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I've been off the grid for a little bit. Mostly I've been writing articles for BadRep, writing fic for Top Gear, and reading about cars and engines. If you've had the misfortune to spend more than five minutes in my presence in the last few months, you will know that I am all about the cars now. In a secret, must not mention this to my father, sort of way. This is because 1) he will become far too excited, and 2) I reserve the right to become just as unethused as I am current enthused about it all.

I have been looking for a new hobby for a little while now. I dabbled in languages - French, Czech, Italian, Russian, Arabic - and creative arts - writing, watercolours, sketching, sewing, embroidery - and have come out the other side the very model of a semi-polished Victorian lady. As it turns out, I have very little interest in being a Victorian lady, polished or otherwise. Instead, I want to get mucky in the garden. This started with several ill-fated gardening projects in the old house, to several ill-fated DIY projects in the new house, and is now culminating in what will doubtless be an equally ill-fated engine project in the new garden. I fully exppect to blow up myself and the neighbours at some point reasonably soon.

Rebuilding an engine - because I will be, if not this very second - will accomplish several New Year's Resolutions, chief of which is, it will get me out of the house. It also has the added bonus that despite having an engineer and mechanic for a father I have no knowledge whatsoever about cars or engines, so will have to start from scratch. This is pleasing and challenging in equal measures.

Finally, I will have something to do with my hands, rather than sitting around in libraries or cafes sipping espresso and contemplating the nature of existance, the economy, or just how annoying women's magazines are these days.

Having mentioned something along these lines to a coleague at work, I was astonished to find that she had come to the precise conclusion, and had been despondently flicking through car maintenance courses on the interwebz. Of course, she found zilch. Mechanics courses come in two types: the kind that will make you a mechanic, and the kind that will let you change the oil in your car. There is no middle way, sadly. So we decided to make our own middle way by buying a cheap engine off ebay, stripping it down and putting it back together again. The advantages of this are numerous, and centre around manual labour and learning new stuff. The disadvantages are that it will likely rain on our heads the entire time. We will therefore probably need to wait until it is a little less frozen, and will also need to buy tarp.

In the meantime, we purchased and assembled a model engine. It is SO cute. Look:Model Engine by Haynes

Yes, it is aimed at kids. No, I wouldn't advise leaving your children to have a go unsupervised, unless they have surplus fingers.

I do have photos of the finished version, but I'm taking the opportunity to write all of this up for BadRep, so will just link through there when the posts start going up. In the meantime, you should buy your own and buy it when drunk, it's hilarious. Especially when you realise that a couple of the instructions are just wrong, and would have you attaching things that have no business being attached. Even when the beer was all gone we still managed to figure out what to do, though, so I'm calling it a triumph.

Finally - and most importantly, perhaps - I am learning to drive. Again, my father (who has begged me for 12 years to learn) will not hear a word of this until it is all done, however long it takes. I can't wait for it to be done, actually, because I've found that I LOVE driving. My first experience at 17 was hideous, hideous, hideous. I can still taste the bile in my mouth from that horrible hour of being in rush-hour London traffic on my first time behind the wheel. These last few weeks of practise have been completely different. I'm in a little nippy car that I have been flinging around even worse traffic quite merrily, and getting quite, quite lost. I hope that navigation comes with practise, because otherwise I will be heading to Heathrow and ending up in Lothian.

The original plan was to learn to drive, pick up some basic mechanics knowledge and go around France one summer, which sounded quite nice and fun. My colleague - who is apparently even crazier than I am - has upped this to "learn lots about mechanics and then drive around Africa." OK, then. To be fair, it sounds fantastic and I am definitely up for it, but I suspect that it will take a few years. That's ok, though, I can drive around England in the meantime. And once I qualify I'll be able to learn fun kinds of driving, too, like racing and rallying and defensive driving (we teach this to our drivers, and that's actually the useful bit when you're rattling around Africa...). But mostly, going really really fast.


Oh, and I did some fic. With all my issues surrounding RPS, I was quite surprised to end up in an RPF fandom, writing happily if a little clumsily. Anyway, have some fic. These are all at AO3, and locked so that only registered users can see them. Because I am clinically incapable of writing naughty scenes, the teen rating is for swearing.

And Another Thing...
Fandom:Top Gear RPF
Summary: Jeremy's column has been AWOL for a couple of weeks. How is he going to explain this to the Sunday Times readership? James/Jeremy.

Fandom: Top Gear RPF
Summary: James is upset, and Jeremy can't figure out why. James/Jeremy.

Buffer Zone
Fandom: Top Gear RPF
Summary: Richard's used to being in front of the cameras. James/Jeremy, OT3.


To round things off, since going to see 10 O'Clock live, I have been working on a Top Gear RPF / 10 O'Clock Live crossover. THINGS ARE GETTING DESPERATE, SEND HELP.

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So, if you've had the misfortune to be anywhere near me during the last five years, you may have been subjected to one or more of the following:
1) complaints that I am tired,
2) complaints that I can't breathe properly,
3) complaints that I can't hold my alcohol,
4) complaints that I am in a permanent bad mood,
5) complaints that I feel stupid.

I spent quite a bit of Xmas in hospital being prodded by an ENT specialist, who was able to tell me within ten minutes that this is entirely due to a chest infection I had five years ago that closed off several important pieces of my innards (including sinuses, airways, all optional stuff like that) and that I have lived the last five years with the oxygen intake of someone at the top of Kilimanjaro. THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. It explains the giddiness, the tiredness, the mood swings, the breathlessness, the susceptibility to infection, every bloody thing. It even explains why my alcohol tolerance disappeared entirely for no apparent reason, and why my energy levels dropped dramatically and never picked up again. SO. Now that I have a diagnosis, I also have a treatment plan (FUCKING STRONG ANTIBIOTICS to combat stuff - I remember these fuckers, they pumped me full of the stuff when I had pneumonia - and three other things all designed to open an airway). I have to take all of this for a month (it's a pain, bc it takes half an hour to do everything, morning and night), and then, hopefully, I will have... air. AIR, YOU GUYS! The first kick of the drugs left me oxygen-drunk, I sat around giggling to myself and inhaling all the way down to my toes.

The bad news is, if they don't work (i.e. if things revert after a couple of months) I'm gonna need to have surgery to reconstruct an airway. BUT THAT'S OK BC THEY WILL WORK AND EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

You have no idea of the relief I felt at being told all this. I'd convinced myself it was all in my head, that it was psychosomatic and I just had to get on with it. I got more and more frustrated that I had no energy, that I couldn't sleep well, that I couldn't even inhale properly. AND NOW THERE IS A REASON! IDEK, my head exploded from relief.


Uh, other stuff. [livejournal.com profile] itinerant_vae told me I'd been recced, which was v flattering, especially as I wrote that fic on a whim and fully expected everyone in fandom to hate it. (Why, yes, I did write dark!fic for a sitcom, what's your point?)

Other writing I have done - 3 yuletide fics, which I found a struggle considering that my lungs were really packing up by that point. I'm glad that I perserved, though, even if they are a bit random.

Uh, I also found an old Angel/Spike fic I wrote eons ago and never posted, so that's up at AO3 now. [ Oubliette ] It occurs to me that once I finish importing all my fic to AO3, I will have c. 350 fics. This is weird. I don't feel like I've written much stuff, but I guess I must have. Well, I'm signed up to 3 separate fanfic 100 challenges (Londo, Arvin/Jack, and 100fandoms), so there's plenty of fic to come from those. Anyway, it just feels a bit weird.

Finally, I've written the first second third fourth draft of the Sherlock fic I owe for [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan . I have the final beta notes now, and will be working on finishing that up before the New Year. It's not quite what I intended to write when I started out, but then again these things rarely are.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 04:42 pm
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I had this plan where I would be back at work today, triumphant and having won over this annoying bug that's been going around. Instead, I made it as far as the shower before nearly passing out, and had to have a sit-down until I could feel my feet again. So I went back to bed, bringing tea and porridge with me. I then proceeded to fall asleep again, and woke up four hours later, cranky and hungry. So, um. Maybe I was still sick? I medicated like it was going out of fashion, and I am working from home tomorrow anyway, so I am full of confidence that I will be back to relatively normality by Wednesday.

In the meantime - aiiii, Yuletide! I got my assignment, and of course it's the one I offered on a whim. *g* I'm going to have to review all of source before I'm even close to figuring out what to do with it, I think. I have a few cool ideas kicking around, but it's nailing them to the wall that's the problem...

In the meantime, I'm compiling a giant 'possible treats' list using the Yulegoat letter spreadsheet, which is like writing in many respects, and accepted as writing in many places around the world. Not here, sadly. Here, I still have a blinking cursor.

And a help-pakistan fic to write, which. OK. My recipient requested two things to be included in the fic, and I have an idea for doing that, but it makes the fic bloody ginormous, and I just don't have the spoons to write another novella at the moment. OTOH, I've kinda written one of the things in a little self-contained fic, and could easily do the other one in a similar way, and do two shorter fics rather than one longer fic. That's ok, right? :/ It will still be way above the word count promised, but... just in two fics, rather than one. I dunno. :/

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The internets are back! Oh internets, I could kiss you.

I've been catching up on my reading for the last few days. I ran across the following, courtesy of [personal profile] selenak, an analysis of writing that matches it against the style of a famous literary figure. Of course, running just the one fic would give spurious results, so I ran about 20-25 to get a clearer idea of who I've plagiarised the most My Artistic Genius (tm).

snip for lots of images )

What would be fun with this would be to run extracts from tests that aren't from one of the authors on the available list, and see which author the software would suggest. Or better yet, run some of the texts from the authors that are on the list and see if it picks them up. I remain doubtful, but it is a fun thing to play with nonetheless.

In other news, I finished Cryptonomicon! I feel I should get some sort of award. It only took being isolated from the entire world, mind you, but at least this kept up a consistent sort of sense throughout, rather than abruptly turning into madness 2/3 of the way through like The Diamond Age. I am encouraged, and will have another go at Quicksilver when I get back (immediately after I read Mieville's Kraken, of course, which has been waiting patiently for my return).

I am rather desperate to get back into the swing of writing at the moment, and I'm turning to various bingo cards I still hold and a variety of fics I owe to try to kick-start the process. The problem is, without a deadline, it's prtty difficult to get myself motivated to write. It seems to have become an annual process, waiting around until Yuletide kicks off again, which just isn't good enough, damnit. I'm contemplating rifling through the NYR to see if there is anything there I can get my teeth into.


On the TV front, I brought the DVDs of Jekyll (Steven Moffat's baby before DW) with me when I left, and recently watched the lot. snip for spoilers )

Finally, Sky News has just informed me that Robbie will be rejoining Take That. Tell me this is so, internets! Sky News lies, and the 12-yr-old in me that loved TT, and especially Robbie, just can't take the strain of having this dangled in front of me and talen away!


I'd probably go to a reunion gig purely for the nostalgia factor, that's all I'm saying.
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I am slowly but surely moving all my fic across to AO3. It is taking a while. Now, the big question: do I move across all the really old, horrible early fic I wrote (and when I say 'early' I mean stuff I wrote in the 90s!) that has now been thoroughly Jossed in plot as well as character development and motivation? Or do I disavow all knowledge? It's still up on the Pit of Voles, so some people still see it occasionally. OTOH, there's something to be said for having all my stuff in one place, even if it's the horrible early poetry I wrote when I was - gulp - in my teens. Thoughs?
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I think I'd like a writing project for 2010, or the first half thereof anyway. I knocked out 30k in a month during Yuletide this year, so it's possible. Question is, what shall I write? I'm tempted to sign up to one of the Big Bang comms popular right now, to keep me on track, but I'm wondering if that might be pressure rather than indulgence. Hmmm.

Anyway. Current WIPs I'm thinking of picking up again:
- Ge bene hinnom: aka the Angelverse/1602 crossover I'm writing for [livejournal.com profile] selenak
- ...

Yeah, I had more WIPs than this, but this is the only one I'm inclined to work on at the mo.

New stuff I want to write down:
- a Quantum Leap idea that has been percolating for a couple of years. I am, however, petrified that I will do it Wrong.
- the State of Play threesome fic that needs to be written. I keep hoping someone else will write it so I don't have to. I only really have the sex scene in my head, tho, so I'm not sure if this is a long fic waiting to happen or a PWP someone else needs to write.
- I'm filled with the rather strange need to write a Hustle long con fic. I've never really been into Ocean's Eleven, so I don't understand my fascination with Hustle (other than the awesome Adrian Lester) but I love it. Problem is, other than a vague want to write this, I don't have any clue as to how.
- something girly and frivolous and British like St Trinian's or Mallory Towers. Girls with hockey sticks, or learning ballet, or something. Hearkening back to my childhood and all that. I nearly wrote this for Yuletide, but I think I need to immerse myself in the literature again.

Needless to say, none of the above fit into any Big Bang topic. Hmpf.

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Dec. 4th, 2009 10:35 pm
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I am distracting myself from the realisation that, after writing solidly for over a week on trains, lunch breaks and the odd coffee break, I am not even halfway through the first draft of my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide story. I've never worried about getting something done in time before, but...

Anyway. From [livejournal.com profile] fannish5, If you could resurrect/bring back five characters, who would they be?

1. Gan, Blake's 7
I could make comments about the toll in later seasons, but let's start with S1, why don't we. I watched S1 and was astounded that we lost a major character so early on, and for no apparent gain. The earlier episodes didn't really give us much of an insight into his character, and there weren't any retrospectives after his death. Frankly, thinking about the rest of the characters, having Gan there might have cut out a lot of the melodrama.

2. Talia Winters, Babylon 5
There can be debate over whether or not she actually died, but I'm taking Bester's word on this one. Plus, bringing Control out definitely killed the original Talia, and if it counts for Fred/Ilyria, then it counts here. I liked Talia. If she'd stayed on we could have had a proper relationship with her and Ivanova, as opposed to a retrospective throw-away reflection. More importantly, she could have handled a lot of the plot stuff that Lyta otherwise carried, and then maybe we could have done without Byron? *crosses fingers*

3. Cyclops, X-Men: Last Stand
Because killing him off off-screen is just insulting. Also, it was pretty obvious that the only reason they killed him off is that they didn't know what to do with him in a film with Dark Phoenix. If we'd had Scott having to go up against Jean the film might have actually had some heart.

4. Data, ST: TNG
The writers didn't seem too convinced about this one, either. Data's death serves no purpose, and feels oddly out of place in that film. You take that away, and the film instantly feels more throw-away, something that needs to pick up on several points and work harder.

5. Jack Bristow, Alias
Because he's not dead. Obviously.

and one I wish hadn't:

Arnold J. Rimmer, Red Dwarf
Rimmer's just much better as a dead man. Having him be human again basically pushed the reset button and try to go back to pre-series level of interaction, which was really problematic for me as the rest of the characters had moved on. Can we bring back the hologrammatic version instead?
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Jane reviews Knight Moves, a piece of softcore pseudo porn so bad that... well, see for yourself:

My eyes fly wide. “How did you know I came three times?”

He grins wider. “Your lady-softness told me herself when she was wrapped round my codpiece.”

The comments are almost as hilarious as the review itself. And now I'm seriously tempted to buy that book, if only to die laughing.
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From my entire flist (but most recently [livejournal.com profile] shadesofbrixton:

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something about the story that didn't make it onto the page.

You can find most of my stuff here, and the most recent stuff is found my clicking through my tags.
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Have acquired the Studio 60 box set. Weirdly, it's a lot better than I remember it being, having previously torrented it. Maybe it's the format - works better on a TV screen? Anyway.

Am filled with the urge to write Danny/Jack. No idea if that's even feasible, given their respective characters (I remember nothing from the first watching, and am now only up to episode 6), but I think I could work out a reasonable back-story. Hmmm. And after I promised myself a couple of days' respite from writing, too. Curse you, shiny new fandom!!

New iconage necessarily has Jordan in it. I may not write her, but I will lust after her very happily indeed. ([livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa, doll, if you haven't see this, you should. You will love Amanda Peet like a mad, mad thing.)
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A start has been made on the [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic. By 'start' I mean that I have an idea I could write on, and broad parameters, and have scheduled time to sit down and write like a mad thing given those conditions. I'm going to be drafting during next weekend - I have a train-ride to and from Edinburgh, which is a good 10-11 hours of writing time, not counting the Sunday morning spent up in Edinburgh where I may have time to go sit in a coffee house and draft some more. So the writing will be done.

I would, however, like a beta-reader to give it the once-over. The fics are due Saturday 20th at 9pm EST, which is the middle of the night for me, so let's call that last thing Saturday evening. I'd like that Saturday to do corrections/redrafts. So.

If you have time to beta-reader between Monday 15th - Friday 19th Dec, please let me know! Ideally I'd like someone who's familiar with the fandom (ask, and I shall tell *g*), but in a pinch, anyone with a critical eye will do. In return, I will... well, do mostly anything. Write you a drabble of your choice, buy you a coffee, whatever. I am not above bribery. Or begging.
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Feedback meme.

Please for to be leaving me love/feedback/teeny tiny plush hearts, yes.


Also, wtf, I am tired and hormonal and have to be up super-early tomorrow. Will my body let me sleep? Will it, buggery. *scowl* Am off to try the efficacy of sleeping pills. (Watch me slide headfirst into my laptop tomorrow noon...)
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Ian Wylie - I'm Happy, Hope You're Happy Too

hat-tip: [livejournal.com profile] duckyone

spoilery reaction )

In conclusion, it's ace.
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1. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa for your beautiful home-made Christmas Card! It now has pride of place on our mantlepiece. *smooch*

2. I am mid-way through my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide pinchhit. Could some kind person spare a few minutes and beta it? It'll have to be a speedy job, as it is due at stupid o'clock tonight, but I'd feel a lot better if someone has had a go at it. It would be helpful if you are familiar with Brit comic book writers, but could be done without that. Pretty please? *bats lashes*


Dec. 20th, 2007 10:09 pm
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1. I finished [livejournal.com profile] yuletide with two days to go & uploaded it. I am made of win.

2. I volunteered for ten bazillion pitch hits and was assigned one. *starts panic all over again* I'm jazzed for it, but scared, too. All that adrenaline is trying to come back!

3. I am on the world's most useful, most tiring, driest and most complicated course. Oh my head. And getting up at stupid o'clock every morning and working until stupid o'clock every night isn't helping. Also, it's difficult to pay attention all the time. But you have to. Because it's ridiculously useful.


4. I have a half-day tomorrow, because the partners suspect that there will be an armed rebellion unless they pack us off home after lunchtime.

5. Xmas shopping nearly finished; just dad's present to go. Will get that on Saturday.

6. Will write [livejournal.com profile] yuletide pinch-hit on Saturday, too. Busy day.

7. Will be spending two nights at my parents' - going there Xmas eve, back Boxing Day evening. I intend to spend Xmas sleeping. Mm, sleep.

8. I was really mean to my mum last night, and now I feel guilty about it. To be fair, she was being fairly useless and making me do stuff that she could do perfectly well herself. But, still. Roll on the Xmas guilt.

9. My cold has come back with a vengeance. Kill me now.

10. There's a really cute guy at work. I'd totally hit on him if he wasn't, like, my boss's boss.

Leaving comments off because I have no time to answer anything right now.
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- I am pleased with life in general. Had a fab party at Nat's last night, wherein party things happened )

- In other news, the first draft of my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic was written and then betaed, and I am now attempting to do the corrections. I'm having quite a few corrections, as a lot of stuff in the second ahlf depends on what I do in the first half, so early changes mean extensive re-writes of the second half... but I'm ok with that! *g* At least I have the first draft done! *g*

- I was briefly shopping online for random gifts, then realised that the postage costs to get it here in time are ridiculous and I'd do just as well to nip to Covent Garden after work this week. Which is what I'm doing.

- This coming week I am on a training course. It is one of those annoyingly technical, difficult and all-round useful courses that are so useful they are mandatory, and require your brain to work from start to finish. This is a problem, as my brain isn't really of much use at the moment. (Evidence: start reading sentence. Reach end of sentence. Realise have forgotten beginning of sentence. Sentence is only two lines long. Hang head in shame.) BUT! It is with my year-group, and it is uber-useful as I am moving up from team member to team leader in January and will therefore need to know all this stuff. So I will persevere.

- I am refusing to think about exams, as I cannot bear it.

- Over the Xmas break, I want to do the following things:

1. Write my [livejournal.com profile] fire_fic submission, as the donor has waited so long for it! *hangs head in shame*
2. Put together my website on the space wonderfully volunteered by [livejournal.com profile] eponis, as it will one of the few opportunities to get that up and running. I can add the fic to it as and when I convert it.
3. Finish 6 more books before 1 Jan! *g* I've read 44, and want to hit that magical '50'...
4. Get my hair cut. Not a lot, mind you, but it needs a little trim.
5. Find a place that does pilates or yoga in south-west London on a Sunday. It will be part of my New year's resolution...
6. Sleep!!
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Spoilers for Buffy S8 #4 )

On the other hand, #5 rocked. )

What's with all the Jossverse fic bunnies? I have ideas for everything (except the things I'm supposed to be actually writing, of course. Bah.). It's 'cause I've been rewatching the entirety of the run, isn't it? It makes you want to fic things. Damn it.

Late, must be away to bed. But before I go, it suddenly occurs to me. If I link to Google.com, does that mean that I'm going to be banned? It does occasionally feature non-lj approved stuff, after all...


OK, I'll stop now. :)
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OK, it's the weekend. *twiddles thumbs*

OK, enough of that. Gimme a fandom I haven't written in before, and I'll drabble you something.

Fandoms I know but haven't written in include: X Files, Xena, Hercules, Quantum Leap, Sharpe, Jane Austen, Master & Commander, Hornblower, Grey's Anatomy, CSI: NY, A series of unfortunate events, Quills, ST: original series, Dune, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Supreme Power, V for Vendetta, New Universal, The Hope Series (Feintuch), Gone with the wind, Cyteen (Cherryh), Shakespeare in Love, Askewniverse: Clerks, mallrats, Chasing Amy, Indina Jones, james Bond, Fantastic Four (movieverse), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Bring It On, Nextave, man from UNCLE, The Princess Bride, Sex & the City, Desperate Housewives, Studio 60, Men in Black, The Vesuvius Club (Gatis), Desolation Jones, I, Claudius (Graves), The Breakfast Club...


Go on - fandom, character, prompt.

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First, fandom managing to be racist and unapologetic about it, all in one fic-prompt: The whole mess, neatly summed up by [livejournal.com profile] witchqueen. The level of ass-hattery exhibited by the mods of [livejournal.com profile] daily_deviant is quite astonishing, really.


I spent a day not being at work today. I mainly went shopping with my mum - did not allow her to buy me anything, I clearly win at parental restraint - but was given a wad of cash in lieu of gifts I turned down. I also purchased mum's birthday present (some sort of fancy face cream she'd been longing for), so am clearly super-organised. Saw HP5 for the third time, this time with mum, and she liked it, too. I fail at concentration. Was fascinated by everything today. Woe.

Tired, now. Dunno what I should do with day #2 of Not Work. Might go sit in a cafe.


I've been thinking about my rather strong reaction to HP, which isn't to rewatch the movie 347523 times, despite appearances, but to get on the nearest train to Scotland. As if the wizarding world might be lurking behind a hedge in Edinburgh. And when I saw LotR, I wanted to see Middle Earth, too. Arthurian legend? That too. Any number of books talking about ancient beings walking the earth?


This is all winding up to a post on the function of origin myths in the adolescent imaginations of second-gen immigrant kids. (That would be me & my brother - who is slightly obsessed with Japanese origin myths, for no apparent reason - btw. Although that I'm reasonably sure that I could whip up a fair few other volunteers...)

Because I have nothing better to do with my time than to speculate on the impact of the re-acquisition of a different culture's primal fears via fairy tales. Yup.

This might explain why I never have any free time.


I worked on the [livejournal.com profile] tww_minis Toby fic yesterday night, btw. And it SUCKS. It really, really does. I may have to rewrite it. Bums.


I am making no sense. Bed.
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Following [livejournal.com profile] yahtzee63's example, I'm rounding up all the fic I owe people, sticking it all in one place and trying to catch up on stuff.

So. If I've yet to hand something over, it's probably because I'm having some trouble with the prompt. If you're happy with what you requested & just wait it out, that's fine, but if you maybe want to renegotiate to something that'll get written quicker (!), that's also great. Thus far, I have the following (tell me if I've missed you out!) -

- [livejournal.com profile] leyenn: (Babylon 5) Marcus finding out about John/Susan, or John/Susan/Talia, or Londo giving John advice on how to deal with a harem.
- [livejournal.com profile] raedbard: (Carnivale) Sofie & anyone else, poker.
- [livejournal.com profile] likeadeuce: (Dexter) Deb/Doakes, fast food.
- [livejournal.com profile] brandy_took: (ST:TOS) Spock/McCoy, snark.
- [livejournal.com profile] bluerosefairy: (Sandman) Destruction/Delirium, wake.
- [livejournal.com profile] leyenn (again - sorry love!): (Xena) Xena/Gabrielle, Joxer.
- [livejournal.com profile] tww_minis: (TWW) Toby with Sam, Will or Ginger, boss/employee relationship, sexual tension & California.

I need to figure out what post-DH fic I want to write before starting to write it. Otherwise I'm going to end up with a giant mess.

I also need to go to bed, due to exam results tomorrow (midnight, ZOMG!! 26 hours to go!!!). Possibly accompanied by the very first HP book.

(I'm also really, really tempted to go back up to Edinburgh for a weekend or something. Or maybe to the Highlands. Somewhere green, and beautiful. Not that I have any money, of course, but... the heat & humidity is killing me. Hmmm.)

Some links -
- Snape essay the first
- Snape essay the second

Both DH-spoilery, and both fab.

And because I love Petunia - spoilery fic rec )

Bed, now.


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