly dawn. And someone really should trim that verge, she thinks. Must get Peter on it. "James," she calls out, busy providing Harry with sustenance, "you should get up. Snape will be here in a few. Come on, it's nearly dawn."

She hears the unmistakable thud next door as James falls out of bed and staggers into the bathroom. "Your dad's a bit silly sometimes, isn't he?" She asks Harry, who giggles a reply, resolutely chewing on half a chilled banana.


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Written for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 weekly challenge (this week's challenge: birthdays) because I haven't written for a while.

Title: Green Fairies
House: Ravenclaw
Word count: 100
Challenge: Birthdays
Characters: Bella, Rodolphus, Lucius

"Have another drink, Rodolphus."

Rodolphus is a Gryffindor fool or a love-struck fool – a fool in either case, Lucius thinks – for he leans towards pretty, knowing Bella Black, and licks the absinthe spoon clean.

Absinthe is forbidden at Hogwarts. After all, it could kill with one overly-generous dose. It could send those sweet young Gryffindors mad; it could make them think themselves true lions and devour each other. Lucius sips his drink and wonders what would happen if perchance some of the purest absinthe, illegal and immoral and Slytherin-loved, were to find its way into some innocent child's pumpkin juice.

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I, er, have no explanation for this. No, actually, I d, but it's really long and convoluted. Suffice to say that I'm writing Faith/Remus [livejournal.com profile] ithurtsmybrain fic that may or may not ever see the light of day, it is based on fairy tales (and I love fairy tales), so I was pawing through 'No Go the Bogeyman', which has to be one of my favourite mythology theory books ever. This was the result.

Title: I love you, I love you, cried the Erlking
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kangeiko
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Don’t sue.
Summary: Once there were two Kings.

A/N: Have at me, I have no defence. But kisses to [livejournal.com profile] athena25 for minimal sporking.

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Sirius has been crashing on their sofa for a while now. Best place for him, James growled when he turned up post-shift. It's not like he's welcome at that awful place he calls home. Lily nods, though Sirius hasn't lived with his parents since his school years and never called Grimmauld Place 'home' to begin with. She wonders what on earth James is talking about - where is Sirius living now? With whom? She vaguely remembers him mentioning something about a flat viewing in Golders Green - then turns her attention to Harry. He managed his first word yesterday, she is sure, but has stubbornly been refusing to repeat his feat since. "Come on, Harry, say 'mamma', come on, sweetheart, 'mamma'?"

"It is a source of constant amazement that you ever managed to graduate, Evans; what are you attempting to teach that poor unfortunate?" Snape, unannounced, steps out of their Floo and surveys the kitchen with an air of supreme boredom.

James glares. Lily ignores him completely, focusing on the squealing Harry who, it turns out, adores unannounced visitors. She manages to catch him before he lands head-first onto the polished boots of Severus Snape.

"Sni- Snape," James manages. "Well?"

Snape hands him a stack of parchment and turns back to the Floo, apparently as eager to leave as James is currently eager for a fight. Any fight. Close to a year now, and cabin fever has well and truly set in.

James has a fascinating opinion on each and every book they have in their small library.

Lily plucks the handful of robes Harry is attempting to ingest none too delicately from the baby's mouth, sighing when he immediately begins to scream. "Snape," she calls out as he holds his hand out for the Floo powder. "He's teething."

Mid-throw, Snape calls out over his shoulder, "frozen bananas. That'll shut him up."

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Essay is going very slowly. I've therefore turned my attention to fic in an effort to procrastinate. The following is the first in a series of snippets set around a 'What if?' question. This series will just focus on one question, aren't meant to be read as a single story and have no redeeming social value other than keeping me writing.



Peter's so sweet first thing in the morning, Lily thinks, warmly pleased to have him here. She misses having her friends around for anything resembling a social gathering, so she savours the moment before James arives.

"Everyone here?" James controls whatever room he walks into, artlessly, effortlessly. He is the undisputed master of all he surveys. She used to hate that about him, hate his casual acceptance of this gift that others couldn't help but envy. She got over the hate eventually, once his head had deflated a bit, but never really got over the envy. It's not really something you can will away.

"Sirius is running a bit late, says to go on without him. He'll Floo in, in a bit," Frank Longbottom says, shifting in the armchair by the large window in the living room. "Meeting up with Alice on the way, so she'll be late, too. Can't find a baby-sitter." He smiles an apology, as if it's the silliest thing in the world that an Auror can't find someone to watch a teething baby for half a moment. "And Dumbledore's still working on the Hogwarts wards, so neither he nor McGonagall can make it. I can stop by Hogsmeade, though, before next shift, and update them via Hagrid."

"Sirius is – where, again?" Peter is fussing with Harry, trying to get him to chew on a teething ring rather than his own fingers. "Come on, Harry, that's a boy. Sorry, yes. Sirius. I'm sorry. Where was he last night?" He shifts a bit, trying to settle the recalcitrant toddler across his knees, teething ring in hand. Harry keens and makes a grab for Peter's wand, tucked into a side pocket and dangerously tempting. "There, come on, now, behave."

"Night shift somewhere in Midlothian," James answers, "Dalkeith, maybe? Accio paperweight," and spreads a map of the British Isles across the dining table.

Lily opens her arms for baby Harry in order to let Peter get a better view. Not much point her looking or knowing or planning, she knows, it's not like she could do a great deal stuck at home, but James seems to be managing to stay involved so she cranes her neck for a better look anyway. "Frank, dear, you should just tell Alice to leave Neville with us," she says, "James and I have plenty of time, it wouldn't be a problem," she says too, just to niggle a bit.

An ugly flush spreads across James's strong cheekbones, his mouth still open mid-word. His mouth snaps closed and thins, and he shoots Lily a sharp look.

She smiles back encouragingly. "Don't you think, James?"

She hasn't forgiven him for this, not in the least, not enough to let even one opportunity for a jibe pass.

"That would be lovely," James finally says through clenched teeth and turns his entire attention back to the map.

Lily sits back, satisfied. She tunes the rest of the meeting out, only stirring to kiss Sirius and Alice and Neville hello – it turned out that there really wasn't a babysitter to be had at such short notice – and sitting quiet for the rest of it. James lets up long enough for Sirius to debrief his part of it, then he's off again.

She entertains herself by making faces at baby Harry, who blinks back at her, a little unfocused. She wonders if he'll need glasses.

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Well, I'm not making any headway on the Warrick/Devil thing I have to work on so I thought I'd focus on the hp drabbles list. I'm also learning the links thing. So -

Casus Belli
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Well, I finally wrote something for the hp100 weekly drabble challenge. I'll be crossposting until I get comfy with this whole lj cutting business. Anyway -

This week's challenge: WET. Set during, you know, wet things. Could be anything.


I had to be difficult about it.


Title: if wishes were horses
Fandom: Harry Potter
Story type: drabble (100 words exactly)
Summary: Harry dreams.


He dreams of rain.

He dreams of Quidditch with the whip of the storm around him, with the crack of lightning and the rumble of thunder. He dreams of freshly laundered uniforms and bedsheets, of baths and of showers and of endless, endless cups of water.

He dreams of vast lakes and of turbid rivers all around.

He dreams of crying, of his tears falling to the ground because it’s not a waste, no no no.

It is three years since Voldemort cursed the sky and the clouds fled and the fields died.

He dreams of rain.

They all do.

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: A fifth-year is victimised.
Rating: PG


They had no names in his head. It was easier to keep his humiliation to himself that way. Somehow, it was less shameful to be afraid of a nameless someone than of flesh and blood, not much more than him, not much older, not much stronger. But what could be done when they were never alone? How was he to defend himself against several opponents at a time?

No. There was nothing he could do. With a Prefect as their protector, they could do anything and get away with it. His Housemates no longer protected him, either. During the first few years they had covered for him, tried to keep him out of the way. Now, though...

He was in fifth year. Plenty old enough to protect himself, his Housemates' looks said. Surely he couldn't have that much trouble with such obviously stupid opponents? Or was he even more stupid than them?

The trouble with stupidity was that only the insult seemed to register in their Neanderthal brains, not the warning or the intent behind it. All they understood was violence.

He'd tried protecting himself with words, one time. Tried to talk his way out of it with his back up against a wall and his wand out of reach.

They had found that especially amusing.

So he had learned to reach for his wand immediately, although not much good seemed to come from it. Evenly matched when it came to spells and parrying, he nonetheless always lost.

*They* *were* *never* *alone*.

All the warning he got was a row of badges twinkling at him, closely followed by the flash of a spell. Nothing serious – oh no. They were at least clever enough to not land him in the Infirmary and draw attention to themselves.

He had started to dream about those damned badges. He skipped breakfast so that he would not be subjected to their image emblazoned on the Hogwarts walls. He stayed in the Common Room in the evening so that he would not have to chance running into them, a solid wall of twinkling metal, framed by the flash of a spell.

What was he to do? He couldn't fight them. He couldn't get them to leave him alone. His Housemates were all wrapped up in their own troubles. He couldn't report them – not for minor jinxes and hexes. Not for ruining his potions or for hexing him during the lunch hour. They were too well protected by their Head of House; an idiot who thought far too much of them.

"Just you wait," he'd told them once. "Just you wait." Wait for what, they'd laughed. What are you going to do? Why is filth like you allowed here at all? What are you going to do, cry home to mummy?

How was he to fight them when they were never alone?

It couldn't go on. Of course it couldn't. His Housemates told him this with an air of finality and he tried to make himself believe it.

Of course it couldn't. They might slip up and seriously hurt him one of these days. They might forget to spell away some of the marks their hexes left on him. They might be caught over his dead body... Maybe then, what they were doing would finally be noticed. Maybe then they would be expelled for what they had done to him.

It was the least Potter and Black deserved.


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Well, I joined the 15minuteficlet community, so it is only right that I actually try to write something in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, those fifteen minutes happened to occur in the middle of the night, after many hours of making set and, more importantly, after two glasses of wine.

I make no apologies.

Title: Anti-climax
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Summary: After the war, things carry on.

Read more... )
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Story type: drabble (100 words)
Rating: PG
Summary: If you can read this, thank a teacher.
Characters: Snape, Dumbledore, etc.

Hogwarts has no graveyard.

Its fields are vast and open; its children play games and roll along the thick, lush grass.

When it is his turn, he knows, no one will claim him. Bone by bone, brick by brick, he will be walled into this place he shed his lifeblood for, drop by drop, until he seeps into the very walls. He hears the echoes of those before him.

The fields outside are vast and green, as healthy as the Meadows grown atop those dead of plague.

Hogwarts has no graveyard.

Hogwarts needs no graveyard.

Its dead still dwell within.



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