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Imagine this:

You have purchased a spa day for your mother's birthday. She's a busy lady who doesn't have time to go out to the middle of nowhere, so you have opted for the Park Lane Hilton. You do this on 9th July, specifying that it is a gift and providing her name.

The voucher for the spa day finally arrives three weeks later, on 29th July. It not only has the price prominent, it also has THE WRONG NAME on it.

You are due to present your mother with this gift on Sunday 2nd August.

Now imagine trying to get hold of someone in the Hilton Park Lane who will accept responsibility for fixing this, and failing miserably. Imagine leaving a barrage of messages. Imagine seething about this helplessly.

I swear to God, there better be next-day delivery of a replacement or I won't simply be imagining the number of websites who will have a one-star review submitted for this.


Dec. 8th, 2008 12:27 am
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Today: still sick with the bastard flu.

Tomorrow: solid 14 hours of accountancy revision.

Tuesday: final accountancy exam. Then Arabic revision in the evening.

Wednesday: solid 10 hours of writing a report for work. Then Arabic revision in the evening.

Thursday: Hand in report, draft guidelines for budgeting for 19 offices. Then Arabic exam in the evening.

Friday: post guidelines for budgeting to offices. Then HIV prevention training. Then train to Edinburgh. Draft [livejournal.com profile] yuletide story on train. Then drinks with bride-and groom-to-be in the evening.

Saturday: best mate's wedding. In December. In fucking Edinburgh. In -1million F weather. With possibility of icicles where I once had toes.

Sunday: finish drafting [livejournal.com profile] yuletide story. Then train back to London. Reattach toes. Back to work on Monday.

Did I mention that I have the bastard fucking flu? Not a cold, not the sniffles, fucking influenza. I am upright by sheer fucking willpower. Whatever it was that I did to whoever it is up there, I'm sorry. Please to be applying brakes soon, y/y?

*is hanging on by a thread*
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So I'm buried under an inhuman pile of work, trying frantically get it all done before the 17 different deadlines succeed in killing me, and I pause just long enough to think, "you know what would be really awful? A total systems failure."

And, on cue -


It's not a total systems failure. It is, however, a total failure of my main programme, the one I need for all of the work ever.

It's been almost fixed, after 1 1/2 hours, but I have another 1 1/2 hours of manually readding each and every bloody database to my user profile, because it's been completely wiped.


On the plus side, I do appear to have the ability to kill computers with my thoughts.
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It's half three in the morning and I'm still up. Urgh. Suspect that this is because I made the mistake of checking my work email "just quickly" before going to bed. "Just quickly" turned into a good few hours as I tried to untangle the mess awaiting me.

I'd anticipated a nice, easy start to the year come Monday morning. Instead, I'm bound for a central govt department with no briefing book and little in the way of sleep. Oh, and I have that nice cosy chat come Wednesday, just me & a senior partner, for a full hour, wherein I need to sound Not Crap (tm). *shudders* They weren't kidding about the "both feet & into the deep end, too" bit of the promotions, were they? Still, I suppose it's my own fault. I should have waited until Sunday afternoon to check the state of the mess, like most normal people.

Boy am I glad that I have tomorrow off! One last glorious day of holiday... and the weekend to recover. (& continue untangling, one presumes.)


Right, the heating has been on for a long time, and so hopefully it'll be warm enough to actually sleep tonight. I spent last night shivering and not actually doing any sleeping. Although it did have the bonus benefit of burning of a surprising number of calories through sheer muscle spasms.

One might almost think that I was back up in Edinburgh again.
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I wish people would stop emailing/texting/phoning me to congratulate me on finishing my exams and saying how relieved I must be to have it all over and what am I doing for dinner?, because MY FINAL EXAM IS TOMORROW. Not last week. Check your goddamn cheerfulness at the door and let me study&stress why don't you!!!!

Also, whoever it is from my work who thinks that nagging me at home about stuff I could care less about when I'm in the middle of finals is acceptable will be sacrificed to the Christmas fairy. What part of DO NOT DISTURB did you NOT understand??

(translation: I love people who love me & value my time & opinions & input & presence. Just not today.)
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Two nights left until exam results are out.

sleep-related complaining )

Last night I watched some S6 West Wing. Maybe it's the fact that I have a large enough sleep deficit to finance Switzerland, or maybe I'm Sekkretly Traumatised (tm), but in watching 'Drought Conditions' (the one with Senator Rafferty), I ended up bursting into tears during the key Toby scene. Not really that surprising, as I love Toby and anything that upsets him upsets me (same goes for CJ, actually), but still rather unexpected.

I have some thoughts on how S6 as a whole is progressing, and why I continue to be sceptical: Read more... )


Dec. 5th, 2005 02:19 pm
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no i am not revising, i am trying to stem the panic. what's your point?

*drinks tea*

In a Past Life...

You Were: An Arrogant Mathematician.

Where You Lived: Russia.

How You Died: Buried alive.
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Dear God.

Please let me pass these three exams of mine. I've been working hard, and although I know I could have worked harder, I really, really don't want to be fired.


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so. um.

mock exams start tomorrow.

*shoots self*


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