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So, athena25 and I are moving house soon. This means we're clearing out piles of books, random bits of furniture, etc. It also means that - after many years - we're going through our graphic novel collections and clearing out a lot of stuff we don't need any more. If you're interested in any of the below. As we're moving in a week, it's pick-up only (unless you're wanting to buy stacks of them, in which case we can arrange postage). They vary in condition from 'very good' to 'as new', but of course you're welcome to see them if you're not sure. They're all paperbacks, except those marked (HC) which are hardcover novels.

Rising Stars: Born in Fire (J Michael Straczynski)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Frank Miller)
Preacher Vol 1: Gone to Texas (Garth Ennis)
Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come (HC) Part 1 (Geoff Johns)
DC Identity Crisis (Brad Meltzer)
Supreme Power: Nighthawk (Daniel Way)
The Boys Vol 1: The Name of the Game (Garth Ennis)
The Boys Vol 2: Get Some (Garth Ennis)
The Boys Vol 3: Good for the Soul (Garth Ennis)
Sam & Twitch Book One: Udaku (Brian Michael Bendis)

Durham Red: Ther Vermin Stars (Dan Abnett)
Kinetic (Kelley Puckett)
Eternals (Neil Gaiman)
Crossing Midnight: Cut Here (Mike Carey)
Girls Vol 1: Conception (The Luna Brothers)
X-Men Fairy Tales
Books of Magic: Summonings (John Ney Rieber)
Exit Wounds (HC) (Rutu Modan)
Lenore: Cooties (Roman Dirge)
The Umbrella Academy Vol 1 (HC): Apocalypse Suite (Gerard Way)

Hellraiser Vol 1 (Clive Barker)
The Dreaming: Beyond the Shores of Night (Terry LaBan) x 2 copies
The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales (Jon Scieszka)
The Professor's Daughter (Joann Sfar)
The Books of Magic: Bindings (John Ney Rieber)

The Best of ST: TNG (Michael Jan Friedman)
ST: DSN: Emancipation and Beyond
ST: The Modala Imperative (Michael Jan Friedman & Peter David)
ST: DSN Requiem
ST: TNG Beginnings

Also lots of individual issues of The Witching, Gloom Cookie, The run of New Universal, Young Avengers & Runaways Civil War event, Grimm Fairy Tals, Serenity Rose.

We're based in London, so if you - or anyone else you know - wants to snaffle up some graphic novels and comics at bargain prices, send them our way! Cheers.

PS yes, I will be back to the internets once the move is over. Cross your fingers for us!

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I've been on a Val Kilmer kick recently, due to taking one of his films away with me when I travelled. Then I got back and saw the below image in a KKBB community (reposted below for your enjoyment).

Yes, it's for the premier for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. However, I took one look at it and realised that we also now have Batman and Iron Man making out.

Don't say I never give you anything.


Jul. 6th, 2009 11:51 pm
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I guess I'm going to have to pick up X-Factor again. (Spoilers for X-Factor #45) Although given that I am missing almost all canon between House of M and, oooh, say, Antarctica(!!!), trying to pick up years of backstory might be difficult. Hmmm. To wiki!
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I managed to slice my finger open on bread. On bread, people. I do not appreciate being defeated by my lunch.

In less fail-worthy areas, I want to talk about some of my favourite characters. You will notice that they are neither 25, nor male. This makes them the exception when it comes to be characterised as 'awesome' by the majority of fandom. (Much as I love K/S, fifty-eight of the new Star Trek communities that have recently formed could wink out of existence and the young, gorgeous and male characters in the cast would still get plenty of love. But I digress.)

So here's my love-song to all those women who managed to hit forty and still remain smart and gorgeous and made of awesome.

1. Atia (ROME)
When I think of awesome, I think of Atia. She single-handedly made ROME for me. She's smart, she's petty, she's beautiful naked. She's not a size 0. Best moment: when she's beating the crap out of Octavia and Octavian for sleeping together. Or when she turns up at Mark Anthony's wearing all those furs.

2. Servilia (ROME)
Ah, Servilia. Realistically, having Atia go up against a man would have been pointless, as she would have eaten him alive. Servilia, on the other hand, counted Julius Caesar as a lover, and Atia as an enemy. She was magnificent in her rage; even though I loved Atia, I would sometimes be traitorously wanting Servilia to win. Best moment: scratching a curse onto a bronze mirror and, of course, her final scene in front of Atia.

3. Irina Derevko (Alias)
Spymommy rules! Let's get over the fact that she also looks like my first grade teacher, which confused the smaller parts of my brain. Let's also ignore the last part of S5, as it upsets me beyond words. In all other respects, Irina rules. She is an Evil Overlady (who pretend to be an Evil Overlord, because men are stupid and wouldn't think of it - see, even the spellcheck can cope with Evil Overlord but doesn't recognise Evil Overlady!) and she manages to turn most of the Alias world upside down on a regular basis. Also, she's stunningly gorgeous, and isn't afraid to use that sexuality to her advantage. Come to think of it, ALL the women on this list still continue to use their sexuality, which must be confusing for those who think that a woman can't be a sexual being after 40. Anyway, best moments: getting changed on the train and catching Jack looking at her, helping deliver Isabelle, "no, I'm going to let him do it" and the whole Elena interaction.

4. Lwaxana Troi (ST:TNG & ST:DSN)
I recently rewatched Lwaxana's first visit to DSN with [livejournal.com profile] queenspanky, hence the resurgence of my love for her. She's played for comedic effect generally, but she also has such an air of pathos about her that she can reach quite impressive depths. I love that she has different hair for every occasion, and she can seduce a Ferengi just as convincingly as she can make a play for Picard. I love that she loves her daughter unreservedly, and Dark Page broke my heart. And her wedding 'gown' - priceless! Best moments: turning up for her wedding dressed traditionally, sitting in Picard's lap after being rescued from the Ferengi, catching the melting Odo in her skirts.

5. Iris Crowe (Carnivale)
Speaking of unreserved, unconditional love: witness Iris Crowe's not-entirely-appropriate love for her brother. Iris seriously blind-sided me in Carnivale; I honestly didn't think she would have been the one to do that with the orphanage. She struck me as too soft (can you believe that??), and so it was a real shock. Of course, listening to her reasons made it clear that she was anything other than soft, and after that I think I was more afraid of her than of Justin. Best moments: leaving the door open when bathing, explaining about the orphanage.

6. Laura Roslin (BSG)
The only reason I might decide to actually give BSG another chance is because of the awesome scariness of Laura Roslin. She had me when she shoved that guy out the airlock, and I know he was a bad guy, but she seemed to - well, not precisely enjoy it, but not be cut up about it, either. And I guess we're so used to seeing female characters feel at everything, that watching her do that so composedly really shook me. Best moments: not going bonkers when Tigh comes to visit her in her cell in S1, shoving the Cylon out the airlock, telling Baltar what she thinks of him when she thinks she's dying. I've only watched up to the middle of S2, so doubtless there are others.

7. Sally Jupiter (Watchmen)
This is the bit where everyone wonders what the hell I'm smoking, because I think that Sally is awesome. If nothing else, she is an immensely complex character to end up spoilering a spoiler with spoiler. I think that it's a shame that the entire fandom seems so focused on the second gen heroes at the exclusion of the Minutemen (and what little Minutemen stuff there is seems to be almost entirely slash. What about the awesomeness of the female heroes??). Best moments: telling Eddie to stay away from Laurie, and then telling Laurie why she couldn't hate Eddie. AWWWWW.

8. Joyce Summers (Buffy)
Joyce is, in fact, an excellent mum who is just trying to do her best. Her kid has announced that she's a superhero, and will be killing nasties regardless of what mummy wants for her (and mummy is quite certain that 'college' rather than 'decapitation' is what she wants for her daughter). Plus then Dawn turns up. I, I just - for a few brief episodes, before everything goes wrong, there's a real family at the beginning of S5, and they're happy. Which just makes what comes later that much more heart-breaking. Best moments: Valentine's day with Buffy - Thelma & Louise sounds like an excellent idea - and when Buffy comes back in S3. Hitting Spike over the head with an axe, And - this may not count - but The Body. Because that makes me cry every single time.

9. CJ Cregg (TWW)
I've decided that she counts because she is over 40, and is not little, cute or blonde. Not that little, cute and blonde can't be intimidating in its own ways. How do I love CJ? When I grow up I want to be just like her. The beginning of S6 - while upsetting - also makes me happy with the CJ-centric episodes, especially where we see her hit the ground running. Because she is made of awesomesauce and could pick it up like *snaps fingers* that. Plus, she has a fantastic body. And is amazing in bed. (What? She is.) Best moments: WHERE TO START, well, being amazing in bed, having root canal, the women of Qumar, kissing Danny, visiting Toby in S7, getting drunk with Abbey, smacking down the Joint Chiefs.

10. Narcissa Malfoy (Harry Potter)
I read a fic somewhere that describes the Malfoys as 'an army of three', which I think is amazingly accurate. Narcissa is on her family's side. Yes, she wants them to be successful, and yes, they have allied themselves politically to a particular side, but that doesn't mean that she's going to sacrifice her family on the altar of principle or political expediency. And, when you think about it, she's the reason that LV was defeated - and she doesn't regret it, not a single bit of it. Best moments: the dinner with LV and silent support for her husband, asking whether Draco's alive.

11. Kai Winn (ST:DSN)
Kai Winn should get her own section, entitled 'scary villains'. I'm rewatching DSN, and it's hitting me all over again just how much she freaked me out. She reminds me of Martha Stewart, if she decided to join the KKK and run for office. I won't spoil by mentioning her best moments, even though I am vaguely spoiled myself for S7. But her early appearances are awesome still: the bombing of the school, letting Minister Jarro stand alone, telling her mole that her semi-suicidal bombing was the work of the Prophets.

12. M (Bond films)
Judi Dench as M makes my knees weak, particularly in Casino Royale. The Brosnan Bond was too powerful, really, for us to see her as an effective control of him (which was always one of my pet peeves with Bond - he's an agent, he's disposable - he doesn't get to dictate terms to M!), but when we had the relaunch it all clicked for me. This M wouldn't hesitate to throw Bond at something guaranteed to get him killed. He's a tool for her: sometimes a precise, effective tool, sometimes a jack-hammer. Sometimes (very expensive) cannon fodder. But she's the one who makes the decisions, and he's the one who implements them. Best moments: that entire scene in her apartment in Casino Royale.

13. Livia (I, Claudius)
akjdfghfkghdfkgj, Livia. I have only read the book, not watched the series yet (I AM A BAD FAN; I am taking it to Zambia with me to watch in peace and quiet...), but in the book she is pant-wettingly awesome. She's the mind behind the throne, and when that throne is Augustus bloody Caesar, you get an idea of the sort of mind she is. Best moment: painting the bloody fruit!

14. Frau Totenkinder (Fables)
She interrogates BABA YAGA. Case closed. Plus, she's totally up to something... er, else. Best moments: young!frau exacting her revenge on her former lover, being rescued by Red and Snow, and, oh yes, INTERROGATING BABA FRIKKIN YAYGA. (Maybe you had to grow up with tales of Baba Yaga as a kid to get how inhumanly awesome and terrifying that is as a concept, I dunno. Baba Yaga was guaranteed to make me wet my pants as a kid, though, I find her scary beyond words.)

15. Kathryn Janeway (ST:VOY)
Star Trek seems to be doing remarkably well here, WHUT. Anyway, Kate Mulgrew was in her 40s as Janeway, which makes Janeway in her 40s - and that logic is good enough for me. And while Voyager sucked abysmally a lot of the time, some of the time it was totes awesome, and that was mainly because of Janeway and her forbidden love relationship with Seven. Best moments: going all Die Hard and hunting down giant microbes, facing down the skeezy Kashyk, Borg Queen face-off!!, telling Seven to date in a totally 'come hither' way.

So, there we are. 15 women too awesome for words. (Although I clearly found some.) Give 'em some love, they totally deserve it!
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] __marcelo because it is just too hilarious: Economics comics blog, i.e. a blog dedicated to the economics in comic books. Genius. My favourite so far is Where Does the Canadian Government Get the Money from to Keep Making Super-Soldiers? Although I also greatly enjoyed Norman Osborn's 4th quarter expenditure analysis, particularly the orange bits.
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Something has been bugging ever since seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, and I've just figured out what it is. In costume, cigar in mouth, grinning, he looks just like the late, great, Raul Julia, in either The Addams Family or in Streetfighter.


You think I'm crazy but, seriously. Look at a close-up of him grinning into the camera, without his costume getting in the way. It's creepy.


Also, everyone seems to now be writing Rorschach/Nite Owl fic. Being perverse, I'm not going to rec any, although I am vaguely interested in the fic being produced. No. What I'm going to rec is genderbend fic, because it is quite simply made of awesome.

My Body is a Cage by [livejournal.com profile] conceptofzero
"Jesus. Rorschach's a girl." The story of Wanda Kovacs. PG-13, Gen.

Why this rocks: Because Wanda is not secretly beautiful or gorgeous under that mask. Because she's still Rorschach, even in all the ways she's not our Rorschach. [livejournal.com profile] conceptofzero does an amazing job of fleshing out a different, yet still familiar, character, and giving her a fully-rounded background.
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Fables Vol. 11 )


The Boys Vol. 3 )


Buffy Vol. 3 )


Well, that was generally disappointing. :(
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You can get an Arvin Sloane action figure!!!

I'm torn between a need to stay far, far away, and a desire to produce my credit card and plop it on the table. help.

Also of interest is Volume 1 of Doktor Sleepless, which I haven't read, and which is guaranteed to bring the Warren Ellis!happy. But does it? Flist, you've all kept up with your comic book reading far more diligently than I. Thoughts and comments on Doktor Sleepless? Should I bother? Should I invest my energies/money in Ennis' The Boys Vol. 3 instead? Should I sit tight until 2009?
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Spoilers for Buffy S8 #4 )

On the other hand, #5 rocked. )

What's with all the Jossverse fic bunnies? I have ideas for everything (except the things I'm supposed to be actually writing, of course. Bah.). It's 'cause I've been rewatching the entirety of the run, isn't it? It makes you want to fic things. Damn it.

Late, must be away to bed. But before I go, it suddenly occurs to me. If I link to Google.com, does that mean that I'm going to be banned? It does occasionally feature non-lj approved stuff, after all...


OK, I'll stop now. :)
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Dear fandom,

Please for to be bringing me DH-compliant SB/SS. (I am now assume SS/HP already on way, many thanks.)

I'll beg if I have to.

Love and kisses,


In other news, DMZ rocks. It's seriously creeping me out. And exam results soon. Nervous? Who, me? *gibber*

*scribbles & covets SB/SS* DON'T MAKE ME WRITE IT MYSELF, ZOMG!!
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I have a crushing headache.

I also have a computer that refuses to upgrade its security - poo! - and a meeting that I have no idea about, and a date I don't want to go to. Yup, today is shaping up to be a good day. /sarcasm

On the plus side, DH has generated fic ideas in me, which makes me happy. Admittedly, they are crack!fic ideas, with time-travel and meeting yourself and changing the course of events only not really because of paradoxes1!1111!, and bizarro silver-y futuristic clothing, but they are ideas. I'm also reading the Nightrunner series, because [livejournal.com profile] queenspanky is making me. Seriously. She is.

Comics - I bought DMZ volume 1 yesterday, and the first two volumes of Runaways. Am quite excited about them; will read them when I get in tonight. (Mental note - must have one drink at date, and excuse self due to crushing headache, have very bad feeling about this guy, he is way over-eager.)

Generally - I'm hormonal and in a crappy mood. I want it to be next week, when I am on holiday, and can sleep in for a week.
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I completely forgot about this book! I read it a few weeks ago, and it was rather fun & groovy.

by: Stephen R. Bown
page count: 263 pages.

Read more... )

I also read #1 - #21 of Astonishing X-Men. (I'm at home & snuffly, can you tell?)

ZOMG spoilers!! )

So, yeah. I sorta liked it, but sorta didn't. We'll see.

Vaguely amusing sidebar - I'm going to a few talks at the British Museum over the next few weeks, and they're being carried out by a Professor Xavier. I laughed myself silly over that. :)
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New Universal #2 - #4
The new Warren Ellis is rather good.

vague spoilers )

Not spoilery - but why is the art for Ken Connell, the defense guy, based on Josh Holloway? I mean, it doesn't just look like Josh Holloway, it is Josh Holloway. That's just... weird. I suppose the artist was watching a little too much LOST?


EQUUS - Gielgud Theatre, 10th March

This, too was v. good. One might even go so far as to call it fab. I don't put theatre reviews behind a cut because, well, spoiler warnings don't count for them (and no one can convince me otherwise).

I've never read Equus or seen it before, but have been a Shaffer fan for a long time. Hence the tickets, despite worrying that it might be crap. See, with Shaffer, you either end up with gold or with a big fat turd, and I was petrified that it would be the latter. Luckily, a good production of Equus requires three things:

1. Good design
2. Good direction and
3. A good Martin

What I was worried about - Alan - was mostly irrelevant, as it turned out.

Richard Griffiths played Martin (he'd had the flu for a while, so we were lucky to get him), and he was amazing. He was, in turns, funny, touching and a little frightening. He totally dominated the show; not that much of a surprise, really, as it is primarily centred on his character.

The design was amazing. They managed to convince John Napier (who did the original run in 1973) to come back to the play and to design a new look to it. This time, the stage was extended into the round by hoisting up balconies behind the stage and all around, so all (except the stalls) were sitting in this lop-sided circle, looking down into the circular stage. There was a raised cross platform, on which there were four large blocks that could be moved, and the entire stage was covered/painted with something that took light and texture beautifully. The triumph of stage design in this production was in its use of lighting design: the lights indicated the beach scenes by projections of sand dunes; they indicated pavements by the projection of grills and cobblestones; they indicated the stables by hay bales. The other good thing were the masks, which were very impressive indeed. They were metal, with lights fitted where the eyes were, the 'horses' were several ballet dancers.

The direction was fine - nothing particularly spectacular, nothing that took my breath away, but, then, I don't know what work Thea Sharrock did with Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe, so. The production was amazing, at any rate.

Now. Daniel Radclifee. I wasn't particularly impressed in the first half which, to be fair, was because the character of Alan was a very shouty character, which basically made me think of Harry Potter and I couldn't take him seriously. Maybe a case of having too much similitude? I liked his physical work, though: he moved well, and expressed quite a lot when Richard was speaking and it was his job to act silently. So, when the second half hit, I was vaguely hopeful - and, yes, he did a good job. Once he was out of the 'shout if you mean it!' part of Alan's head, he really started to let go. Maybe it took him that long to loosen up on stage? Anyway. Thumbs up on that score, too.

So, yes. If you haven't seen it yet, Equus is recommended.


Good Bones
by Margaret Atwood

Good Bones is a series of short stories. I've liked Margaret Atwood's work in the past (but, then, I've only really read the stuff that most people don't like, so maybe this says something about me?) so I was hoping that this would be similar. No joy, though. Oh, Good Bones isn't boring, per se, or straight-forward or simple or any of those other obvious choices. It is, however, annoyingly predictable in the matters it covers and the way in which it covers them.

Overall - fun if you haven't read / studied Atwood before, rather dull if you have.
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I am back, and well enough to squee. W00t!

Read more... )

No drugs in me today, tralalala! Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow is a day of drugs (tm), but no drugs in me today, tralalala! *dances*
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I just finished V for Vendetta. I cried. I threw up. I cried some more.

That is all.


Jul. 25th, 2005 04:19 pm
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Have just read Ministry of Space during my lunch hour, and may I just say? fuck me sideways )

Go sell your most expendable family member and get your mitts on a copy of this.
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The authors have been revealed, and a good thing too, I was going slightly pink from increased frustration. I wanted to send big kisses the way of [livejournal.com profile] andrastewhite (who wrote Not a Sparrow Falls) and [livejournal.com profile] musesfool (who wrote Who Is Like God). Can I just say how jazzed I am to have two fics? Oh yes indeedy, it made me happy and dance-y in a disturbing sort of way. *big smooches*

It did, however, make me also very amused, because the fic I wrote was for [livejournal.com profile] andrastewhite. Now, how did that happen? *g* At any rate, I can finally post it here. I had such a funny time writing this, I just couldn't get started. I finally ended up writing it during a 'sickly' bout (I have such bouts) and writing out by hand in my journal. It's been absolutely ages since I wrote anything out by hand; I suddenly realised how much I miss it! Must do it again sometime, it was really fun. Cathartic too, in an odd sort of way.

I'm rambling. Yes.

RECIPIENT: [livejournal.com profile] andrastewhite
FEATURED CHARACTER: Mina Murray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
SUMMARY: Here comes the bogeyman.
SPOILERS: Mild for Vol. I of the trade paperback; very, very (very) mild one for Vol. II.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Quotations from the trade paperback are in italicised within double forward-slashes, i.e. //stuff!//

Any allusions to Caelius Sedulius
are wholly and completely spurious.

Que Viene El Coco
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Week from hell (tm) is over. Again.

Well, more or less. I am predictably sniffling and sneezing and coughing up a lung, but there is still the Torture Garden Easter Ball tonight, and Easter Sunday itself tomorrow, so I need to hang on a while longer before keeling over. It's all gonna be fine. *stressed look*

BUT! The [livejournal.com profile] comica_obscura challenge is over (yes indeedy), and I have fic recs, and other recs, too. I obviously can't reveal what fic I wrote, but suffice it to say that I was happy on all sorts of over-the-counter medication at the time. There, that should narrow it down.


Not A Sparrow Falls by /unknown/
Jack Hawksmoor has a word with Jeroen after they deal with the rogue Doctor. Poor Jeroen! *sniffle* There's nothing like watching someone you despise do your job - but better - to make you feel like shit.

Going Fishing by /unknown/
The Earth's fish have been kidnapped. Can the Doctor save the day? It also has snarking and joking and fluffy bunny love. This is all true. Except for the fluffy bunny love.

Who Is Like God by /unknown/
Wherein we have Lucifer/Michael slash, the way it was meant to be. And it was good.

Four Times Arvin Sloane Fell In Love, And One Time He Didn't by /[livejournal.com profile] selenak/
Not a part of the [livejournal.com profile] comica_obscura challenge, obviously. I have now learnt that when I beg and plead and whine, [livejournal.com profile] selenak writes such good Arvin Sloane it makes me tingly in all the right places (those places might be wrong places in other circumstances, it's all about the circumstances, isn't it?). So, so good. Go read it now.


I had other recs, but [livejournal.com profile] athena25 is making me dress because I am catching my death of cold. Or somesuch. Back later.


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