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There's a 2nd hand store near us that appears to be just as psychic as our library (srsly, it's uncanny), and I popped in today to see whether my careful hint a week ago ("so, if you ever get the complete series of Xena... just sayin') had borne fruit. Lo and behold, there sat the boxset, in the original presentation boxset! Sadly, as this is region 2, there are no special features (I would have had to order the american version for that, a feat apparently beyond Amazon's capabilities at the moment), but as I have only seen about 3 seasons of the show, I anticipate much squeeing over the next few weeks/months.

On my way out, I spotted Sex, Lies and Videotape, and then my glee knew no bounds. James Spader AND the entire run of the Xena/Gabrielle show? HA! Now I know what I am taking with me on my next trip! *squees* Now I just have to get a Xena icon for the rewatch...

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The person to mention that fact that I'm used to heat much more intense than this gets a stick in the face. I always had an air conditioned hotel room to fall back on in Africa; here I'm suffering with the rest of the population. As well as dreading next week, when the commute starts again, boo hiss.

It was not hot enough to deter my mother and me from shopping, of course. We hit the Harrods sale and came out with heels galore. GALORE, I tells you. A pair of leather strappy sandals with a flower on the side, and a turquoise satin pair with a diagonal tie with ribbon. Gorgeous beyond belief, and also sky-high. One of these days I will promise to stop buying impossible heels and I will actually mean it.

Also some needed make-up and a lovely coral nail lacquer. WHAT? I am doing my bit for the economy. *sniff*

This is all because it's too hot to write, you know. I've been carting around a stack of prompts with me wherever I go on the off-chance that I'll be inspired, but so far there has been nary a sniff of a drabble, let alone full-blown fic. Given that I usually try to use at least part of my holidays to write, this is unacceptable, I tells you. I can't decide if I'm just unmotivated or if I'm blocked. (Maybe it's the same thing?)

So tell me, flist, how do YOU get over writer's block and start scribbling again?
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OK, now, this is just getting ridiculous. Either I have stupid fingers or was temporarily unable to count last night, or The Berkley website is messing me about and making reservations for me for the wrong month. Neither option fills me with much joy. I am eschewing the electronic option in favour of, er, emailing in a reservation. There shall be tea!!

But not, it appears, on Mothering Sunday, for Claridge's is fully booked. I am quite upset by this. Viable alternatives for afternoon tea with my mother, people? Don't say the Ritz, she'd... ok, she probably won't hate it, but I'm not convinced she would have a good time, either. Thoughts?

Other annoying things: someone, either the post office or the suppliers, is holding my curling iron hostage. I will not stand for it. I have sent a very stroppy email to Amazon.


Today was v. busy - not more work than usual, just very fast, everything crashing and things needing to be done immediately. Things almost calmed down in the afternoon, when one of the Directors called me (presumably because my boss is off sunning himself in, er, Devon for the half term) and asked if I could brief him on XYZ tomorrow morning, before his meeting with the CEO. When's his meeting with the CEO? 9am. *sigh* Which means I have an 8am tomorrow I am not really looking forward to. I think I am fully prepared, but you never know until you're there.


In other news, aaaah, Burkina in a week!

And, as it turns out, aaaaah, Zambia in June!

(And possibly Kenya in September, although that's less likely. Carbon footprint, credit crunch, et cetera.)

I'm really glad my shots are up to date...
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Saw Casablanca with [livejournal.com profile] wingsmith and [livejournal.com profile] queenspanky yesterday at the ICA. I'd never seen it before, and wanted the first time to be on the cinema screen. I'm so glad I waited, it's instantly become one of my favourite films.

I spent the rest of the day clearing out years' worth of accumulated clutter. Ten recycling and ten charity shop bags later, and I am... nowhere near finished. *sigh* At least there is now space for [livejournal.com profile] athena25 to move her stuff in this coming weekend.

I generally hate V-day, either because there are cards and messages (which makes me angry, see previous posts), or there aren't (which makes me depressed). This year, however, I was generally quite happy spending it with my friends and squeeing about Africa.

Next week looks something like this:
1. work work work work work
2. an assertive presentations course at Greenpeace, the mere concept of which never fails to crack me up.
3. final shopping - memory card for newly acquired digital camera (Canon, point-and-click, and yes, it's pink, sue me), anything else I've forgotten.
4. washing clothes, packing
5. flight.


For those curious on the continuing shenanigans of the Woman-Who-Would-Be-My-Boss, she recently had her ass kicked by my actual boss. I have a meeting with the two of them tomorrow, which should be hilarious. Will keep you posted.


In other news, one of my very dear friends had a baby yesterday. Yes, that's a right - a Valentine's Day baby. Audrey Kathryn is named after her grandparents, and is 7 pounds and some ounces, and 22 inches long. And a week and a half late, so there was some trauma with the emergency C-section, but both mother and baby are doing well and will be going home on Tuesday. I am very eager to see them, but given that they live in Oregon, this might not be any time soon. *sigh* Still, there will be pictures soon (they are still sequestered in the hospital), and I am very much looking forward to that.
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I realised I did a "my job hangs in the balance!" post, and totally left you at that cliffhanger. Le sigh.

Good news: Not fired! )

Less good news: there is talk of extra travelling (which is good) at really inconvenient times (which is bad). I don't know. Until someone actually approaches me with firm dates (and goals) for this trip, I'm assuming it's not happening.

Jewellery news: of pearls and mattresses )

Other news: I'm looking forward to flatmate Z moving out, I think. We've reached the stage where everything we do is annoying the other person. For instance: bitch whine moan ), and various other offences. Grr. She's away this weekend, I think, which should be nice.

Finally: Did I mention I had yesterday off, and today as well?? W00t!
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Had a bit on an anxious day at work today, and tomorrow will be worse, as I sit and stew while my fate is decided in committee.

To take my mind off things, I have been looking at the Tiffany's website. While I will baulk at paying anything over £20 for a pair of cheap earrings, I apparently find £2,500 for diamond drop-earrings in a platinum setting completely reasonable. (Because it is.) I even went so far as to work out whether I can reasonably justify having such earrings in my life. Possible 'reasons' included:
1. I might get run over by a bus, and thus never know the joy of diamond drop-earrings in a platinum setting.
2. I have very fussy piercings and probably going to a nice jewellers will be good for them. Certainly better than the horrid cheap things that make my ears unhappy.
3. My parents can't complain, as part of it would be my Christmas money (which I have yet to spend). The rest will be the entirety of my savings, and also a year's rent slapped on a credit card.
4. I want them I will feel fully confident when wearing them.

Also, they are incredibly beautiful. Not as beautiful as the gorgeous black pearl earrings that I fell in love with, but even if I used all my credit cards and sold everything I owned, I still couldn't scrape together the £22k I would need to purchase them.

It might still be worth it.

In reality, of course, I am unlikely to spend my money on earrings, platinum or otherwise. I need to buy a new mattress, and am considering investing in a memory foam one while the sales are still going strong. This is a lot less romantic than diamonds, but kinder to my back (and bank).

And afterwards I'll still be able to afford that pearl pendant.


In other news, [livejournal.com profile] athena25 came over this evening and we plotted furniture shenanigans. In the lead-up to her moving in, we will both be making an effort to get rid of the useless crap that takes up so much sodding space in both our houses. This means wading through five bookcases' worth of books, a four-door wardrobe, two closets and several storage boxes' worth of clothes, and other sundry bits of crapola. My local charity store will have plenty of new stock very soon indeed.


I may work late later tomorrow. See if I can wrest some info from passing Directors as to whether I have a job or not.

Stupid recession.
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I wanted to say this before I forget, because it's actually a rather important thing (at least for me) -

in which I rock )

I am now planning for my Africa trip more or less full-time. Work work work biscuit work work )

Now all I need is to work out how I'm going to last 11 hours on a plane without screaming and jumping out the airlock, and it's all going to be just fine.


On the job front )

Also next week )


Finally, I have purchased two pairs of jeans. And a cute dress. I plan to wear the dress - with these really cute brown patent leather Mary Janes I bought a few weeks ago - to the office at one point. Not yet, though. It's a cute outfit, and I'm saving it for when I need a pick-me-up. Or after I've spent a month on Malarone and lost buckets of weight as a result.

Yes, I can be shallow. What?
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One of the things I love about where I live is that it's full of families, and everyone knows everyone in the shops. My local grocers? I've watched his son grow up. The local Budgens would order in stuff for me. (And it broke my heart to find that they closed! Stupid new Tesco and credit crunch. *sulk*)

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] athena25 and I were at the local independent coffee shop today, and a dad was there with his two-year-old and baby. The toddler demanded to use the loo, and her daddy had to take her. So he parked his baby with the cafe staff, and took his little girl to the loo.

The cafe staff know me, of course, and when I couldn't stop cooing over the baby (she was so lovely!) dutifully handed her over. And I had her for a good ten minutes before her daddy came back to claim her.

1. The baby was awesome. She was really cute (about 6-8 months), and quiet, and didn't grab at my hair or cry or demand to be put down. A cute, very well-behaved baby that made me INSTANTLY BROODY.
2. The dad thanked me for looking after her, rather than screaming about why I was holding his baby. Which, given the current hysterical climate over child safety, was such a breath of fresh air! Of course, it helped that I was sat in a gigantic arm-chair with her firmly ensconced in my lap, and no appearance of planning to make off with her under my coat, but still. It was really nice.

Anyway. BABY!

I haven't thought about babies for a while. (Other than roughly deciding when I'm going to be having one, which is in the next 5-10 years.) Now I'm actively broody. DAMN YOU, OVARIES!! *shakes fist*


In other news, my local charity store continues to be made of awesome, as they now open on Sundays. They have also continued their side-line of MIND-READING, as I walked in and found three books I had been planning on purchasing sitting there, brand-new and for a fifth of their normal price. This is the third fourth fifth time this has happened. My library (currently closed for refurbishment, woe) was similarly psychic, as is the nearby Oxfam book-store. I won't even talk about the time where I left the house looking for Rocket Dog black sequinned ballet pumps, walked in to the charity store and found Rocket Dog black sequinned ballet pumps - in my size. Spooky, I'm telling you.


I am watching Eli Stone. Victor Garber rocks my socks.
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You can get an Arvin Sloane action figure!!!

I'm torn between a need to stay far, far away, and a desire to produce my credit card and plop it on the table. help.

Also of interest is Volume 1 of Doktor Sleepless, which I haven't read, and which is guaranteed to bring the Warren Ellis!happy. But does it? Flist, you've all kept up with your comic book reading far more diligently than I. Thoughts and comments on Doktor Sleepless? Should I bother? Should I invest my energies/money in Ennis' The Boys Vol. 3 instead? Should I sit tight until 2009?


Dec. 20th, 2008 07:37 pm
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Posted story half an hour ago, now I'm hanging out in the IRC room, beta-ing and also doing housework. This weekend *rocks*.

(Although I did spent most of the day shopping, which wasn't fun. 3 hours to finish off shopping, 1 hour to find non-hideous ribbon. WTF, world?)

Things I have yet to locate: Christmas day clothing (may have to settle for what I already have, and be creative), New Year's Eve party clothes (bleargh), New Year's Day Beautiful Hostess And Purveyor of Hangover Remedies outfit (oh god, why is everything on sale pink and glittery???).

ETA: forgot to say the less fun but sadly very obvious news that I have succumbed to the nasty cold/vomiting/cramps/fever/aches virus thing that has been going around. Which is different from the vomiting/fever/aches/dizziness/passing out virus that went around a month ago. One of the perks of working in an international office: you get all the variants of whatever's going around the entire effing world. I suppose I should be lucky it's not malaria. (Although that would ROCK. OK, it probably wouldn't. BUT.)
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Clinton nominated as Secretary of State. Hat-tip: [livejournal.com profile] athena25. Nice to see Susan Rice on there as well - and Samantha Power working on the transition team? It would be nice if she stuck around; never know when a human rights expert might come in handy...


Spent the day studying, mostly. Had the day booked off for that, so, you know, nose to grindstone and all that. I'm definitely making progress, but I won't know if it's enough progress until the weekend, when I'll be staring at a Tuesday exam (9th Dec) and trying to do last-minute consolidation of, you know. Stuff. Well-wishes and any spare brain-cells you might have would be very much appreciated.


In other news, I just completed a good portion of my Xmas shopping in one fell swoop online. God bless Amazon.
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I took the day off today. This is in response to my body basically breaking yesterday, which I suspect had something to do with me going out to dinner Thursday evening. (Spent Thursday night sick as a dog, not fun. I think my body has decided to be allergic to anything not caffeine-related.) I did mostly nothing, but caught up on some reading and watched the second half of The State Within. Am contemplating either a really brainless movie or a really arty one this evening. I have enough stock-piled so I don't need to rent anything, but I may have to venture out to the corner store for popcorn and chocolate. Horrors.


work )


In non-work related matters, I am trying to get my social planner back on track. This coming week and the week after look rather busy, and my weekends have basically disappeared until the new year. I have no idea how that happened, frankly, I'm a little surprised as I don't recall planning anything during those months. But what with birthdays and hen parties and a wedding to attend, that's wrapped up most of the remaining year.

So - what I really need to do is find a winter dress for a wedding. For two weddings, actually. I have formal wear for the summer, but nothing suitable for the winter. Any thoughts or suggestions?


The geopolitical ramifications of language study )


The fandom nominations are open for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! I look forward to [livejournal.com profile] yuletide every year, it's the one ficathon where I always have time to write and don't feel rushed. I don't usually submit fandom nominations, as there is always plenty for me to volunteer for, but as it's here...

After much to-ing and fro-ing, I finally decided on:

fandoms )

I love plenty of other small fandoms, but I suspect that things like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Secretary will have plenty of nominations, whereas the above are small even for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. So. :)

In honour of [livejournal.com profile] yuletide (and of me taking the weekend off), comment with a rare fandom, a character suggestion and a prompt, and I'll drabble you something. (Caveat: this offer only stretches to fandoms I've actually heard of, so if you're not sure, offer a selection, pls.)
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I'm back. Didja miss me?


Last night, [livejournal.com profile] queenspanky, [livejournal.com profile] wingsmith and I went to see Now or Later, a new play by Christopher Shinn at the Royal Court Theatre. Read more... )

Quote: courtesy of the script books wingsmith purchased for 'spanky and myself )


In other theatre-related news, [livejournal.com profile] athena25 and I have tickets to see Ivanov at the end of October, which I am very excited about. I remain astonished at those who waited for the reviews to book, especially considering that it's Branagh doing Stoppard doing Chekhov. What were people waiting for? Direction by Peter Brooke? I had the good fortune to see Branagh on stage once before, in Mamet's Edmond at the National, which was very impressive indeed. I thought that perhaps the set dressing was a bit fussy at the time - I could quite happily have watched Branagh on an empty stage, he's certainly big enough to fill it - but the play itself was very good, and Branagh was amazing. Which, given that I'm not really a Mamet fan, says quite a bit for the direction and for Branagh himself.


I couldn't get tickets to see the RSC Hamlet, as they sold out within 2 hours of going on sale. Damnit. BUT. I may be seeing someone even dearer to my heart if all goes well in the next month. I have been given no promises, and will be a small puddle of goo if it happens, anyway, BUT. The mere possibility is making me happy.


I had to indulge and buy the special extended edition of Sex and the City: the Movie. I don't care if people think I'm silly, it's guaranteed to make me happy. As is Pret-a-Portea, which I am going to with my mummy on Sunday. Now, the plan was to also go to London Fashion Weekend, but I'm not sure that we'll have time, plus tea-dresses are a little difficult to manage when one is shopping. So the plan is to stay in Knightsbridge, rather than shuttling back and forth to S. Ken, and maybe finally find a tailor to fix my silk evening gown. (If you've seen me in the last 3 months, this has been the bane of my existence. C'MON. I know silk is difficult to repair, but it's not that bad, and, anyway, isn't this what specialist tailors are for???)Why the focus on clothing? )

Speaking of tailors, I must repair [livejournal.com profile] wingsmith's trousers. Honestly, that boy. Tut tut.
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I woke up this morning, and it was autumn. It had rained all night, and it was overcast outside. I know that it's still summer, that it's too hot and humid to be anything else. But my brain thinks that it's autumn. And autumn is Back To School time, time for figuring out my life and getting a fresh wind and all that jazz.

Problem is, I'm not sure where that fresh wind is supposed to be taking me. Help, pls, kittens offered as payment. )

C'mon, flist, I've been rambling for a while, now, help me out. I know there's a stack of PhD holders out there, I wanna know what you think.


In unrelated news, I saw Wall.E, which was awesome. I also called an ambulance & sat with a guy who was having a heart attack, or epileptic fit, or both, which was less awesome. Well, for him, anyway. I felt pretty awesome afterwards. He was driving when he had it, so it was lucky that he simply stopped in the middle of the road rather than crashing the car, really. It really made me think - hence the thinking above, life is too short, I might have a heart attack on my way to work, etc.

Also, spent Sunday with my parents, as it was my mother's birthday yesterday. I bought her jewellery, it's what all the good daughters are doing these days. In return, she encouraged me to buy some truly gorgeous Carvela shoes, fuschia satin four inch heel with a satin ribbon tie at the front. I feel amazing in them, but see above re: difficulty in saving. Why save when you can have fuschia shoes?

Also had hair dyed back to original colour. And cut. Again with the fabulous.


Had weird moment when my brother asked me in a slight panic if he'd used the correct morning-after-night-before etiquette on this girl he'd slept with. Erm, what? Shouldn't you know this already, I asked. Well, yes, but this was the first time he couldn't remember her name. Or going home with her, apparently. Oy vey, boys these days. Still, it's nice to know that I was the one he asked (not that he could ask his friends, of course, because it's not the sort of thing boys discuss). Anyway, he'd turned out to be a lot more gentlemanly and polite than I had been when a similar thing happened to me, so it was all fine. Still - sheesh. I was still hoping he was a virgin, and here he is waking up in stranger's beds.


Did I mention I have new shoes? Flatmate Z is taking me out to a formal dinner at the Stranger's Dining Room in Westminster Palace once Recess is over (doesn't it sound like a school thing?? I can't help giggling every time she mentions it.), where I shall be showing them off. I also made reservations at The Caramel Room on a spur of the moment thing. I've decided that my life can be greatly enriched through regular injections of glamour. Yes. Pictures of outfits may well follow.


Oooh, dinner. I'm having Thai red chicken curry, yummy.
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It's the New Year's party tomorrow, and I have NOTHING TO WEAR. Do not mock me. I have come home to find:

- row after row of formal evening wear, silks and velvets and slinky dresses glaore, all completely unsuitable for a house party,
- drawer after drawer of cashmere sweaters and cardigans, so impossibly cute in the shops, so fumpy if worn after 6pm,
- row after row of black or charcoal 40s dresses that have done the job for house parties and drinks down the pub.

My wardrobe consists of work clothes, red carpet or Sunday afternoons. Or 40s dresses in mourning colours. Why? Why have I purchased only darks? I love reds! And greens! And even blues, on occasion! My work clothes are a veritable rainbow! Why the hell are my party clothes so bloody subdued????

Emergency shopping trip tomorrow to hopefully address this crisis. *panics*
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I'm back home, thank god. This Christmas was survived without an almighty familial row, and I therefore count it as A Success (tm).

Xmas loot )


In non-acquisition-related news, my cold has made a tactical retreat. I think it's because of that tea mum's been feeding me. I thought that it was 'ginger, honey & lemon' - that awful twinings mix, why twinings, why?? - but it was really strong to be from that. Also, it seemed to take her ten minutes to make me a cup. What's going on? As it turned out, she had to grate the ginger and squeeze the lemon and do various other things - yes, she was brewing the bastard thing up from scratch. No wonder it took the lining of my oesophagus off as it was going down. Worked a treat, though, I feel almost human. Ridiculously tired, though - must have a nap every three hours or so. More often if I've made the mistake of venturing outside for longer than three seconds. It'd be amusing if it wasn't happening to me. :)

I have returned home with a small mountain of foodstuffs. Most of it has gone in the freezer. There are, however, various cooked things that need eating reasonably soon. I'm not sure how many stuffed vine leaves my mother thinks a person can eat in a single sitting, especially as they each weigh about the size of a cat. Mmm, cats.


Although not for eating, obviously.


Right, clearly this is the time for a nap. Back in an hour or so.
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Firstly - DOCTOR WHO OMG FLAIL!!! *falls over* IS IT NEXT WEEK YET????

Secondly - The 'Me' meme, answer the first (for [livejournal.com profile] likeadeuce):

Prompt: Jack/Arvin, chicken soup


Title: Love Is...
Fandom: Alias

This also fits the [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 prompt #72 'fixed'


Read it at AOOO.


Thirdly - I woke up in such a rotten mood today. Possibly a combination of having worked myself to the bone and hormones, I think - but it was bad enough to be actively painful, as that much rage was giving me a crushing headache. I combated said rage by dosing myself with antihistimatines for the hayfever, paracetamol for the headache, chai tea for the stress, shopping for the stompiness, and being outside the for cabin fever. I am, indeed, feeling much better.

I also purchased two splendid items of clothing: a yellow knitted top, which has big button on the front (like a cargidan, basically) but also has a thick ribbon at the waist. It comes down to my hips, is v. figure-hugging, and v. low-cut in that V-neck, and when worn with a pencil skirt will scream classic French sillhouette - or one can only hope. The other item was a black knitted dress, coming down to below my knees, which, again, is low-cut on the V-neck, and v. figure-hugging.

I love well-made knits. *clutches them to my bosom*

HMV were also having a killer sale, and I acquired the following:

- MiB 1 & 2 = £3
- Mr & Mrs Smith = £3
- Blow = £3
- Dr Zhivago = £7
- The Prestige = £7
- Lost in Translation = £3

All of these make me happy. Yes. If you can spare time to go to HMV, go, their sale is rather good about now...

Now I must go and continue working on the Halo Jones fic I have been writing, because I have a serious Alan Moore yen at the moment.

One more week in Kent, and then I am free! Whee!!
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I went shopping recently, because increased stress due to exams can only really be remedied by retail therapy. I bought a brown satin embroidered Chinese-style dress (New Look, and an absolute steal) and chocolate-brown heels to match (and they'll also do for work, which makes them a necessity rather than a frivolity). I also got a grey checked work skirt, which is, once again, a necessity as I discovered that the vast majority of my skirts were unsuitable (read: I don't like them anymore and so I'm not wearing them).

Before you accuse me of randomly splurging money, I'm going to pre-empt that by saying that I work in a client-facing industry that requires me to spend increasing amounts of my time representing my firm. Last year, I spent most of winter in college, which means that the winter clothes I have are all of the trousers / sweaters variety. That's fine for college, but I needed something a little sharper for final meetings and start-up presentations, hence the increase in expenditure on clothes and shoes. I can't quite afford them at the moment, but come pay-rise time in January (and again in July), I'm going to be sitting a lot prettier so I figure - what the hell.

I also tried L'Oreal's ReFinish Micro-Dermabrasion Kit, which is the cheapest of the micro-dermabrasion home treatments at a mere £15 9compared to the usual £60). I am very, very pleased with it. I've only been using it for a week, so I suspect that it's going to take a little longer to even out my skin tone (it's winter, so my skin is its usual blotchy palette) to the extent that I'm not going to need foundation, but already it feels much smoother and fresher. I've heard that people can be seriously allergic to this stuff, though, so maybe it's best if you try it before you buy it.

The other thing is Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturiser with White Tea, which I tried from a little free sample given to me ages ago and then convinced my mother to buy for me. The Origins web-site has it at £27.50 - get it there, because it was £34.50 at John Lewis and most other department stores. But this moisturiser is amazing, as I have very problematic, demanding skin, and it was rich without being overwhelming. It also didn't result in that oily sheen later on in the day that heavier moisturises often seem to encourage, which makes me insanely happy. Get yourselves down to your local department store and snaffle a free sample.

I may have raved about this before, but I would expire without Helena Rubinstein's Collagenist Lip-Zoom. Now, I've been blessed with pretty full lips anyway, but unfortunately they are dry and require a lot of TLC. Lip glosses and salves can only go so far - they make the lips look healthier, but if you want that extra plumpness (Like Benefit's Lip Plumb, but without the dryness), get a little of this on your lips and pucker up. Instant Jolie-lips. A little goes a long way, too - I got a tester ages ago, and it's still not run out.

I'm also gonna sing the praises ofMason Pearson, although I bet that you've all availed yourselves of their utter fabulousness already. This is, without a doubt, the most amazing hairbrush I have ever owned. When I had super-long hair it was an amazing detangler, and now, with short hair, it makes brushing it a pleasure rather than a chore. Go get yourselves one of these, if there isn't one on your dresser already.
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I require winter party dresses. *sulk*

I have the summer's must-have Hobbs navy polka dot Audrey dress (seen here in plum) - and very gorgeous it is too - but I don't want to pack it away for the duration of the winter. Anyone know ways to jazz it up for the colder months without compromising on it's simple lines?

Or without making me buy the same cut dress in other colours and other fabrics because - well - my budget won't stretch that far.

(Current budget = three peanuts and a cockle shell)

It's somewhat comforting that, according to In Style, polka dots are 'in' for winter. They're a hard thing to wear outside of the summer months or the red carpet, though - they tend to require the display of quite a bit of flesh - arms, cleavage, legs - and don't look particularly well with winter-pale skin. *ponders*

I am also tempted by this coat. Or a really gorgeous grey cashmere one I saw at Fenn Wright & Manson that I apparently can't find a picture of right now. *covets*
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I have about three pence before I reach my overdraft limit but I am filled with the sudden urge to buy pretty things. This is bad. I must wait until the parentals have returned from Abroad and then make them buy me pretty things instead.

Also, I get to graduate on Dec 14th (again). I'm gonna be a MAMsc soon, yay! *squeals*

This means more graduation gifts, right??

ION, college = boring. On the plus side, I finish this latest torture in another year and then I qualify - big pay bump, woo! *salivates at the mere thought*

Did I mention that I require cash for pretty things? Shoes. I need new shoes. And, also, autumnal coats and scarves. And who knew that it costs £20 to dry clean suede gloves???? Not right. Not right at all. This is me - *points* - disgruntled.

Right - to bed.


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